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  1. Checked out Dr Strange yesterday, birdie.
  2. Watched some more stuff: Bus Driver - Terrible B action movie. Double bogey. Bad Moms - Pretty crude and funny. Par. Central Intelligence - Mildly amusing. Par. Independence Day: Resurgence - Good special effects but extremely cheesy dialogue/plot/etc. Bogey. Marauders - Better than I thought it was going to be. Par. Sausage Party - Not particularly funny. Bogey. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows - More of the same from the first one. Par. The Hudsucker Proxy - Kinda boring and forgettable. Bogey. The Late Bloomer - Couldn't finish it, too dumb. Bogey. Warcraft - Quite a bit better than I thought it would be. Birdie.
  3. I'm so tempted to move somewhere where I can get the giga stuff but I really don't want to live in a large city again, and the smaller cities that currently have it aren't particularly appealing either. Sucks...
  4. I think Dishonored had 3 endings-- good, bad, and neutral. I played through it once and got the neutral (which was annoying) because I made good/friendly dialogue choices but massacred all the enemies. I meant to go back and play the DLC since the base game was somewhat short but just never got around to it. If there's a nice sale on Dishonored 2 around Christmas I'll definitely try to pick it up since overall the first one was fun.
  5. I have Civ 5 and all the DLC; it's the best one I've played. I don't really have any interest in trying 6 at all, especially since they straight up stole the district idea from Endless Legend. I think the franchise has been stale for quite some time and now they're just ripping off ideas from other games. There are still some solid looking games out there along these lines though; I'd like to pick up a copy of Total War: Rome 2 or Total War: Warhammer, as well as Galactic Civilization 3. Endless Space 2 is in a beta release and looks real solid too. I've been playing a game called Titan Quest lately and it's pretty fun. It's several years old now or older but it's basically a Diablo-like action RPG. I'll probably play it a bunch this weekend actually since rain is forecast to ruin my final golfing weekend...
  6. The Bioshocks were alright. I actually thought the second one was the best, followed by the first. The newest one seemed like it should have been so much better.
  7. Kinda depends for me. Maybe weekly on average during the summer, not really at all during the winter.
  8. Strandly


    Depends on the amount of money, no? I bet Aroid sleeps good at night.
  9. The guy sounds like a monstrous douche. Those kinds of people are looking for a reaction so ignoring them drives them batshit crazy. I would have ignored him.
  10. Could you post a link to this website? I'd be curious to use something like that next year assuming I don't go the official route.
  11. I wish I would have started playing sooner. I mostly didn't start sooner because I couldn't afford it though so I don't really consider that a legitimate regret.
  12. The 2005 Woods chip is the sickest thing I've seen.
  13. My season pass ends October 31 so however many rounds I can play before then. I can use it to get a discounted rate between the 31st and whenever it starts snowing but it would have to be an exceptionally nice day for me to do that since I've mostly had my fill for the year.
  14. I've never had a ball wear out before I lost it.
  15. I do. But I'm not fat and I don't live where it's humid.
  16. You're really just better off getting some 6 foot stilts and hitting the ball with a club that's 10 feet long.
  17. Haha, I've done that while walking. The thing that made it embarrassing for me is I did it 2 or 3 times in the same round before I finally started catching myself.
  18. I think there's a large old thread exactly like this already actually, just need to dig it up. Anyway, weirdest I've encountered was people rolling a cart. I've also hit 2 geese myself (both with drives).
  19. A few weeks ago I stumbled across something that seems to have helped me a great deal. Towards the end of a round I was fatigued and playing kinda sloppy and when addressing a ball my left leg popped into a locked straight position and I said screw it and swung away. I ended up smoking the ball crisp and straight. I tried it off and on several times during my next round and had similar great results. Now I've been doing it all the time and it seems to be a genuinely good thing. I did a internet search of locked legs when I got home from playing today and all the links seemed to refer to locking the back leg and implied it was generally a bad thing. There didn't seem to be any mention of locking the front leg. This makes me think I might be teaching myself something unnatural and bad. I pretty sure I'm maintaining the locked leg (back leg stays loose) all the way through the swing but I'd need to make a video to know for sure. Anyway, my question is... does anyone else do this? If not then does it sound like something that would be considered bad golf posture?
  20. I usually won't request a refund or rain check for stuff, I usually just don't go back. I don't think the OP was out of line though, especially since the pro shop admitted the course was in rough shape.
  21. Technique will easily make the biggest difference imo. A couple big things that helped me were learning to stand tall and keep my arms extended during all parts of the swing. It's easy to slouch or let your arms fold during the swing and that really trashes distance (plus you'll probably hit it fat or slice it too).
  22. Yeah, you were being a d-bag imo. The foursome in front of the two-some was the problem and even then it probably wasn't even a problem unless that group was on pace to finish in >4 hours. Playing through is a courtesy, not a rule. Just because you want to get done quicker doesn't mean you can harass other groups.
  23. I ordered a TV tuner card and antenna for my desktop yesterday. I tried asking around if anyone used this stuff before but couldn't really find anyone, and internet reviews seemed mixed. I guess we'll see how it goes, I'm mostly just getting it so I can catch an NFL game here and there.
  24. I don't know if the climate is changing but I wouldn't be surprised. The spin of the planet is slowing, the moon is drifting away from the Earth, and the sun is expected to burn out eventually. Why wouldn't the weather change too? My single biggest complaint with the climate change dilemma is how the possibility that a warming planet might end up benefiting us is absolutely 100% ignored. The only end I see discussed is disaster, every single time. It would be one thing if there were legitimate reasons (perhaps a small scale example) to believe only bad things would happen but there's not even that, it's just a foregone conclusion that everything and everyone will die and that's it. I know humans are fearful of change and will kill just about anything that is foreign to them first and ask questions later but it seems to have gone to a whole new level with the climate nonsense. In fact, I don't even pay much attention to the climate debate because of the human fear factor and because it's so poorly argued all around. You've got a group of people looking at a couple hundred years of climate records for a planet that is supposedly billions of years old crying the sky is falling, and you've got another group of people burying their head in the sand with regard to the matter, and then you have the possibility of a warmer planet benefiting us being completely ignored. All this tells me is that nobody knows what the hell is going on. If folks want to continue investigating it then that's fine but until the consequences of a changing climate become clear, and they will given enough time, I don't plan to spend a lot of time and energy thinking about it.
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