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Bridgestone e6 ball

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Does anyone use or have tried this ball? It caught my eye at the store the other day, but I'm not sure if I want to make a switch. I'm going to buy a box to try, just looking for some feedback on the ball before I do. 

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I play ProV1 almost a majority of the time.  But my playing partner plays the e6 all the time and loves.  I have played his ball a few times when we have played in some alt shot and weird scrambles and I like the feel of the ball.  I just prefer the prov1 more with my short game around the green.

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I like the e5's better around the greens but the e6's are a decent distance ball.
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I tried a box of e6 last year and I didn't like them at all.  A big part of it was the giant cheesy e6 logo on the side, it just seemed stupid distracting and made me kinda hate the ball.  I also didn't seem to get many good hits with them which of course didn't help but I'm sure that was my fault and not the ball.


Anyway, earlier this year I ran out of my normal ball and started digging through some randoms that I found while playing and came across a Bridgestone (not sure of model, no e6 logo).  I used it for most of the round and it played really nice for me so now I'm not sure what to think.  If they would get rid of that dork logo I'd consider giving them another shot but until then I'll probably keep testing different brands.

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I really like these balls! I got turned on to them last year as they are reasonably priced and supposed to promote straighter shots! They seemed to help with my driving and I still use them now! I also like the feeling off the putter! I now only use them in winter/fall and upgrade to the 330RX or RXS in spring/summer, also a great ball, bit longer, same putter feel, and softer around the greens! I actually think I've found the ones for me!
(Although I did find a rocket balls urethane! Played it for rest if round, Not bad at all!
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I've been using the E6 ball for a while and would recommend it if your looking for a decent priced all round ball. 

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I also like the E6.  

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Eh, it goes OB just as well as any other ball I play :-p

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Top Flite Gamer V2. Way better ball for the price.
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Originally Posted by colin007 View Post

Top Flite Gamer V2. Way better ball for the price.

I agree with this.  I usually buy used proVs, but if I were going to buy new balls regularly, I'd go with the Gamer.


I tried the e6 but it felt like a rock to me and didn't have much short game spin.  The e5 was a little better.

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Bridgestone E5/6 are my secondary balls. I use V1 and Penta when I play well, but on some courses, I'll play a Bridgestone instead, as I'll be losing a few of them. I like the balls.

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The e6 is a great ball.  It's a really good choice if distance is a priority, or for players who tend to fight a slice or hook or put excessive spin on the ball.  It's not a rock at all...in fact it's the softest multi-layer ball on the market. True, it won't have the same type of spin around the greens as a high performance ball like the Pro V, but it's not designed to. However, this is why it's longer and straighter for most players. I have a feeling that sometimes the lower spin is what gives some players the impression that it's a hard ball, but it isn't.  I would definitely recommend it.

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I played the e6 last fall and into the winter when I wanted to go with a softer ball. Absolutely loved it off the tee, hated it around the green. Granted, it was probably more me than the ball, but I just found that for even the most straightforward pitches and chips I couldn't keep it from runing way past the hole. I've since switched to the Callaway Chrome + and like it a lot (may try out a sleeve of their speed regime balls one of these days)..
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I bought a box of these at christmas and only used the first one a few weeks ago. In winter (southern hemisphere) they are great cause the greens are a bit softer and they help make up for a little bit of distance loss in the cold weather. The best part imo though is the durability of them. The z-stars are pretty good for a players ball but the e6 are amazing. Three rounds with the same ball and it looks like z-star after 18 and a pro v after 9 holes. Will be sticking with these till the greens firm up in summer and I need a bit of check.

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Really like these balls.  Well priced, and they feel nice to me -but I'm a rubbish golfer...

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Too hard for me. I want a ball that spins for approach shots. playing hard balls is like playing hard greens. Tough to score consistently.
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Tough to score consistently...
That must be the reason I'm rubbish!
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You're not rubbish. Your balls are rubbish. Hope that's not too personal. :)
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