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Welcome to the "5 Minutes Daily" Practice Challenge for 2018! Please read as the rules have changed! Yes, for all of 2018! I'm changing it up. Rather than do this monthly, we're going to hav

3/31/18: Day 365: The post you've all been waiting for.  I did some more work with my A4 to A5 drills. I know it seems like it's monotonous and stupid... But yesterday after I posted I

Day 462 - April 4, 2021 Played 18 holes with @Hardspoon and then a nine-hole scramble with @NatalieB. Shot 30 on the latter nine, and around par with the first 18. I haven't gone through the roun

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Day 280 - October 3, 2020

Played CCC yesterday (Columbus, OH), and did some putting work in the living room while pacing and talking on speakerphone and fighting for my kid's golf life with the PIAA today.

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Day 106.  Played 18 with some friends.  Didn't play particularly well, but I drove the ball well (one of my highest driving averages in memory, plus most fairways too for whatever that's worth).  

GG round:


View this round on GAME GOLF

(four pars, four double bogeys)

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Day 3

Rainy out today so practiced hitting foam balls up a half-flight of stairs to simulate as short pitch to an elevated green.

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Day 55

Light day, did some mirror work and drills getting to A2. Didn't feel the energy to take swings. Lazy Sunday. 

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Day 107.  Speed sticks, protocol two, outback.  The numbers seem to be coming down, making me wonder if some group of data collection was off.  Either way, recent rounds indicate longer drives (a little noticeable) and marginally longer irons (yesterday, I had the right distance for an iron to a forward pin and flew the green... that may have been an aberration though). 

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Day 56

Similar practice routine but a shift in my focus. The swing feels very natural so I am moving on to focus on maintaining my angles throughout the swing. I tend to stand up a bit through impact and want to eliminate that. I'm still leaving all the controls in place (alignment stick through basket) that I used to work on eliminating OTT so it's not as if I'm stopping working on that. I'm just shifting what I think is my priority piece right now. 

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Day 297

Played 9 this morning. Made it through the round with a single ball and no penalties. Ball striking was really good considering my recent shanking issues during practice. Only two sketchy full swing strikes; one with driver and one with hybrid, both were off the heel and pushed right, but both stayed in play.

Around and on the greens was a different story. Putting and short game were pretty bad. Greens were small, really fast, and severely undulated, and I just couldn’t get a sense of how to play on them until around the 6th hole. Had a couple 4 putts from inside 15 feet, and pitched onto the green and had the ball roll all the way off the other side several times.

Ended up scoring 47, but I’ll take the bad score with solid ball striking as a win. 

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    • I bet if Pfizer made the yearly flu vaccine, it wouldn't be as good as COVID vaccine. It has more to do with that the typical flu is a dumbed down version of the original, and we have no clue what strand we will get. 
    • 30-45° is good. Turn back too far and you won't get back far enough on the downswing.
    • Hi, is there a preferred amount of hip rotation in the backswing? I have been taught 45 degrees (and then another 45 degrees in shoulder turn => 90 degrees in total), but I can't really see why.  I guess there may be a risk getting the club too far behind you, but otherwise? I experimented a bit, and I can do more than 45, in spite of my age   And it makes it easier to get inside-out and avoid over-the-top. But maybe that's correcting a fault with another?
    • I still have the clubhead speed to hit a 3 iron cleanly, but it isn't as consistent as I want it to be.  I have now dropped the 3 and 4 iron and replaced them with a 4 hybrid.  There is a bit of a gap between my 4 hybrid and 5 iron, but overall I am happier.  Another of my regular four ball has a 7 wood, and finds it to be his most consistent club and gets him out of troublesome lies. You have definitely done a good thing.  Though dropping the hybrid is more debatable, but if the wood is more consistent, go with it
    • I imagine the loft is more like an old school 7 wood. Heaven Woods! 🙂 
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