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Average Distances - How Far Do You Hit Each Club? (And Don't Lie!)

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1st post, might as well be here. Started playing reguarly last year, so first offseason winter for me, and it sucks! Going off of what I was doing before the cold set in.

Driver: 250 (Although this guy seems to range a lot 220 - 275)
3W: 230
5W: 215
3i: 205
4i: 190
5i: 175
6i: 165
7i: 155
8i: 145
9i: 135
PW: 115
SW: 100

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Driver: 202 (way too many that went 200 yards but 170 yards forward and 30 yards left or right)
3W: 190
5W: n/a
4i: 185
5i: 175
6i: 165
7i: 155
8i: 145
9i: 135
PW: 125
GW: 110
SW: 100
LW: 90

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Driver 250
5-wood 220
Rescue Wood 210
4-iron 180-185
5-iron 170-175
6-iron 160-165
7-iron 150-155
8-iron 140-145
9-iron 130-135
Pitching wedge 120-125
52 wedge 100-105
56 wedge 85-90
60 wedge 75-80

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Driver- 275-280
3 Wood- 245-255
3 Hybrid- 200-215
4 iron- 185-190
5 iron- 170-175
6 iron- 160
7 Iron- 150
8 Iron- 140
9 Iron- 130
PW- 120
52 Wedge- 105
56 Wedge- 90

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I'd like to consider myself above average with my irons, driver is around 250 if it goes straight. I realize I have an awkward gap when I get to the wedges and it's something I have to work on this season if I want to lower my cap.

Driver 250-260
3 Wood 230-240

3 Iron 205-210
4 Iron 195
5 Iron 185
6 Iron 175
7 Iron 165
8 Iron 155
9 Iron 140

P Wedge 120-140
G Wedge 100
S Wedge 80

Putter Haven't tested

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Optimized launch conditions have a lot to do with driving distance. We took a GPS around the course with my friend and measured his driving average for that round to be around 320 yards. His swing speed is around 120, maybe slightly over. Compare that with JB and Bubba and the numbers are similar. He's a great ball striker and a scratch handicap, so that explains a lot as well. He also hits a high launch low spin sweeping hook.

On the converse, my ss is around 115 and I struggle to average 290 off the tee, even while striking the ball very well. I have low launch med/high spin launch conditions, which would explain that. However, if I tee it up high and really try to hit up on the ball I can move it almost as far as my ridiculously long friend, but I can't control it.

The people who are getting all bent out of shape about how far people claim to hit it need to calm down. Keep in mind that most tour pros play a little more spin on their drives, which helps with control. The guys who bomb it, like Bubba, Phil, and JB, are getting high launch low spin.

Anyway, I've sacrificed some distance for control over the last year (I think I posted earlier in the thread with my all-out numbers), so these are my stock numbers at the moment:

Driver: ~285
3 wood: 265
3 hybird: 235
4 iron: 215
5 iron: 200
6 iron: 185
7 iron: 175
8 iron: 165
9 iron: 155
PW: 145
54 deg wedge: 120
60 deg wedge: 90
64 deg wedge: 75

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Driver - 210 (nasty slice on about 30% of my drives that takes this average down)

3 W 230

5 W 210

3i 120 (this is an average right? still working on getting the 3i to work for me :P )

4i 170

5i 160

6i 150

7i 140

8i 130

9i 120

PW 110

52 Deg 100

56 Deg 90

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In meters, so multiply by 1.1 to get yards;

Driver 200 with FIR 70%, 230 with FIR 35%

4 Iron 50 (my average shot is a fat shot)

5 Iron 145

6 Iron 138

7 Iron 130

8 Iron 120

9 Iron 115

P Wedge 105-110

56* 75-80

60* 65

Variance +/- 5% on all clubs..

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Driver= 300+

3W= 260+

3H= 240-250

4i= 215-225

5i= 205-215

6i= 190-205

7i= 175-190

8i= 165-175

9i= 145-165

pw= 130-145

gw= 115-130

sw= 70-115

lw= 0-70     can't seem to fly this more then 70yds.

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Here are my distances with a normal swing. I could probably add half a club of distance on the irons if I really rip at it.

Driver - 295

3+ wood - 275

17* hybrid - 245

3 iron - 225

4 iron - 210

5 iron - 200

6 iron - 185

7 iron - 175

8 iron - 158

9 iron - 145

48* wedge - 135

54* wedge - 115

60* wedge - 90

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Full Swing


3-wood- 260

21 degree hybrid 225

3 iron- 210

4 iron-200

5 iron- 185

6 iron-170

7 iron-155

8 iron-145

9 iron-130

49 degree PW- 120

52 degree- 110

56 degree- 95

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These threads are trivial as there is no standardization of loft/length with the modern iron set.

I've played with better players who are several clubs shorter than me, and awful players who can put it past me.  Boasting about distance seems secondary to scoring average.

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    • Last Monday I experienced a very slow front 9, taking at least 2 1/2 hours. 3 riders and 1 walking, and we, a twosome, waited at every shot, except the tee, where they all teed off before we could get close enough to ask to play through. The walker wasn't very good, often hitting his drive 100-150 yards. They all played from the blues, and the walker would tee off last. The riders would take off, often leaving the walker behind to fend for himself. Finally, after a couple of holes, one of the carts would hang back, help look for a ball, etc. When they reached the green, the walker would often park his clubs on the wrong side, and after holing out, would retrieve his clubs and have to walk back across the green to get to the next tee. Did I mention the walker also moved in slow motion? Conserving energy, maybe? At the 10th, a par 5, while we're waiting to take our approach shots to the green, the walker holes out, shake hands, and heads back to the clubhouse. After that, we never came close to catching them again. Finished in 4 hours total.  
    • I break 90 now and then, and I think I am starting to notice the commonalities. 1. Don't go OB.  Just don't.  If it's a reasonable likelihood, think about club choice.  I often play a 310 yard hole with OB all the way down the right, and it's the first hole.  It's also a little downhill.  A bad 5 wood gets me within a 9 iron or less, a good one a sand wedge, or even lob wedge.  I don't need driver on that hole.  Without the OB, I think I'd play driver, but first tee, there's just no real benefit. 2.  When driver is the club, hit it.  Closer is better.  But see #1. 3.  Get out of the sand in one.  To anywhere.  Green is better, out is critical. 4.  If I'm within 10 feet of the green, I need to be thinking up and down.  Won't always happen, but those are important shots.  And where I get a lot of my pars, "almost" GIRs. 5.  I agree with not trying the hero shot, but not wimping out, either.  Know what you can do, and go for it. 6.  Three putts are bad, but don't beat yourself up over a three putt from 50 feet.  (Actually don't beat yourself up over anything, let it go, and move on.) 7.  I have found in my best rounds, I block out a lot of the noise.  Take a breath before each shot.  Focus.  Not every second, but in the time around the shots. 8.  If something feels wrong, back off.  The grass grabs on the backswing, stop!  It should not happen a lot, but once your head is unhappy, bad things are in store. 9.  Be aggressive, but not stupid.  If you can carry 220 on your best shot, and you need 210, don't do it.  I think you need to have a 80 or maybe even 90 percent probability of success.  The two shots that failure is likely to cause eat into your margin pretty quickly.      
    • Nope. That is troll-level phrasing there.
    • Touche.  On the "no" voter thing.  But like I said... feeding the sharks.  I'm trying to find a middle ground for you guys but it seems like human lives come in second place to your need for total accuracy and fear of inconvenience.
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