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What are the coldest temps you've ever played a round of golf in?

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Winter is coming and many of us are starting to feel the chill...........so lets hear your stories!


  I'm not nearly as diehard that I once was, but I've walked 18 holes before when the high temp for the day was 8degrees F.  No snow was on the ground, so I knew I was good to go. LOL  I was walking, and my toes were frozen!!!  The ground was frozen solid as rock as you could imagine.......playing for a big bounce was a must on approach shots into the greens.  LOL


The most comical memory from that day was breaking several golf balls.......each in unique ways.  Ya see.....they get brittle in the cold.  I knocked the cover off one and the core flew about 100yds or less.   I split one in 2....half sliced to the left and the other half sliced to the right.  Some just cracked and flew a short distance. funny stuff....



Lets hear your cold weather golf stories!!!  What's the coldest for you?

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Last winter it got in the 60's, it was crazy, I actually had to wear shoes to stay warm....
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I played low 20's. I was trying out for the school golf team and during it, snow started to fall. Well we decided to keep playing and I also cracked golf balls. We used our putters to plow a putting line to the hole and made some wicked long putts. :D
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Probably in the low 40's. Any colder than that and I would rather be duck hunting.

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I played when it was about -5 last year. The day started out pretty nice, it was about 30*, but it plummeted when the clouds came. The worst part was when it started to snow at the turn. Unfortunately, I was playing at a course that doesn't give rain (or snow) checks after the 7th hole, so I kept playing thinking it would let up. It wasn't too bad actually, because there wasn't much snow, but I had approach shots act like they hit a cartpath.

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I love winter golf.  It clears out the course and I generally can play on my own and at my own pace.


That said, the course won't let anyone out until the greens are above freezing.  I've played when the air temps were in the mid 30's (37, I believe), but the wind-chill had things in the low 20's. 


That's the coldest I've done, and I love it. Throw some long underwear on under the outfit, a jacket, a pocket hand-warmer, and as long as you're walking, you feel plenty warm by the time you're at the second hole.

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Before I went into the AF I'd play year round in Missouri.  I'd get off work (graveyard shift at a convenience store), run by the house, grab a few pop tarts and eat them on the way to the course.  I'd be the first one off the tees on most days.  The cold (sometimes 20s and windy and wet) wasn't a big deal for me but I was young then.  I'd throw on some long underwear if it was bad, which actually helped my swing (I guess I was overswinging way back then, too).  But those mis-hits sure hurt the hands when you hit a shot fat on frozen turf!


I once was out on a day that I was tempted to call it in.  It was in the 30s and drizzling.  I decided to call it a day as soon as I finished the first hole.  Then I (by some miracle) birdied it.  I was stuck then.  Ended up playing the whole miserable 18 trying to get my first two-birdie round.  I'm such a sucker.

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Our course is closed now and they don`t let us go out on (completely) frozen greens, but I got these in before the end of the season



  9/25/2012 10/5/2012 10/7/2012
Mean Temperature 41 °F 40 °F 30 °F
Max Temperature 52 °F 51 °F 45 °F
Min Temperature 30 °F 29 °F 15 °F
Wind Speed 4 mph (NNE) 11 mph (WNW) 8 mph (NNW)
Max Wind Speed 17 mph 25 mph 21 mph
Max Gust Speed 23 mph 36 mph 28 mph
Events Rain, hail, sleet Rain , Snow  
Score 74 83 75
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Back when I was young and stupid, growing up in Wisconsin, I'd occasionally go out mid-winter if there wasn't any real snow to get in the way. Down into the 20's. These days, living in Florida, I'll still end up playing at least a couple of rounds every year in the 40's. Honestly though, that's kind of silly, because if I just wait a week or so, it'll usually climb back up into the 50's. I'm just not always willing to wait....
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High 20's.

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What happens when the greens are frozen and you walk on them?
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Played in +3 degress celcius

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Coldest for me is probably 25*.  It wasnt that bad really, you just have to dress for the weather.  I was born in Wisconsin and lived there for 32 years, so 25 really isnt that cold to me and Im much more used to dealing with it than people from most other parts of the country are.  Really, dealing with the cold is mostly mental.  If you let yourself become obsessed with how cold you are, you will never learn to deal with it.  You just have to tell yourself, "Yup, its going to be cold" and then put it out of your mind.

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Played at a course called 4 Seasons, and they'll stay open as long as they can. Was actually a nice, sunny day, probably reached -5 Celsius at most. Everything was frozen solid though, but it was actually fun. Played 9 holes.
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Originally Posted by colin007 View Post

What happens when the greens are frozen and you walk on them?

I think it can damage the grass- at the very least it is likely to be more brittle.


Definitely not fun to land on a frozen green when you are not expecting it to be frozen.  Was playing Vail GC last week with temps in the 50s and a 11:30 tee off time.  The first 3 greens were fine and I killed a drive on 4 leaving a 75 yard lob wedge in that I hit well, landing just short of hole high- couldn`t understand why it rocketed off the back until I walked on the green, which was still in shadows, and found it to be frozen.

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I've played in low 20s F temps a bunch of times. As long as you dress warm, it's not that bad as long as it's not windy. The wind is what gets me.
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Originally Posted by colin007 View Post

What happens when the greens are frozen and you walk on them?
That is the magic question. Any course that cares about the course especially the Greens will not allow anyone out if the greens are frozen or have frost on them. Doing so will kill the grasswhere the ball hits or where you step crushing the grass.
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I've heard that before but is it really true? I've walked on my own lawn when its frozen and that didn't damage the gras...
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