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Last winter I was up in NY for the holidays. My daughter has a place in Brooklyn, so I went to take her for lunch and drinks while we watched the Jets game at a neighborhood sports bar. I had to go, so I'm waiting on line to use the mens room. After a girl came out of the "womens room, the lady behind me asked "what are you waiting for?" I looked at her, thinking she was joking, and moved aside so she could enter.. She laughed, and said, "No, you can go in there. My daughter just told me the bathrooms in here are Gender neutral." I shook my head, went in, and was amazed how much nicer womens rooms are then mens, LOL. When I came out, my daughter and the bartender were laughing, because they saw me and the lady both trying to understand and cope with this "new" world.

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No problem with single stall, any gender friendly restrooms. As long as there is a lock on the door, and youngsters are protected. 

These are showing up in our area now. Mostly in office buildings. 

In the little town we reside in, they have a 4th July celebration with several hundreds of folks attending the festivities. The women's restroom usually developes a line. At some point both the mens', and womens' restrooms turns into a "who cares, I gotta go" situation. :-O

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Honestly who cares really? We all $hit the same. I know it sounds crazy but I go in my thing and leave. Mens room women room who cares. 

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I would only say - 'Restroom"

I guess gender neutral clarifies boys or girls - or maybe those terms are not politically correct. Speaking of which, saw a blurb on Vice News about Gender Neutrals - they are trying to eliminate all reference to "his" "her" "he" "she"

Guess I am getting old and older ... or these kids are living in a fantasy world ... or I'm living in the past. As we say in Texas, "It just ain't right."

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