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Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread


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1)  Top 10 finish in a tournament.

2)  Go lower than 65 (best score last year)

3)  Average 30 putts or less per round.

4)  Stop being a dumbass when things don't go well on the course.

5)  Be less impulsive when making decisions regarding shot selection.

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I've been golfing since '04 and have been in South Italy for the last year and a half with little to no golf, so it's a rebuilding season... Not as much focused on results, but rather focusing on the process. My handicap is not the goal, but the measure of my process.

  1. Using the SaT book, Utley's books, Foley's DVD, and Mickelson's DVD as a guide, I will rebuild my swing for consistency and learn to play my short with more feel.
  2. No more "hitting" a bucket on a range. I'm going to be working on a drill or going through my entire pre-shot routine.
  3. I'm going to keep statistics of my rounds and use the statistics as a guide for practice.
  4. A "fairway hit" will mean more to me than carrying my friend's drives. (Hardest one on the list)
  5. I will game the same putter through the entire season. (Almost a tie for the hardest)
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In projected chronological order:

1. Break 90 at Pebble Beach (my 30th birthday present)

2. Get down to a single-digit handicap (carried over from 2010)

3. Win a major tournament in my league

4. Come up with somewhere good to take my dad for Father's Day

5. Win the overall title in my league

6. Win the year-end major

7. Play with the same clubs from Pebble Beach to the end of the year

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Same as 2010 which weren't achieved due to losing 11 greens and playing on temporaries for 4 months..... 1. Handicap of 8 or less (currently 11) 2. One round in even par (best to date +5) 3. Regular putting practice 4. Regular short game and bunker practice 5. Keep the ball in play - and when its not do the smart thing 6. Commit to each shot 7. Play at least 6 new courses, ideally 10 (8 played in 2010)

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Last year was the first time playing in 16 years, 16 years ago I played at a  9 handicap. Well this year was fun after broken ankle healed, did get new clubs ping G15 irons Cleavland driver my old 3 wood and 5 wood O and a hybrid 4 iron need a 3 not a 4, lets see I played at about a 16 handicap I still hit the ball good need to pick a ball to play and try 3/4 swing getting older man I can still hit the driver !!!

Nice sight love it here

Thanks Ohio Phil

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  1. Continue to forward my swing through video. I got a Casio EX-FS10 today, so I'm hoping 210 fps will show me all the gory details that 30 couldn't. I made some decent progress last year, but I have regresses in the past few months because I haven't played much.
  2. Get my handicap down to scratch. I got it to a low of 1.5 this summer, and hopefully I will be able to get it to 0 this year.
  3. Play in (and win) some tournaments. Last year I made the decision not to, but this year, since I'm still 18 and can play in junior tournaments, I think I want to try a few. I think I have a shot at winning.
  4. Get fit for a driver. This probably won't happen, but I'm leaving so many yard on the table it's annoying. I need to get the kinks worked out of my swing first, and coupled with the price tag, it probably won't happen. But you never know.
  5. Improve my putting. I suck at putting, 31.59 per round, and I hope to improve. The rest of my short game is find, especially at the end of the year, but my putting still sucks. I did get a new 33 inch putter, which should help, but we'll see.

Some stats that I would like to achieve (and what I had for 2010 to compare to):

Handicap: 0.0 (1.8)

Fairways: 75% (65.51%)

GIR: 65% (60.61%)

Putts Per Round: 30 (31.59)

GIR First Putt Distance: 20 feet (23.7)

Scrambling: 60% (48.20%)

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Originally Posted by billinga

1) Have fun

2) Practice more

3) Break 100

4) Reduce index to 25 or lower

5) Play 100 rounds

Goals needed to be amended since I already broke 100 and my index has dropped down to 26.7 and will be going lower after today's round of 95.

1) Have fun

2) Practice more

3) Break 90

4) Break 100 in at least 50% of my rounds

5) Reduce index to 20

6) Play 100 rounds of golf at home course

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My goals, with what I consider to be their difficulty ranking. 1) Hit 50% fairways. (Last year I hit 45.73%.) - [b]Easy[/b]: I basically need to hit 2 more fairways per round. I have quite a few that sit just a few feet off the fairway every round, so the potential is there. But getting two extra fairways will probably just entail eliminating the tailing end of my slice, which seems to pop up a couple times a round, and the odd duff that shows up every round or so as a result of my not being fully comfortable with my major swing changes over this year. I need to work on my distance off the tee, though, so I'm not setting the accuracy bar any higher than that. 2) Hit 27% GIR (eg, 5/18). (Last year I hit 5.09%.) - [b]Medium[/b]: I have long club options that I didn't have this past year, and better ball-striking than I did last year. This has always been the sore point of my game. My last game I hit 38% of greens and that's with a bunch of mess-ups, so this is attainable and likely my most core statistic for improvement. 3) Take evolvr lessons. - [b]Easy[/b]: I have money set aside for this. 4) Drop my handicap to < 19. (Currently 23.1.) - [b]Medium[/b]: If I can hit a few more greens and fairways, and in the mean time improve some all-around ball-striking, it will definitely shave 3+ strokes off my average score. I think I have the potential to average about 90. 5) Drop my "anti-handicap" to < 28. (Currently 35.0.) - [b]Medium[/b]: My main goal is to keep my worst scores no more than 9 strokes worse than my average good scores. (I also have some old terrible scores contributing to my anti-handicap right now.) 6) Break 90. - [b]Easy[/b]: I have a couple games at 91 and 92, and both of them came with some horrid holes. I think I can average close to 90, let alone break it. 7) Break 85. - [b]Hard[/b]: This may be overly ambitious as it requires a level of consistency that I don't think I have ever displayed, even for just 4 consecutive holes. But if I can get to a point of averaging 90 then it just requires a really good day. I'm not a fan of setting unrealistic, or even borderline unrealistic, goals, but I felt that I needed a stretch goal for the year, so this is it. 8) Play 20 rounds. - [b]Medium[/b]: This comes to a game about every other week, excluding a couple of winter months. Finding time to play is actually one of the hardest challenges for my game. I don't like to play if I can't do well at the range, since I never play on the course better than I do at the range. Since I'll probably be at the range twice a week, I'll have to fit rounds around them in there somewhere. I don't like setting unattainable goals, but I think all of those are realistic. Obviously, that doesn't mean I'll hit all of them, though, but I expect to get about 6/8 of them. [edit: 4/11/2011] For the record, here's how I assess the "difficulty" rating: Easy: I should be able to hit 3 out of 4 Medium: I should be able to hit about 1/2 Hard: I should be able to hit about 1/4 At the end of the year, I'll determine what range of time/games I should use for my relevant stats, that way I can use stats most indicative of my ability at that point. I will probably choose something around the last 5 months (eg, July and later) or 10 games, but I may go farther back than that.
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Goals for 2011 -

1. Get my golf season launched in March - get in some serious range time and practice rounds for a couple of weeks. I can also review videos of two good lessons from this summer past.

An early launch should be easier than springs 2009 and 2010 - I was recovering from surgery both times.

2. Work more systematically on conditioning {power, strength, cardio and flexibility}. I hit the gym four days straight final week of December, plus this morning.

3. Decide if I want to keep 4 wedges, or drop back to 3.

4. Play in the Senior Division of some area tournaments. Don't expect to win this season, but I would love to play golf two or three days straight.

5. Will probably join a nearby semiprivate course - it's Nicklaus design with excellent practice facilities and a large, rolling putting clock. Plus, I drive by it on the way to work.

6. Shoot regularly in mid-80s by July.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. Continue to improve my putting to < 32 per round.

I did not achieved my 2010 goals but have made some progress in Putting after getting the right equipment and fitting .

2. Continue to Improve my Irons shots. Was deadly accurate in 2009 but lost it in 2010.

3. 3W - i have lost it in 2010 and want it back badly. Looking forward to get the new Titleist 910F series  and fitting.

4. Get consistent with my Hybrid

5. Shot in the low 70s and hopefully break 70 ( Par 72 ) .

6. Win one tournament as the champion and not the runner up.

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1) Legitimately break 100 for the first time- I've done it before but never with fully counting penalties and the like. My last full round of the season last year I shot 100 even. Didn't lose a ball, had 2 unplayable lies, 4 putted the 16th green, and had 40 putts total for the round. I'm feel that I'm a much better golfer than my scores show and this season I really want to break this door down. I feel that on a good day I could break 90 but for now I'll take things one step at a time.

2) Play at least 30 full rounds- For some reason I just never play more than about 10 full rounds a season. This year I plan to change that even if it means waking up at 6am or earlier. With college ending earlier than high school, I now have 3+ months to achieve this goal. So about 8 rounds a month (2 per week) should get me to this mark.

3) Practice on average 3 times a week- This should be easy. 2010 was more sporadic practicing like going 5 days in a row, and then maybe a week off. Now I plan to get up early if I have to, hit the range even if only for an hour or so, and then get on with my day.

4) Find a way to practice the short game- The first thing I want to do is make sure I practice my wedges more from 100 yards and in because I feel that I can stronger in an already strong point of my game. Then I'm definitely going to go to the putting green more, but putt with a purpose, not just mindless hitting. I want to be able to get consistently under 36 putts per round. I also will try as hard as I can to find a practice bunker and chipping green. This will be one of the hardest things as I do not belong to a private club or anything, and the ranges around me are mostly just mats and nothing else.

5) Make my schools club team- This is more of a long term goal as I'm shooting at this one for junior or senior year. I really want this one and to do it, I need to be able to shoot low 80's, high 70's consistently. This summer I plan to make it halfway there to about low 90's and maybe possibly high 80's, then work on it more next summer. Definitely my number one goal overall though.

So this is it. I feel that this is the season to really make an improvement like never before. I don't have a lot of specific goals with percentages and stats, I just want to really make the game a major focus of my summer. I just want to end next season being able to say "wow, I really got a lot better." And if I can do that, I'll consider it a good season.

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-8 Handicap

-50% FIR

-50% GIR

-No higher than 32 putts in a round, via improving my lag putting along with draining those clutch 4-5 footers

-Practice more

-At least 1 birdie per round

-Shoot 70s 1/3 rounds

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Note: This thread is 3956 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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