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If You Had Only Five Clubs to Play With…



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  1. 1. What clubs would you choose for a Five-Club Challenge?

    • Driver
    • 3-4 wood (or hybrid 13*-17*)
    • 5-7 wood (or hybrid 18*-22*)
    • 3-iron
    • 4-iron
    • 5-iron
    • 6-iron
    • 7-iron
    • 8-iron
    • 9-iron
    • PW
    • Gap Wedge
    • Lob Wedge
    • Putter
    • Other (2-irons, more lofted hybrids, etc.)
    • Sand Wedge

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I voted:
4 iron
7 iron

My friends and I use to have competitions with ONE club just before dark. We would decide on a hole and what club to use (everyone use the same one). We would go and play the hole to see who could get the lowest score.

I have birdied and pared many par 5's with just a PW... haha.. skulling the ball isn't always the worst thing

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I was supposed to play in a 3-club this winter, but it poured rain the day of. Five clubs:

3H: Can ramp it up to 230-ish if I try, but generally I can just stripe it 210. Also great for bump-chips around the green.

7I: On a long par 4, my 3H + 7I would get me real close, but I could still use the 7I for shorter par 3's, like down to probably 135.

9I: Tweener for shots 100-> shortest 7I, and longer chip and runs

SW: I have a heavy Callaway forged, so it works in deep rough, but I can also hit from a tight lie. Can hit it anywhere from 100 yd -> in.

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I played, and won, a 5-club tournament at our club a few years back using:

3-wood (I'd use my 19 degree hybrid now)
Gap wedge (52 degrees)

This lineup has good spacing and I didn't have to take too many funky swings...like a 125 yard 8-iron.
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  • 3 weeks later...
5 wood - 210-220 yds off the tee or deck
7 iron - 150 yds
9 iron - 130 yds
Sand wedge - 100 yds (56 deg)

These are also the clubs I am most comfortable with - eg, more consistent with my 7 than I am with my 6 or 8 irons.

I think it would be pretty interesting to see what I could score only using these.
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This was hard ... :)

I usually begin my season with just a half set

and if I had to ditch two clubs it would be the i6 and PW....

sourly missed thou...

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5 Clubs isn't a challenge! 3 is more like it! 3 wood, 7 iron, putter!

We regularly play with 6 in our college practice matches - sharpens up your game alright - but if you're creative - you can shoot the same number as normal :)

good poll!
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  • iacas changed the title to If You Had Only Five Clubs to Play With…

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    • The podcast helps to serve the understanding of majority of students who are not able to appreciate how long it takes to ingrain smallest of changes or are just straight up impatient.  I didn't hear anything that can be contradicted what was discussed, but I will say a lot of well meaning students see golf instruction as car-driving school or even skiing instruction - meaning, at the end of a few lessons and bit of guided practice, acquisition of some level of permanent competence is automatic given a basic ability to swing a club. I am not sure if that can be 'fixed'.  The struggle is real.. 😄. Maybe one thing I might suggest is that when a student is provided a priority, if a road map of next priorities to get to the 'promised land' can be laid out then may be a student would stick to the sequence of these priorities and not abandon it until the current priority is mastered. My two cents..  
    • A round in the life of a weekend hack:  So shot 37-47 = 84 (Par 70) yesterday. Hit every fairway on the front nine hitting slight pull cut (may be 5 yards curve at the most). It has been working fairly well last two months and am gaining a lot of confidence with it.  On the back nine, Hit ok drives on 10th and 12th and then it happened.... I had the bright idea of hitting a push-draw on 13th hole that is guarded by a tree on the right side of the fairway against anything but a straight ball or slight draw (left is OB death along the entire length of the fairway). Long story short, I hit the draw except it was a pull draw hitting it OB on the left. So double bogey #1.. On the 14th, I thought I just needed to make a slight correction to the pull and hit 'out' a bit. So I end up hitting a push over-draw - also OB left that tightly runs along the entire length of the fairway. Double bogey #2.  Pumped another one OB on 15th to a straight pull (attempting to get back to my 'glorious' pull fade) - double bogey #3,  By now, my mouth was completely dry and I was struggling to remember what day it was.. lol.. and and promptly proceeded to hit another OB on 17th wayyyy out right in full correction mode - this one came with a wonderful triple bogey!     Finally I came about my senses and piped one straight down on 18th and finished with a par.   All I could tell myself was it was good battle. 😂  
    • Just got around to listening to it. Enjoyed the discussion. It was neat to feel like a fly on the wall listening to two good instructors discuss what makes a good student. I liked the concept of the student's swing being a puzzle, and that as an instructor it is satisfying to solve the puzzle. I also liked the concept of having the student come up with a feel themselves. The discussion on a student's feel for a change shifting was interesting. This is something I struggle with, as in after the initial physical change feels begins to normal, I continue to exaggerate more to keep feeling it, but then it overdoes whatever correction was being made. The only thing that bugged me was the audio quality discrepancy between Mark and Erik, and the "Bank of Now" ads.
    • On a work trip, so no videos, but I do have a club and I am doing some mirror work.   Currently focused on four "feels": 1) left hand over right toes/elbow over right ankle when I'm taking the club back 2) right arm on top of left  3) right shoulder as far away from right ear as possible (an@iacas swing thread feel from way back) 4) my elbows staying closer together   Three and four are closely related, meant to get my right elbow into a "pitch" position instead of the "punch" I've always been in. One and two help keep the club head outside the hands while getting the arms deep.  I'm seeing good progress. I'm keeping the "right arm on top of left" feel all the way to the top of the backswing. It feels to me like im super steep, but the mirror shows I'm almost in line with the shoulder plane, and any quote-unquote steepness is a result of my right arm being in "punch" position at the top. I'm not sure if my right shoulder is way too stiff for external shoulder rotation or if I'm just not used to it. My guess is the former rather than the later.  Anyway, on a good path.
    • Day 583: Range today working on the same items. Started with irons and setup. Worked on Leaning Tower feel. With driver, focused on setup with more knee bend and clearing hips in the backswing. Ball flight was slight pushes with driver. With irons, I had some pulls until I went back to the knee bend setup feel and clear hips. Finished with some chips on the practice green.
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