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What'd You Shoot Today?


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I shot 83 at Bonneville Golf Course today from the blue tees.

I was 115 out on the first hole (a 480 yard par-5), I have NO IDEA how I hit the ball that far, but what can I say, I'm young and I swing for the fences.

Anyways, I birdied the first 2 holes and was sitting pretty, -2 through 2 and up 2 holes in my match play. I bogied the next, then tripled, then made another bogie before getting off the train.

By that point it was too late and another double covered by another birdie put me at 41 on the front, not terrible but very dissapointing.

My back nine started out poorly but I turned it around with a Birdie and ended up with a 42, winning my match play by 1, stroke play by 1. Not bad, but very dissapointing considering I honestly was driving the ball WELL over 300 most of the time.
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Last time out I four putted three times and five-putted once. Yeah. It's actually an achievement to five putt.

Guys, every day we have three or four or ten posts about lamebums inability to putt, whether he's believable, etc.

I'm getting tired of reading about it and discussing it. Lamebums, please keep discussion of your complete and utter inability to putt better than a newborn to yourself. Everyone else, please disregard any comments about lamebums (in)adequate short game. That discussion has long since gotten old. Lamebums, the final word is this: go get a lesson (or ten) and learn to putt. I don't care enough about your game to even have an opinion on whether or not I believe what you say here about shooting 93 after hitting 14 greens in regulation (or whatever you've said), but if you're telling the truth, you're the world's worst putter, including those who have passed from this mortal coil. Get lessons. The end. And now, to get this thread back on topic... I played 18 holes of practice today, not keeping score, and did okay except for a bunch of fatted wedges. Then I went out to play the yellow tees so I could set a course record ( currently a lousy 84 ), but quit after three holes (-1) because it was so slow.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

(Oh, believe me. I have no reason to lie about something like that. Maybe driving distance or my score, but everyone does that. And I know I'm in desperate need of putting lessons, or to at least spend more time on the practice green. But at any rate, let's move on to something else. Every time I mention it, someone gives me hell for it, anyway.)
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102, which included only 4 "blowup" holes (holes at +3 or worse). I hit 4 GIR, including two in a row and three of the four par-3s. I also completed the course with "only" 36 putts, making it the second time in a row I've completed a round with fewer than 40 putts. That short game lesson last month really paid off. Now I need to practice what I've learned a bit more...

Also, this time, my vocabulary didn't keep me from breaking 100, as I didn't hit any out of bounds. I did, however, get pretty bad lies after my tee shot on two of the par-5s. All in all, I'm very happy with my 102.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I struggled over the last few weeks with some really strange things in my swing loosing balls all over the place - after working hard on it it´s getting better, playing the same ball for 33 holes now (normally a hooked or sliced shot on my home course is never to be found again) and finally it comes all together and i played my home course several times in the last days under 90. Today i finally beat him to my satisfaction with a 83. Nothing too fancy - just solid play and 2 very good puts for birdies in this round.

Every course i played beside my home course i could play better than my home course - but i guess now that beast is beat and i´m really happy about it!
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River Falls Plantation: 98


Not as bad a round as it looks since I had an 12 on one hole on the front. The back nine my thumb busted open.
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Weirdest 100-even I've ever had. Of course, I've only ever hit 100-even twice, today included.

I couldn't do anything on the front nine. I have no idea what was going on. I shot a 56 over nine holes. I can't even blame it on any particular stick, as I had about two good drives, one good putt, and one good seven-iron the whole time. Thankfully, that 7-iron that was good was into the green on the 9th, so I had a great feeling going onto the back nine.

And then I shot a 44 on the back nine. My best 9-hole score ever on regulation course is 49, previous to today. I had nothing worse than a single double-bogey the whole back. I laid up my 3rd shot on the par-5 18th, hit a lob wedge to about three inches from the pin, and made a par for my 44.

This marks the second time I've completed 9 holes in under-bogey-average, the other being at an executive course.

Too bad I can't play next weekend... :(
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

82 after 17 holes at Fox Run (72/138, I think). I say "after 17" because I was a complete idiot on number 18. I put 6 -

Why in (insert you own word or phrase) would you ever try even

once to go for a 220 yd shot over water to a green "surrounded by sand traps" if your name is not Woods, Furyk, Palmer,or Jones,(I can come up with a lot more). I do not feel sorry for you. You have a problem with course management. Putting lessons(only one 4 putt?), although apparently badly needed, will not help more than a handful of strokes per round. Like most of us, (yeah, me too) you can,t accept the fact that there is a shot we have less than 0% chance of hitting.(Well maybe slightly more than that.) I have been at this "quest" for more than 30 years and I have learned nothing once I get over the ball. So there!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP) (Personal note to Lamebums)-- If you ever get to east Tennessee, we should play 18 or 36.
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I shot 38 from blue tees front nine at Bonneville, but I bogied the last 2 holes which was awful considering one was a 3-putt and the other I missed the green from 125 and then pushed a 3 footer.

Once again I was absolutley mashing my driver, including hitting driver and then 4-Iron over the green of a 550 yard par 5.
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Why in (insert you own word or phrase) would you ever try even

I figured it was a pretty low percentage shot - missing in a greenside bunker is not normally a problem with me. I can get up and down from the sand pretty regularly, or at least, more often than from anywhere else. My problem was carrying the water - I can bump a 3 wood out there 230, but I learned the hard way I can't carry it that far.

This particular lake has gotten more than its share of my balls this year. Sooner or later I get on, but I'm hitting a really high score by then. When it gets like that I don't really care. I dont have the wisdom to bail out. I can look it at this way - I get a lot of practice with my 3 wood. And, Covington is at the very northern tip of Kentucky, near Cincinnati - but if I'm ever headed that way I'll give you a holler. But, about my game today: 45 on a 9 holer, back of the Pioneer. Was doing good until number 15, when I duck-hooked a drive OB, topped a 6 iron, caught a 7 iron fat, and TC'd a sand shot for a nice big fat 9. I recovered and parred the next two holes, though. Apart from that I might actually be getting my game together.
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Shot a 81 yesterday at a course I am looking to joing - Bentwinds (Fuquay Varina, NC). So much nicer than the course I belong to right now. Real greens that were in good condition although they were still recoving from a punch. My only complaint about the place was the last 2 holes require that you to hit irons off the tee. (lay ups due to water). Hit my new Titleist driver and loved it. So much nicer than my Mizuno.
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Yesterday afternoon, 79 from the whites at www.bellavistagc.com . Thought it was a 78, then while putting together a new stats spreadsheet, realized I marked one wrong. Stats:

PPGIR: 2.29 (ugh)
PPMGIR: 1.45
Scrambling: 36.4%
Driving: 46.2%

My most important unreflected stat was that I didn't hit any drive OB (I've been tending to just flat yank 1-2 per round, killing my scores). My putting obviously needs work, but I made a lot of good close chips. A better iron here or there, a better 4-foot putt here and there, and I could have gone really low. I feel like my game may finally be coming together. My official index right now is 9.9 but that's only tracked on 11 rounds, so the index uses the best four. I've dropped a few really good rounds, but also some really poor ones. Using all of my rounds, I'm a 14.6 (very erratic this year!).
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Saturday evening my wife and I played. We went out on our regular league course and I shot an unimpressive 40 (Par 31). My average out there is 39.7. When we finished number 9 the course was pretty empty so we played 1, 2, 6, 7 8 & 9 again. I improved my scores on 2, 6, 7 & 8 by a shot each. I matched my scores on 1 & 9. I would have really liked to replay 3 (3 putt bogey) & 4 (ugly double), but they were out of the way.

I played the back Sunday morning at White Lake Oaks and sot 45. Made a horrible double from 40 yards out in the center of the fairway on 12 and trippled 13 after a perfect tee shot and a second that was chunked into the drink. I still don't quite know how I chunked a hybrid. I finished with another double on 18. 3 Pars, 3 Bogeys, 2 doubles and a tripple. Lag putting and poor chipping cost me in both rounds.
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    • Despite 3 putting with the Spider Tour on the first green from 20 feet, I was able to put together a decent round. One tee shot through the fairway into a giant bush for a double, a boatload of pars and one birdie added up to a respectable 77 in windy conditions. I knocked off #14 with a tee shot in the left rough, I drew my layup around a tree to about 110 and hit gap wedge to 20 feet and drained it. 
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