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Recap Your 2019 Golf Goals

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With the year coming to a close, it's time for our yearly self-assessment thread. Here's how this will work... 

Quote your post from the 2019 Golf Goals topic right here in this topic, then write something below your quoted post to let everyone know how you did!

Please keep replies to a minimum. Use your Member Swing thread for deeper discussions about your goals and how well you achieved them.

P.S. To quote your post from another topic, you can do one of two things:

  1. Quote it, select it (with the little + sign in the top left corner), copy it, and paste it into the reply box here.
  2. Click the "+ Multi" button on your post in that topic, reload this topic, and quote it directly into a reply here by clicking the "Quote 1 Post" button/overlay that should appear.

The latter is the easier method, and the former won't work very well on tablets or smart phones.

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On 10/25/2019 at 9:55 AM, Darkfrog said:

A bit late for 2019...but my  goals this year were:

1) Play a round without losing a ball (zero penalty strokes from OB/penalty area)...still working on it.

2) Break 90...DONE!


#1 - Fail, almost made it through a around with no penalty strokes from OB/penalty area several times, but not quite there. This one will have to stay for next year.

#2 - Success (as noted in my original post), broke 90 multiple times this year, and it's happening more frequently now.

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On 11/15/2018 at 9:35 PM, billchao said:

I've been putting this topic off for a while because I don't really have any desire to set goals for next year. I've kind of lost the fire for working on my game as hard as I used to and that's largely my own fault because I overdo and over-analyze things often. Anyway it doesn't matter. Goals:

  • Play at least 20 rounds. Should be able to achieve this one.
  • Play with some fellow Sand Trappers. I always enjoy doing this so I want to make sure I make the effort to continue next year.
  • Play more golf with people I know. I'm getting tired of pairing up with random strangers. A couple of guys I know from work are interested in the game so I'm going to spend some time going to the range and playing with them next year, see if I can make some golfers out of them.

That's it. No skill or handicap based goals for 2019. I have never hit those goals so either I set unrealistic goals or I'm not motivated by goals enough to make them happen. It's not like I won't be working on my game, but I just think it's kind of pointless for me to set specific goals since I just do whatever it is I do anyway.

Interesting to see where my mindset was around this time last year. For my original goals, as the great poet Michael Lee Aday once wrote, "Two out of three ain't bad." Nailed the first two, didn't get the last one going. People don't share my enthusiasm for this game. Bunch of weirdos.

On 4/20/2019 at 1:41 PM, billchao said:

@iacas told me I should make it a goal to finish the year with a sub-7 index, so I'm adding it. Going to challenge myself on this one.

Didn't get this one. Not even close.

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  1. Maintain syncing, shallow and rotation improvements learned in 2018.
  2. Continue work on Key #1, #4, plane is a little steep from 3-4 and shallow 6-7.
  3. Work on post impact, straight arms, arms more in sync with body, supinate, natural finish. No stalling rotation.
  4. Continue working on escape shots, low draws/fades. Maybe take it a step further to longer shots.
  5. More short game practice, one session short game area a month and Mevo to dial in distances.
  6. Use Game Golf.
  7. Get putting looked at, use Blast to check tempo, get fitted for putter. Maybe driver and irons.
  8. Try and take swing videos during rounds (lazy).
  9. Renew indoor practice membership, keep practicing indoors during winter until able to do so outside.
  10. Figure out how to play in wet conditions.
  11. Swing more aggressively when playing, holding back.
  12. Take a look at the new Drive Shack. 😀

Bummer, I accidentally deleted original post. Here we go again.

1, 2, 3 - This is basically key #4 in the aggregate. Went from too shallow to too steep. Had the shanks. Worked on this all year, @iacas really fixed things up towards the end of the season. Have a better feel for Key #4 now. The arms straight at A8 needs work, don't push them out because of the shanks from before.

4 - Better with escape shots, less hesitant to try and work the ball full swing, but mixed results. Need to work on getting low ball flight heights exactly right.

5, 6 - Too focused on full swing, will work on that next season. Wedges.

7 - Was hoping Preston would swing by East Coast, but @iacas made some adjustments to setup and stroke and preshot that feel real good.

8 - Did this towards end of season. Very helpful. Will continue next year. Work on better angles.

9 - Will go inside when it gets colder.

10 - Played more in wet conditions this season, a little better at swinging without slipping.

11 - Was able to do this towards end of season, having reduced shanks.

12 - No Drive Shack here yet.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I totally failed, mostly due to inactivity after a couple knee injuries. Now that I'm somewhat better, my 2020 goals are a bit more positive, but are based on maintaining my physical condition.

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2019 Goals

  • Decide on a new home course since moving
  • Play 40 18 hole rounds with at least 15 eligible for handicap entry
  • Work on solid contact with the ball for additional distance
  • Lower my 16.3 handicap index by a stroke  

I did join a nearby semi-private club in 2019.  I played about 30 rounds but had 20 eligible for handicap.  I did make decent contact but did not gain much in the way of distance.  And my handicap went down a half point for a while but I ended up at 16.5 .

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On 12/8/2018 at 9:04 PM, gbogey said:
  1. Maintain handicap under 7 - usually goes up to 7.5 at some point during season
  2. Achieve average differential of 8.4 - .5 strokes better than last 3 years
  3. Play at least one bucket list course - have several potential trips in discussion that could make this happen

How do I achieve 1 and 2 - I don't care. I feel that I've been improving in all aspects of the game but just haven't put it all together, but the point is to score lower regardless if it is through driving or putting.

Secondary goal is to lose +5 pounds which will help my ability to play consistently.

1. Met - Handicap never went above 6.5 and ended year at 5.2 although that's .5 artificially low. Still relatively consistent for year.
2. Met - Posted 40 rounds, averaged 8.06 for those rounds, 7.92 including 4 9 hole scores that I posted. 7.8 on my home course and 8.4 on other courses. I guess that gives me something to work on for next year.
3. Met - Played Gamble Sands and TPC Sawgrass - pretty cool.
4. Met - and then didn't meet. Probably about two pounds heavy right now. Have to keep diligent over the holidays.

Overall pretty pleased. I think there's another stroke, maybe 1.5 strokes of improvement out there. Need to play the other courses I frequent more often.

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On 12/27/2018 at 4:57 PM, HJJ003 said:

Alright it’s finally time today my goals for the 2019 year! I will list three goals how I plan to achieve them. Here we go: 

1. Get my handicap down to a 15 (drop roughly six strokes) by YE

      - Commit to a full swing path change and practice it correctly. I have already begun this process, but my goal is to really eliminate the OTT move and it’s results such as shanks, Tops, Slices, etc..

     - Dial in my partial wedge shots. 

     - Drop roughly two of my desired 6 strokes in the SG/Putting area of my game. This includes more speed control putting practice and picking better landing spots and actually hitting them with my chips/pitches 

2. Increase my typical Driving Distance to 240 Yards. (Currently around 230)

    - Change Swing Path as seen above

    - Get back on a dedicated workout regiment 

    - Get a lesson. I think my set up and AoA could use some work. This also will help goal number 1. 

3. Increase my list of Total Golf Courses Played to 60 (currently at 50)

    - Play at least 5 new courses in the Houston area

    - Play at least one course while on Vacation 

    - Play in more corporate scrambled to play some new courses I haven’t played yet. 

Well that’s my goals! Looking forward to 2019!


Alright, time to recap some goals!

Goal #1- Failed

- I did lower my handicap by over three shots (and still dropping), but I didn't get to a 15. I will likely finish this year around 18 flat. So still some work to do

- I did get a lesson, which got e on the right path to a committed swing change. Felt awkward as heck at first, but man I haven't shot triple digits since march so I am happy with the results so far. 

- I did improve my putting and short game. In fact, though my ball striking did improve, my putter was a huge star for many of my rounds this year

Goal #2- Passed

- Due to the lesson, I have improved my mechanics and saw a huge increase in distance this year. My average drive is between 240-250 yards this year

- I averaged over 260 yards in driving in two or more rounds this year

- I had an almost 400 yard drive! Cart Paths can be strategic you know....😁

Goal #3- Passed

- I played exactly 10 new courses this year and reached 60 total golf courses played in my lifetime 

- I finally played a Tom Doak designed course (my favorite modern architect), after he re-designed Memorial Park here in town

- The total list of course I played this year are: Tour 18 (Houston), Willow Fork Country Club, Hermann Park, Sharpstown Park, Glennloach Pines, Melrose Park, Wildcat (Lakes), Forest Creek Golf Club, Warnimont Golf Club, Memorial Park Golf Course

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On 11/25/2019 at 8:43 AM, Darkfrog said:

#1 - Fail, almost made it through a around with no penalty strokes from OB/penalty area several times, but not quite there. This one will have to stay for next year.

#2 - Success (as noted in my original post), broke 90 multiple times this year, and it's happening more frequently now.

UPDATE: Played my last round of 2019 this morning and made it an entire round with a single ball and no penalty strokes. Had some fortuitous bounces that helped but overall had a great round of ball striking. 

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>>>> My 2019 golf goal is to finish the year with 11+ HI.  

I've failed spectacularly.   My HI came down to 13.0 a few times but never below it.   Instead, I've ended the year with 13.2 HI.   The main reason for the failure is that I've got lazy and never put in the time to improve.  That laziness is going to continue into my 5th year of early retirement.  I will set my 2020 golf goal accordingly.  

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Golf Goals for 2019 Results


Do not let the club shaft cross the line at the top of my backswing with the driver.

Get more external with right arm on the way back and keep elbows closer together. Also, better wrist conditions at the top.

Still a work in progress. I took an online lesson with Dana Dahlquist and he gave me a different priority piece to work on. I wasn’t turning my shoulders enough and I need to get my hands more in front of my sternum at P3. Which also helps get my right arm more external.


Get into flexion way sooner from the top to keep from early extending the hips. Rotate earlier.

I could not get into flexion from where my hips were on the top of the swing. Must get hips more centered first.

Overall swing:

Increase Clubhead speed from max on course 104mph to 108mph using SuperSpeed Golf program.


After starting the program, I did not last very long before I had some back issues. I did however make some good gains by working on the new priority piece. (more shoulder rotation)


Plus 14 yards with the Driver (same club from 2018) and slightly better accuracy. Where have I heard that before??


I changed to the Claw grip at the end of last season. Played in a couple of captain’s choice events and putted very well with it.

Bought a Putting Arc and have been practicing putts inside of 10 feet.

I bought a Blast Motion Sensor and that has made a big difference in my putting. I hit over 4000 putts with it and the results were very good for me.


Dropped from -3.77 strokes gained to -1.22 in that time frame.


Hopefully be selected to the 2019 Newport Cup East team. (Incomplete) 2020?

Win at least one day at our annual Talamore (Pinehurst) trip in August. 

(Achieved) Come from behind victory on Saturday. Made a 5-foot birdie on #9 (last hole) at Mid South to tie. Then won on a scorecard playoff. 

Win or place in at least one Elite Golf Am Tour event. (Achieved) Second place finish in the 49 and under flight. (I’m 57)

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    • I have a 4 x 5 mat of another brand and it seems sufficient for hitting drives with no issues. For mat longevity through, a 5 x 5 mat that can either receive tees or has 4 tee stations can be rotated to move the wear around, and could last you double the amount of the 4 x 5 mat that can only be rotated in one direction.
    • Update to previous:  after watching the video, I can definitely commit to doing the first part today (just installed the relevant app) and will get the alignment sticks so I can do the rest tomorrow.  Thanks again!
    • Thank you.  I really should do the entire practice plan -- Erik went through all that trouble to make it, then about three days in we discovered something really bad about my grip, so I switched to practicing that.   But I'm definitely going to do this one.  It looks like I need a second alignment stick (I own one, and have a few pulled shafts I use other times), so I'll go pick one up (I hate to delay, but it's going to be tomorrow, not today).  That's going to be Monday's practice and for some time. Thank you; that makes a lot of sense.  I wonder if I hit them too quickly (in terms of attempts / minute) when I do the clock drills. 
    • After reading about it I'm thinking that's what happened to mine.  It still has a "ting" sound, but not as loud.  
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