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Average Distances - How Far Do You Hit Each Club? (And Don't Lie!)

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1st post, might as well be here. Started playing reguarly last year, so first offseason winter for me, and it sucks! Going off of what I was doing before the cold set in.

Driver: 250 (Although this guy seems to range a lot 220 - 275)
3W: 230
5W: 215
3i: 205
4i: 190
5i: 175
6i: 165
7i: 155
8i: 145
9i: 135
PW: 115
SW: 100

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Driver: 202 (way too many that went 200 yards but 170 yards forward and 30 yards left or right)
3W: 190
5W: n/a
4i: 185
5i: 175
6i: 165
7i: 155
8i: 145
9i: 135
PW: 125
GW: 110
SW: 100
LW: 90

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Driver 250
5-wood 220
Rescue Wood 210
4-iron 180-185
5-iron 170-175
6-iron 160-165
7-iron 150-155
8-iron 140-145
9-iron 130-135
Pitching wedge 120-125
52 wedge 100-105
56 wedge 85-90
60 wedge 75-80

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Driver- 275-280
3 Wood- 245-255
3 Hybrid- 200-215
4 iron- 185-190
5 iron- 170-175
6 iron- 160
7 Iron- 150
8 Iron- 140
9 Iron- 130
PW- 120
52 Wedge- 105
56 Wedge- 90

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I'd like to consider myself above average with my irons, driver is around 250 if it goes straight. I realize I have an awkward gap when I get to the wedges and it's something I have to work on this season if I want to lower my cap.

Driver 250-260
3 Wood 230-240

3 Iron 205-210
4 Iron 195
5 Iron 185
6 Iron 175
7 Iron 165
8 Iron 155
9 Iron 140

P Wedge 120-140
G Wedge 100
S Wedge 80

Putter Haven't tested

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Optimized launch conditions have a lot to do with driving distance. We took a GPS around the course with my friend and measured his driving average for that round to be around 320 yards. His swing speed is around 120, maybe slightly over. Compare that with JB and Bubba and the numbers are similar. He's a great ball striker and a scratch handicap, so that explains a lot as well. He also hits a high launch low spin sweeping hook.

On the converse, my ss is around 115 and I struggle to average 290 off the tee, even while striking the ball very well. I have low launch med/high spin launch conditions, which would explain that. However, if I tee it up high and really try to hit up on the ball I can move it almost as far as my ridiculously long friend, but I can't control it.

The people who are getting all bent out of shape about how far people claim to hit it need to calm down. Keep in mind that most tour pros play a little more spin on their drives, which helps with control. The guys who bomb it, like Bubba, Phil, and JB, are getting high launch low spin.

Anyway, I've sacrificed some distance for control over the last year (I think I posted earlier in the thread with my all-out numbers), so these are my stock numbers at the moment:

Driver: ~285
3 wood: 265
3 hybird: 235
4 iron: 215
5 iron: 200
6 iron: 185
7 iron: 175
8 iron: 165
9 iron: 155
PW: 145
54 deg wedge: 120
60 deg wedge: 90
64 deg wedge: 75

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Driver - 210 (nasty slice on about 30% of my drives that takes this average down)

3 W 230

5 W 210

3i 120 (this is an average right? still working on getting the 3i to work for me :P )

4i 170

5i 160

6i 150

7i 140

8i 130

9i 120

PW 110

52 Deg 100

56 Deg 90

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In meters, so multiply by 1.1 to get yards;

Driver 200 with FIR 70%, 230 with FIR 35%

4 Iron 50 (my average shot is a fat shot)

5 Iron 145

6 Iron 138

7 Iron 130

8 Iron 120

9 Iron 115

P Wedge 105-110

56* 75-80

60* 65

Variance +/- 5% on all clubs..

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Driver= 300+

3W= 260+

3H= 240-250

4i= 215-225

5i= 205-215

6i= 190-205

7i= 175-190

8i= 165-175

9i= 145-165

pw= 130-145

gw= 115-130

sw= 70-115

lw= 0-70     can't seem to fly this more then 70yds.

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Here are my distances with a normal swing. I could probably add half a club of distance on the irons if I really rip at it.

Driver - 295

3+ wood - 275

17* hybrid - 245

3 iron - 225

4 iron - 210

5 iron - 200

6 iron - 185

7 iron - 175

8 iron - 158

9 iron - 145

48* wedge - 135

54* wedge - 115

60* wedge - 90

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Full Swing


3-wood- 260

21 degree hybrid 225

3 iron- 210

4 iron-200

5 iron- 185

6 iron-170

7 iron-155

8 iron-145

9 iron-130

49 degree PW- 120

52 degree- 110

56 degree- 95

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These threads are trivial as there is no standardization of loft/length with the modern iron set.

I've played with better players who are several clubs shorter than me, and awful players who can put it past me.  Boasting about distance seems secondary to scoring average.

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    • The only problem I found on bending clubs are the ones that have little plastic/metal inserts on the back side of the clubs.  Because of these inserts, some local proshops, and/or club builders won't touch them for fear of breaking/cracking/popping those inserts. The owner, in need of an adjustment, may be required to send their clubs back to manufacturer. 
    • Day 478 It arrived today. What arrived was my new driver: a Ping 410 Plus with Alta CB Red Soft Regular Shaft. As I am still getting used to the new toy, I started with all the adjustable parts set to the most neutral settings.  Soon I adjusted to help with a slice. All after that change were straight where I was aiming.  I seemed to have picked up 10 MPH in terms of ball speed.  I need to work now on the results not being so high. I intended to hit only 20-25 balls.  I ended up hitting 45 as this club made driving fun.  It was easy to hit towards  various target greens.  What I need to adjust after a few more practice section I the launch angle to lower the fact that wit my older drive I tend to hit high spin. I rarely, if ever, fall in love with a club so quickly, but even with days of getting used to it ahead, as I said in my review on the Ping web site, it was love at first whack.
    • Was wondering if anyone has played here. Playing the ledgends course. 
    • Totally agree with keeping them standard length to start with. Can always grip down when they are long, but can't go the opposite way. Bending Pings is difficult at best and don't assume you will be able to have it done easily. May have to send back to Ping if you want them bent after the fact but they can do it.
    • Day 28 What a GREAT day!  This is why everyone should have a golf coach! So, about 5 weeks ago I was playing great. Then suddenly I completely lost it. Then I got hurt (non-golf related, but screwed up my game). When I came back from my injury I was pretty close to hopeless.  I got with my golf coach and he and I worked through what all had changed in my swing. It turns out I had made a minor adjustment without realizing it. Then I made an adjustment to counter act that adjustment, then another and another and pretty soon my swing was nothing like what my swing used to be like.  My coach brought up the video of my swing when it was good. We compared it to where I found myself after … I'll call it my melt down. Anyway, my coach was able to quickly get me back where I was before. Suddenly I was striping the ball down the middle again. Yay!  Anyhow, back to today's practice. I hit trajectory drills with the driver. I'd hit a high fade, then hit an 8-iron shot. Next I'd hit a low draw, then hit a hybrid. After that I'd hit a high trajectory drive, then hit a 4-irion. Basically I'd work through the 9 shots with the driver: high, medium and low, Draw, straight and fade combinations. But after each driver shot, I'd hit a different club from my bag, picking the club pretty much at random. I didn't want to hit any club more than one time in a row.  In the end I hit the ball so well on the range I had to run out and play 9 holes. My game has returned, I went 3 over for 9. I hit the ball so much better than I'd been hitting it recently. It felt great.  That's the reason everyone should have a golf coach.   
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