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What Is Your Favorite Time To Tee-it-up?

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Early in the morning, 7:30 or 8:00. Then, I have the rest of the day to do my "Honey-do" list.


Also, in the fall and early spring, for us Northern golfers, I like to tee-it-up right after the frost warning is lifted.

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Between 10.00 & 11.00, Mon. through Thursday. If the Mrs. has to work on a Saturday, she gets a Comp. day off during the week. She gets to sleep a little late, we go out for Breakfast, and usually have a crock pot going for dinner. That's our golf day's  together, usually ruined by little white balls.


If it's just with the guy's though, I let them decide, it's usually earlier. When She's in the cart with me, games usually are "a date day" even when we play with the boy's. When I'm out the the guy's only, I am a little more serious and focused.


We all avoid Friday and weekends at all costs.

The gang and I are lucky, that we have flexibility at our jobs to make this happen.

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I like afternoons: no dew, lower rates, fewer golfers.

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If price were no object - first light; however, price is an object, and I try to play between noon and 1:30 - always looking for the Hot Deal on golfnow.    Playing a $40 course today at 1:30 PM for $9 !!

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On Saturdays, 8AM is my time and has been for years - like it better when we start on the back 9 so we see a cart girl within the first few holes.


If I get out on a Friday, I prefer before noon - the big money noon game tends to move a little slow and playing through 4 or 5 groups means rushing on those holes.

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Beer:30.  I like afternoons as well.  On weekends, I get all my chores done first.

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On weekends at the local course, if I'm going out alone, first out of the box. The guys at the course let me take off before they open and let me pay at the turn. 


If my buddies and I are traveling to farther course, we leave early enough to get as early a tee time as we can, since we always play 36 when we travel to a course. We all play fast and hate to get held up. 


Weekdays at the local course, not much choice. After work and hope its not too crowded. I like these the least, especially spring and fall when you can barely get 9 in before dark if you get held up by slow play. Summer is OK when I can get 18 in.

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My Sunday foursome usually plays a 11:30am tee time.  I like it because I can have breakfast with the wife, play 18, then have plenty of time to make dinner and relax before I have to go to bed (I work early mornings).  If I get a chance to play during the week I like between 3:30pm and 4:00pm.  I can get in 9 and still have time for dinner and relaxing before bed.

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Sunrise! First out! I Like having an empty course to bomb round! We can walk round in 2.1/2 hrs! Tee off after 9am it takes 4 hrs min! I'm a busy family man, I can't spend all saturday on the course, but if I do it's because I go round twice! During the week it's 4pm, just before people finish work, again so we can bomb round without hold ups! We've played through people on carts before now, we don't **** about, I'm there for a good time... Not a long time!
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Evenings. I like to finish as the light is fading. Course is quiet - and I'm not a morning person.

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I would say around 10AM. Ofcourse it would be great to get up and be the first group out but my back just wont cooperate that early in the AM. By 10-ish I've been out of bed long enough for it not to be a problem.

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My favorite is daylight to dark. At my old club I used to have a regular group in the morning where we usually got in two rounds, another group at noon for 18 holes, and another group until dark for another couple of rounds.


Now it's usually just 36 holes starting at 8:00.

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I like to start between noon and 2 PM to catch the nicest part of the day.

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First tee time of the day ;)

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I like to play early. Love it when I'm among the first out and finish in 2 1/2 or less.  ...but I hate waking up for it. 

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Checking tee times the night before, I like to tee off about 45 minutes after the early morning rush. Usually several holes ahead are open, and the group can get around in less than 4 hours.

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I like to play in the afternoon, if I can, during the week. I try to play every Thursday in season, teeing off  around 3:00-3:30 PM. There is nothing like being on a golf course on a summer evening with a few good friends in a friendly match.

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First thing in the morning.....love to be in the first group out.

Matter of fact, just waiting for the sun rise right now. 804 tee time!

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