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What I Enjoy about Golf

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The feeling of accomplishment you get from hitting a shot you have been practicing. For me now, its 50 yard pitches. I'm getting pretty good.

Watching a long iron that starts out low but climbs until it falls out of the sky to the green.
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I just wanted to say to whoever jacked my reputation: This is a free speech forum in a free speech country. My comment about the left wing was not intended to offend anyone and was not offensive in any way. People like you are why we are so quickly turning to socialism. One more thing, this post is not offensive either so putting negative rep on it is abuse of the reputation system.
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For me I love the constant struggle and overcoming each struggle one at a time. That feeling you get when you can say.... Damn that was a good shot... to yourself.
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I think the number one thing i enjoy is being out there. Golf courses are so beutiful.
And the only real thing to worry about is your game. No bills, no girlfriend.
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  • 4 weeks later...
being away from everything for 3-6 hrs...
taking a long walk in a beautiful park while occasionally smacking a lil white ball as far as i can...
hanging out with my brothers...
hot beercart chicks...
hearing strangers say "nice shot" and letting them believe i can actually play this game...
every now and then beating the snot outta co workers
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I agree. I love all my golf maintenance whether it is regripping, polishing, or cleaning.

if we dont have guns what will we go hunting with? well besides a bow.

for me its the smell of fresh cut grass early in the morning when everything is very still. only one other thing in life gave me that feeling and that was smelling the grass when i first stepped on the field for warmups before football games.
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I played with my kids tonight on the par 3 course. It was enjoyable, yet frustrating since I had to keep kicking them in the arse to move it along and stop chit chatting. We were the last ones out, but they've gotta learn.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

being away from everything for 3-6 hrs...

my adopted golf brothers never seen a beer cart chick (must play the wrong courses); there's time yet I hope hearing strangers yell "Fore!" yelling "FORE" really loudly myself! the flight of a well struck ball being out there for a few hours, just enjoying being out there a cold toasted blue point lager at the 19th hole with the adopted golf bro.'s after. There's much more, but that's a start.
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Walking down the fairway and realizing you haven't thought of anything but golf for the last few minutes. I'm not clear very often...

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Hitting a ball and immediately thinking "oh yes.."

Reading a green perfectly and nailing a long putt

Getting out of a tough lie with a good swing

Walking up to a green to see the previous shot within 5 feet of the hole
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Finally finding the swing flaw of the week and figuring out how to fix it.

Hitting a perfect wedge shot into the green on 9 or 18 when there's a big dinner or lunch crowd on the deck overlooking the greens.

A perfect, sunny, 75 degree day in a Minnesota summer. Spent outside.

Having something to control and focus on for the next 3 hours.
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Note: This thread is 4250 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 437: Just a little bit of indoor putting and some COVID-19 day-3 backswing drills today.  
    • Great fact based no BS commentary. Sounds like she filtered out a series of different and significant injuries. He was well above average fit and hopefully will recover and return to a normal life.
    • Thanks for your story. Seems like a realistic timeframe for me, too - as I read that in other posts as well. Maybe I am too optimistic to achieve that in only one year. I see. That's another factor which I will have to face. I broke 90 on my home course. I will probably get a reality check after I play more on other, perhaps more difficult courses. Thanks for your input! That is very interesting. I like the breakdown of what worked for you. My coach and I are working on a playbook for me and have set out specific goals to shave off strokes in particular areas of my weakness. Thanks for sharing your story.
    • I am just over 40 and I used to be quite athletic (2nd league pro in another sport). Besides my humble brag here, I feel the athletic stance and have the 4-5 hour cardio and mental focus - however my putting and driver technique cause me at around 10 extra strokes together. Yeah, I basically break 90 now: - OB driver shots, and barely over 200 yards - Above average iron shots (short and long) - making up for my driver; quite accurate and distances are by the book - 3-4 putts (messing up my score)
    • Thank you for the stats chart, that's worth gold! Yes, I have a golf coach and I keep a hand-written log in my scorebook. I am embarrassingly bad at putting (3-4) and my driver shot is not accurate and the distance is well below my age. However, my iron game is above average in terms of full swing mechanics, distance and accuracy - that was pretty much the only thing I practiced until I met my coach. The goal is to reduce by 5 putts in the short term. Thank you for your feedback. Yeah, Iooks like if I improve my putting and driving (among other aspects) to the same level as my iron skills I could be a more consistent 90s player. Come on! The putting struggle is real and tracked in my book.
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