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Worst Club in your bag?

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Whats your worst club in your bag and why?



Mine is my driver.  Has a mind of its own..lol

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I honestly don't believe that I have one.


I don't even know which one I'd pick if I was forced to choose one.


On any given day one club might "behave" a bit worse than the others, but it's not one club so much that I could choose it.

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Mine is def my 3 hybrid. It used to be my best club until I purchased my 3 wood and worked on getting it better. Now all I do is top my hybrid or push it right. Ive about thrown that club in the lake many times.

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Mine would probably be my 60° wedge.  Around the greens, I'm alright with it, but hitting anything close to a full shot is an absolute crap-shoot.

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Probably my 3 wood off the deck. Really need to learn how to hit that thing....I have 0 confidence in it.

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The putter has been on a disobedient streak lately.  It probably knows I'm cruising eBay.

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I would say my hybrid because I have trouble controlling the trajectory with it more than any other club.  If I need to hit a lower boring shot, the odds are about 50/50 that I will hit the shot I really want.  So, I have started doing something a little different on long, into the wind shots that might be played with a hybrid.  If the shot can hit short and roll a bit, I hit a low hooking 3 iron, but if there is a hazard or trouble in front then I choke a 3 wood and hit a driving 3 wood.  In no wind or light wind, the hybrid is often a great choice so it stays in the bag for use when appropriate. 

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Driver without a doubt.  I hit it shorter than my 3W (3W goes 230) and it slices like crazy.  I know it's mechanics, because other people can hit my driver a mile. 


For the last 6-8 rounds, I've left the driver at home and just used the 3W.  Doing that has helped me a lot.  My all-time low going into this season was 114.  Already hit a 101, and have shot 2 47 9's.  Man I love golf.  The sense of improvement kicks ass.  After I figure out how to putt correctly, I plan to work on the driver.  But I had 22 putts on my 47 9, so my putter needs a LOT of love.

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Great posts. My worst club used to be my 19 degree TM hybrid, it has since been sent packing. Now my least favorite club is my 9 iron. For some reason I always shank this and I am not sure why. I was told I hit a natural fade and with every other club driver excluded the ball always has the same flight path but not the damn 9i. Has to be a mental thing.

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If I had a worst club it would be on eBay by now.

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I don't have a bad club in my bag, they are all top quality equipment.

However I am certainly the least skilled at using my driver.
It does exactly what I tell it to do, I am just a poor communicator. Lol
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The worst clubs in my bag are no longer in my bag.  I ditched both the 3 and 4 hybrids and my 3 wood.  They were replaced with a new 3 and 5 wood and I put my 4 iron back in the bag.  Those 3 and 5 wood are so easy to hit its friggin' funny.   


I thought I liked my hybrids but after hitting ssssoooooooo many bags of balls trying to get them to do what I wanted, they are relegated to a corner in my office.

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I don't have a bad club.  I can hit good shots with any club in the bag.  I only carry 12 clubs(plus my putter), I don't see the point in carrying another club, or I'd end up like you people and it would be my "worst club" and never get used.  So whats the point of that?

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Driver for me. When I hit it square, it is a beautiful thing. But that happens about 30% of the time I hit it. I hit a lot of 3 woods off the tee. 

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Hello out of bounds, slice, hook, sky ball, you name it.
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3 iron. Not so bad that I'd change it for a hybrid, but worst for sure. Or are we including putters?

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For some reason I cannot get to grips with a 52* gap wedge.  It's shank city for me with that thing.

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3wood off the deck.  Its either great of 20' left or right of the green.  Its great off the tee though for some reason.

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