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#Dufnering Takes Twitter By Storm!

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#Dufnering is a salute to the funny, yet  bizarre seated-with-school kids posture of Jason Dufner.   This pic (below) of Dufner shows the two-time PGA Tour winner staring straight ahead with less facial expression than even he customarily portrays.  According to the report, Dufner was appearing at the Salesmanship Youth and Family Centers, a Dallas-based charity that works with at-risk youth and teens, as part of a kickoff luncheon for the HP Byron Nelson Championship, an event he won a year ago.




Here's some funny #Dufnering pics


Luke Donald



Rory Mcilroy


Dufner's alma mater



Rickie Fower





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lol waiting for tiger pic

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Most I've laughed on Twitter since......well, ever.
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Can't stop laughing,good stuff from the boys.
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Nice, he looks super-excited to be there.

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Bubba has the best impression. 

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Originally Posted by LSU_justin View Post

Bubba has the best impression. 

I still like the original look on Duffs face.
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Good to see these guys not take themselves too seriously.

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Jason D is hilarious................must follow on twitter

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Ah, to be young, talented and rich.  What's not to like.

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Wish I knew how to photo-shop. I'd put Jason's picture super-imposed in a variety of places sitting like he is......like in front of national landmarks, or around the world (Taj Mahal).....in the Oval Office of the WH, courtside of a Miami Heat game, etc etc etc.

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So great .
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Funny thing is that everyone is adding in the dip-lip. He is not visibly dipping in the original, which is appropriate because he is at a child focused event.


Hilarious pose, so dejected looking. Gotta get the "sitting on hands" aspect right, I think that's key to the whole look.

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Hhahaha damn I'm dying over here.  Epic thread! c3_clap.gif

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I have been following the action on twitter, so funny.
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This might be my favorite random one.
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Hahaha, that's great!

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