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Ohio vs. Michigan Match Play Event

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10 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Will Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes be the opposing coaches?

Woody would punch the opponents. 

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On 6/2/2020 at 10:54 PM, dennyjones said:

The sayin' here is O How I Hate Ohio.    just sayin'


Most Buckeyes won't go as far as to give you a proper acronym. Most just call you "that state (sometimes team) up north". I'm not a football guy, but I am up for a good rivalry

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I am interested and could be available  My senior club already does this with Indiana but we cancelled this year because of the logistical nightmare of dealing with 64 seniors (32 a side) and COVID-19.

Of course, we must use the full handicaps. :heynow

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    • No, the police knew George and probably did this premeditated. This case is unique in that regard. There are videos of police using that choke hold / maneuver on white people as well, with deadly consequences. By all regards, the policeman who used this choke hold did so with violation of written regulation on when it should be used. If they were even properly trained on when to use it. I feel like cops are given a patchwork of techniques that they hardly practice when to and how to use it.  Two of the cops were brand new to the force and were with a person who has been a policeman for over 10 years. Sorry to say, it probably would be career suicide to stand up to a cop with that many more years of service. It's not the right thing to do, but it's a very human thing that happens.   Especially when you hear stories about how police department culture can be. They would be branded snitches. Their lives would be hell for their career. Don't get me wrong, I wish they had the courage to stand up to policeman using the choke hold on George. I can understand their position and they're apprehension to not stepping in. Now, the third cop, who stood by and actually try to stop people from filming, should be hit with higher chargers than the two new police officers.  It should be training. It should be training that new police should know they can stand up and report on incidents like these.  I get you want people to magically have this thought, "Just treat them like family." But, that is a pipe dream that will never come true. Humans will forever treat people they don't know not as family. Still, you can treat someone with dignity and respect and still care for you family more.   
    • There is a teen near our area after contracting Coronavirus has now been diagnosed with another complication, Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome.   Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children causes swelling and pain in various organs and muscles. Many who get it had been infected by or were previously exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19.   
    • No problem. You are very welcome.  One last thing, when you remove the grip and take the weight out, before you re-grip the putter stand the putter up on the ground  as if you were setting up to putt. The putter stands up by itself like some of those other putter brands made to do that. Of course once you re-grip it won't but I discovered that by accident and thought it was cool. The majority of weight is really low in that putter. Good luck. 
    • Additionally, the folks that complained about lock-downs and shutting everything down also complain about the masks.  I think the masks are a good, reasonable middle ground position to try to keep businesses open and restore some version of normalcy.  If anything, folks should be happy to wear a mask as a reasonable burden and otherwise enjoy going about your day; it beats staying at home and not making a living or doing other things.
    • George Floyd wasn’t shot. Eric Garner wasn’t shot. So the same police that didn’t react with force when armed white people protested outside their capital lost that training when it came to George? Or were those cops off that day when he got murdered? How about the other 3 officers that did absolutely nothing to stop their co defendant? None had training. If the police treated everybody like they would want their child or spouse to be treated all of this would go away. That has zero to do with training. 
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