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Why Don't Pros Use Iron Covers?

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iacas said it but I will too. Iron covers are really considered hacker equipment. They rate in importance somewhere between those ridiculous clicker things people use to keep their score and the swiss army knife/ divot tool/ cleat wrench/ ball marker/ cleat brush. No real player I know would be caught dead using iron covers, they are the golfing equipment equivalent of a pocket protector.

The phrase for those who can't help using iron head covers is "anal retentive". They are the Felix Ungers of the golf course. I'm more the Oscar Madison type...

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No. Irons last for months, years, etc. Some pros have had the same iron sets for several years. Since nobody else will say it, the answer some are thinking of is this: They don't have tubes or iron

Iron covers are like sweaters on dogs. Just stop it.

Clubs clicking together is as sweet a sound as metal spikes on a parking lot.

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My set of Nikes got pretty banged up, so when I got new clubs made up I started using soft covers. They keep the heads looking nice, and hold down on the noise of them clicking together.

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And I'm sure the folks at Callaway, Taylormade, Ping etc. paying their huge paychecks would just love it for the pros to cover up the clubs they're trying to sell.

True. And these guys can get new clubs anytime they want, where the average guy might want to protect the resale value of his irons.

A friend of mine shot a movie in which Parnevik appeared. When Jesper brought his clubs to the set they looked like a beat up old set someone found at a garage sale. On the other hand, I heard Vijay uses a new set of wedges every week. To each his own. You want to keep your clubs looking a little better, use covers. If not, don't. SubPar
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I don't give a sh*t about using iron covers. This is my second set of forged irons and I learned the hard way the first time of what bag chatter does to a forged club.

So you use them or don't use them? And if you did I probably wouldn't call you a dweeb anyway. That would be rude. I would just simply think to myself

Hey nice iron covers, wheres your ball retreiver?
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if you look behind the counter at any proshop... there are tons of headcovers in the lost and found...
wood covers and hybrid covers are all i need to keep track of... and i can barely do that... heck just in a round youll see them off cartpaths...
i think the only time id ever use iron head covers... is if my bag is in cargo... other than that its too much of a hassle... after every shot making sure your clubs are clean enough to put them on... slows down my play
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I think it has to do with the caddies too. As an amatuer in a cart, you're driving in that thing, banging around the course. Up down down cart paths and bridges, bumps in fairways. Irons get banged around. The idea of iron covers is to eliminate those dings. Walking, you can control the clanking.
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I notice that some of you use iron covers to reduce chatter. We've already given up the sound of real spikes on the cart path. Sometimes I miss real golf.
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. . I pay for mine and like them without the dings.....which makes me a dweeb by the way

Dweeb here too.

Albeit, I use them strictly for storage @ home in that case that my bag falls over. They come off before the clubs even get out of the trunk. Until my clubs are thoroughly cleaned and well oiled, I don't even think about putting them on.
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Tubes will cause your grips to wear faster.

At least around the butt of the grip.

No. Irons last for months, years, etc. Some pros have had the same iron sets for several years.

Justabout sprayed coffee over my keyboard when I read this. You hit it right down the middle. Reason it was funny to me takes me back many years...when I first started playing. One of ....if not my first golf bag was a PING Hoofer. At the time they were angled at the bottom in order to make for stable standing with the legs deployed. I used mine for riding some, too....as most of the guys I was playing and learning from did. They laughed at how my bag would never stand upright in the cart and I always seemed to be struggling with it. I stuffed it full of tubes thinking it'd help. Boy, they really laughed watching me pull out a club and the tube would come out with it.....then I was fooling around with taking the iron cover off, too....the old heavy rubber type made by Castle Bay (I think). Heck it took me forever to get a club out of the bag and ready for play....which was fine because I was always hitting last anyway. I'd forgotten how dorky I was with all the cover and tube stuff....added to all the useless crap I had hanging on my bag...it's amazing that I never had a chipper....somehow I wised up and streamlined my gear.
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I thought of another good reason. Since the bags are real big and the tubes would be all over the place, anytime they get pissed and slam the club back in the bag, they might hit the top of the tube and the club could bounce back and hit them and cause a serious injury.

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It sort of a pain with the iron headcovers when I put them in the "caddy rack" on the bag (sort of a tight fit). The covers are all stringed together, haven't lost a iron headcover in 2 years.

Neeedless to say I'm all for them.
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What says, "I suck at golf" more than iron covers and a ball retriever? Honestly, i heard that tiger and phil get around 11 sets of irons a year...so it really doesnt matter it they get bumped up, because they will be using new ones in no time.
Sometimes i think people forget that irons are tool, which are ment to be used! Stop trying to preserve them like their trophies.
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I'll occasionally play w/ a guy who has iron covers, and the first time seeing them I really wanted to laugh him out of my cart and off the course!!

My god, how stupid looking can you get?

I don't say anything because I don't personally know him that well, but when my good friend and usual golfing partner talked about getting these hideous things when he got a new set of irons I didn't hesitate to tell him what I thought of that idea......

(I threatened to not be his golfing partner anymore, among the other things I was telling him)

I like dressing sharp and looking good on the golf course, so I'm not about to share my cart w/ a bag on the back that has iron covers......

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