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What'd You Shoot Today?


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Played a quick nine holes at my home club from the black tees (gettin ready for the club championship) it's pretty tough back there but only if I could avoid the big number. Two doubles, and a triple for a 42.
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Last week, old irons (Callaway X18 Uniflex) - 84.
This week, new irons (X22 Tours with PX 5.5) - 97

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Newbie here...this is my first post. What a cool community! It's great to see people bouncing ideas off each other. I live in Phoenix so golf is year round. I've been playing really well lately. My last round was 66......my home course is a little short, with lots of scoring opportunities, but my game is coming together.
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Played military golf today...left, right, left, right...
shot 48 for 9 holes--worst score in a couple of months. Hope it was a fluke.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

88. considering it's my first time breaking 90 i'm pretty damn stoked about it! had 8 pars, by far my most in a round, and shot only 5 over on the back nine. pretty pleased with myself. hopefully i can follow it up.
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82 had to go back to the pro V1. have been shooting higher scores with the Taylormade ball but am not sure why. playing the pro V1 is like an old friend and played tee to green much better. still cannot putt on the shaggy public course greens
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Not my best effort today ... shot 100 on a new course, 50 front & 50 back. Most frustrating part was I had 92 after 17 holes - told myself all I had to do on the final par 5 was shoot a 7 or better ... KISS OF DEATH!! You guessed it - on in 5 + a 3 putt ...
This one's gonna sting for a while.

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I shot an 84, my best score ever (by 2 strokes). I was using my brand new Nike Split Cavities for the 2nd time and I am in love.

Now I just need to get a new driver (mine is grounded), the regular shaft on mine is way too whippy.
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Shot a 91 yesterday and played alone for the first time ever. Started on #10 and felt like I was sprinting around the course and I wasn't playing very well. I was glad to catch a two some on #1 and cleaned up my game a little bit with the slightly slower pace.
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shot 76 yesterday; 2 in the front, and 2 in the back. 3 birdies. 1 double. 5 bogeys. 3 putted twice--Easy putts that I just let em slip. Missed about 6-7 fairly easy putts.
and a wrong club on one of the holes that resulted in a bogey when I could have gotten easily a par or a bird.
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Yesterday I played my best golf of the year. Shot even par 72, but not my best score of the year. I hit 14/18 greens in regulation which is probably my best ratio ever. But the old putter didn't cooperate. I had 8 legitimate chances for birds, but only made 2. But, good to hit the ball well for a change. I have been struggling this year. Just the day before I sprayed it every where and shot 80. Crazy game.

I should clarify that I play from the senior tees. Which makes a big difference.

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    • There are one or two tournaments in my home club this year and I am hoping to play well enough to win some trophy.  Of course, it isn't easy given I play once a week at best and am not playing my home course regularly, but hope is eternal
    • Shot 82 (ESC 81) on Sunday, 14 GIR/nGIR, 29 putts, 1 penalty stroke. Full swing was not great today, but it was playable for most of the round, except for one triple-bogey on the front, and another on the back. Both blow up holes were due to bad tee shots and worse recovery shots due to tree trouble. Had two birdies today, including a new one which I entered in the TST 2021 Birdie Challenge thread. Strokes gained vs. 5 handicap for the round (it's obvious where I need to put in practice time): Tee: -2.18 Approach: -4.09 Short Game: +1.34 Putting: +0.61
    • Since you do not know where it crossed into the hazard I think you have only one choice, Stroke & Distance so hitting 3 off the tee.  I'm not a rules master so I am open to being corrected.
    • You have it right, its the flight of the ball, not whether it bounced on dry land or not, and its where the ball LAST crossed the edge of the Penalty Area.   Oh, and that gator has been there by the 16th tee for decades, I think I first played there in the late 1980's, and he was there.
    • The majority of the players on this US team have such high floors and are such consistent players (DJ, Morikawa, Finau, etc) that outside of injury to multiple guys I think it's unlikely the team they bring to Rome will be worse than what they brought this year.  Yes a lot can happen in 2 years, but even if a couple guys who are on the team now struggle over the next 2 years and don't have form heading into Rome, there are a number of young players who didn't make this team who absolutely could go to Rome, guys like Sam Burns, Will Zalatoris, even Max Homa come to mind. Guys that can absolutely flush it with their irons and can hold their own off the tee too. Now it's certainly possible that the course fit in Rome might not be as strong as this year was for the U.S. team, but I don't think the talent and depth this year was a fluke by any means.
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