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Walked the back 9 at Minnesott today - shot 44 (+8) from the whites (69.2 / 119).   This was a first for me, but I am liking more and more the option to walk at least 9, the course is much more fun to play.  Bag set up was limited to odd lettered irons (playing the old Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scots), SLDR driver, HL3w and Diablo 3h.   Started off bogie w/nGIR putting just off the green (just over a yard off) for par, just missed came back with a tap.  Eleven is the toughest hole on the back side, pushed drive right into the trees.  Had to punch out with the 3i, stopping just short of the pond.  Gap wedge over the pond to just off the green.  2nd hole in row putting for par about 2yds off the green.  Came away with a double bogie as the first putt was short.  Plus 3 though 2 holes.  The next hole 12 is a par 3 that I was truly between clubs so I went 7i.   Landed just off the green but puttable.  Roll the ball to within a foot of the hole and tap in for par.  Yes!  Thirteen is a par 5.  Pushed the ball right just off the fairway with the driver.  3h got me to within 9i distance to the hole.  On in regulation and two putt for par.  Fourteen is the other three on the back so I opt again for the 7i as it is similar distance as twelve.  Don't catch it well and landed on the apron.  Used the putter to get it up there.  Came up short and wound up bogie.  Bogie became the word of the day as the remaining holes all were such.  Putting was decent with a total of 18, had a number of rolls just right or left of the hole.    

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Played a local parks 18 hole par 3 course between rounds of storms yesterday. Didn't use a tee, just tossed it on the ground and played it where it lay, this is supposed to be practice after all. Hit 14 GIR, made 4 birds, had one 6 on a blowup hole I smacked my first shot on the forehead into a hazard.  Still managed to shoot 9 over 63 because the greens were absolutely horrid, lumpy, spotty grass, impossible to get a roll, more of a hit and pray as the ball bounced along........

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Today my bro and I got in a twilight nine at Croasdaile, going off the back. I played the blues (3194 yds).

I had an interesting start, going birdie-bogey-bogey-birdie, then I parred the long 14th. However, I four putted the 15th for double and then bogeyed in for a 41. Still a strong number but after being even par going into 15 I was just a little bit disappointed.

My brother started with a double on 10, and he also tripled 14, but he played his last four holes at just one over to shoot 44, which is a great score for him at Croasdaile.

So two solid rounds today, hopefully we pair them with another good nine!

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It’s become a chore to me to play golf. Can’t remember the last time I was on the course and having fun. It was another miserable wed evening for our league night. Missed the last 2 at work since they had me at another store helping out and just couldn’t  accommodate my need for the night off. Well the weather was awesome those days. Last night, as has become the norm, the weather was dreadful. It wasn’t raining. The winds were just as strong as I’ve played in prob 2-3 years tho. Hit a drive on the screws on 12 and I had 200 to the green. I’ve never had to hit more than a 7 iron to that green. Some days a nutted drive leaves me a gap wedge. Nope I’ve got a damn 4 iron. Didn’t hit a green from 10-16. Didn’t make a putt. Didn’t do much of anything but at least pace of play was good. That changed on 17 with 2 groups waiting on the tee and a group on 17 that has no clue. I took double double on 17/18 and left. Hell with it. 2nd straight trip I left before I finished. Losing my desire to play the game on overcrowded course every damn week. Have an outing Friday morning. I get to get drunk at least.

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86 (41/45) last Sunday, 12 nGIR/GIR, 29 putts, and 1 penalty stroke.

I was playing well but then I made an 8 (ESC to 7) on the 12th hole after two compounding poor decisions; first taking a semi-risky shot at the green from a bad angle that got smothered by tree parts, and second, trying again from an even worse angle and hitting into a creek. Went on to make two more double-bogeys on the back 9 (poor ball striking instead of decision making on those).

Drove the ball well (gained strokes), but had a few sketchy tee shots with hybrid.

I was pleased with approach play with the exception of a handful of poor shots, but statistically was not good (lost strokes).

Short game was really good (gained strokes).

I felt that I had a good day putting (no terrible misses, good lags), but statistically was not great (lost strokes), maybe because I didn't make anything in the 5-15 foot range.


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  • Wedges: :cleveland:  RTX Zipcore 54 & 58
  • Putter: L.A.B. Golf Directed Force 2.1
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89 at Minnesott  today (47 / 42) playing with my son and grandson.  Round started bogie - par - bogie.  Went double- double before going bogie - bogie - bogie and double. Back nine started bogie - bogie and then settled into par - bogie - par - bogie - par - bogie - bogie.  5 of 18 GIR and several nGIR.  Putting was okay for me, total of 37, had way too many just sliding by either left or right.  Approach game getting more consistent as drives are consistently putting me where I have good approach opportunities.  

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Another day playing golf and another day of absolute misery when it comes to the weather. Outing this morning. We had to take a delay for a literal monsoon a few holes in. Rained off and on the first 14 or so holes. As has become the norm I just can’t get a decent day to play this year. I hit the ball like dog shit. Thank god I wasn’t playing my own ball… I’d have been lucky to break 100.  We shot 15 under but didn’t place. I at least had 8-9 beers I guess.

Ping G400 9 degree driver, 3 Wood and 3 Hybrid, Ping 2016 G 4-UW,  Ping Glide 2.0 SS 52 degree, Ping Glide 2.0 WS 56 degree, Ping Craz-E Putter, Titleist DT Tru Feel balls

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I put up a pretty nice 42-44 for 86 (adj. 85) today at Umstead. I tripled the first hole after I duffed my chip into a greenside bunker and made a very messy quad on 13, but apart from that it was just pars and bogeys.

Short game was solid apart from the first and 13th holes. I made five up and downs for par and gave myself a ton of good looks when I missed greens. I two putted a lot as well due to lagging longer putts within a foot.

Ballstriking was the best part of my game today, and had it not been for the two blowups I could’ve flirted with the 70s. Still a good number though!

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Well ok…today I played my 100th round of the year! Shot a sloppy 75 on Pinehurst #1.

Thought I would look at all the rounds in GHIN and found that 84 of the 100 were in the 70’s.  Highest round was an 83, lowest was a 72.  Avg round is 77.1.  I enter all my stats in GHIN.  Overall I have lots of room for improvement.

Hitting 70% fairways.

Hitting 40% GIR’s. This needs a lot of work.  35% of my 2nd shots are short ( which include tee shots to par 3s).

Averaging 29.5 putts a round,  64% are 2 putts, 36% are 1 putts.

Saves: 4.6 round

61% of my scores per round are pars.

33% are bogey.

The remaining 6% are double bogies and birdies. I usually have a birdie or two per round.

Tomorrow here it’s supposed to be in the 90’s. Playing #2 in the morning!


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I played a great round of golf yesterday. I decided to play from the 48s (red tees - 5300 yards, par 72, rating 68,0/slope 137) and go for everything: 

Hole 1 (441 yards par 5): Good drive to the right side of the fairway with 150 yards left to pin. Hit my PW very fat and short and was still left with 55 yards in for my 3rd shot. Hit a great 60° from there to 5 feet. Sunk it for Birdie! (-1)

Hole 2 (113 yards par 3): 15 yards downhill shot, so I hit a soft 56°. Chunked it and ended up short of the green with 15 yards left to the pin. My chip from thre went 10 feets past the hole, but I holed the putt. Par (-1)

Hole 3 (325 yards par 4): Horrible drive left and to the sky (left a nice little scar on the top of my driverhead) to the woods on the left with 190 yards left to the pin. The lie was horrible and the gap I had was maybe 4 feet. DIdn't get any good contact on the second and didn't hit the gap, so I only got it 25 yards forward, but evene further left to another horrible lie in thick rough next to a tree. My 3rd shot move the ball 40 yards further up on the left side, but out of treetrouble to a better lie in the rough. With 125 left to the pin I managed to get it to the back left fringe from there with a nice shot with my AW. A nice lagputt from there left my with an easy tap in for a double. (+1) 

Hole 4 (100 yards par 3 - 195 yard from the tees I usually play from): Meant to hit a soft 56°, but bladed it and flew to some thick rough 25 yards behind the green. Managed to hack it out from there to the semi rough 6-7 yards from the green and hit a great chip from there to a foot for a tap in. Bogey. (+2)

Hole 5 (330 yards par 4): Hit a nice 4W to the semirough on the right (dogleg left) and left myself with 83 yards in. Chunked my 60° from there and left my self with 40 yards in from the fairway. Hit a nice little 60° from there to around 6 feet, but needed 2 putts from there. Bogey. (+3)

Hole 6 (305 yards par 4): Not a driving hole as is very narrow the last 110 yards to the green with hazard on the left and lost ball land on the right. I hit a 9-iron and lost a bit left to the left rough, which left me with 150 yards in where I needed some height and carry to get over some trees and the hazard on the left. I didn't catch my PW great, but good enough to get over the trouble to the fairway 5 yards short of the green. Made a nice up'n'down from there. Par. (+3) 

Hole 7 (320 yards par 4): A hard dogleg left with hazard all along the left side and a large pond in front of the green. Usually the 2nd hardest hole on the course, but not now though, as there is some work on the course just after the dogleg. Where all ball that goes into this area get a free drop in a dropzone 60 yards from the green. I hit a nice 8 iron the just ran into the GUR area and hit a great 60° from the DZ to 4 feet. Dropped the putt for birdie! (+2)

Hole 8 (172 yards par 3): Plays around 20 feet uphill, so I hit an 8 iron. I lost i bit to the left again, so it ended up pin high in the semi with a steep downhill lie around 5 yards left of the green. Chunked the chip a bit and was left with a 15 footer for par, that I didn't make. Bogey. (+3) 

Hole 9 (435 yards par 5): This hole plays around 25 yards uphill. Hit a great drive to the middle of the fairway that left me with around 180 to the middle of the green and around 172 to this front pin location. It's around 15 yards uphill and I had a slight breeze in the back, so I hit my 8 iron from there. A great shot to 10 feet pin high and I drained the putt which had around 1,5 foot right to left break in it for an eagle!!.  (+1)

Hole 10 (460 yards par 5): This is a hard dogleg left hole that is a good bit downhill and played into breeze yesterday. I hit a good drive, but it ended up a bit right of my target, so I had a 203 yards shot from the right rough in from there. Hit a great 6 iron from there to around 25 feet. Two putt from there and a streefree birdie! (E) 

Hole 11 (155 yards par 3): This hole plays a lot easier from this teebox compared to where I usually play from. I caught my PW very thin and I flew the green, was cought in the upslope behind the green and rolled back to the semi rough around 2 yards from the green with 7 yards to the pin, that was placed in the back of the green. Made a great little chip with my AW from there that rolled out nicely and fell into the hole. Birdie! (-1)

Hole 12 (280 yards par 4): Drivable par 4 which plays around 15 yards uphill (the first 170 yards - flat from there) with a blind teeshot. Hit a good drive that ended up pin high in rough 5 yards left of the green. Hit anothe nice chip from there with my PW to a nice tap in birde! (-2) 

An eagle, 4 birdies and a bogey in the last 6 holes! Never been on a streak like this before. 

Hole 13 (340 yards par 4): Hit a good drive to semirough just left of the fairway and was left with 55 yards to the pin. Had tricky downhill lie, but hit a nice litte 60° to 15 feet from there. 2 putts and par. (-2) 

Hole 14 (467 yards par 5): This is usually for me the hardest hole on the course. From the longer tees this is not a driving hole as it is very narrow from 200-300 yards from there and feeds heavy towards the hazard that runs through the entire left side. From this tee you need around 240 carry to clear the narrow area and reach a wide part of the fairway, so hit driver. Started it a bit to far right and touched several trees on the right side, but was lucky with the bounces and ended up in a good lie in the rough on the right side. To far back to reach for the green in 2 though (only around 200 yards out). With 265 yards to the most claustrophobic green, ther was only one option: to lay up. Hit a nice little PW from there and left myself with 110 left to the pin. The only good miss around this green is short, so it is either short, green, fringe or big trouble. My soft AW from there was good though and ended up on the green 20 feet short of the pin. 2 putt and another good par. (-2) 

Hole 15 (75 yards par 3): On this hole there is literally only the green to land on. Hazard with drop zone short, left and right and bigger trouble long.... I managed to hit the ball just below equator with my 70% 60° and ended up in some bushes 25 yards long. Needed 4 shots to get out of there and save a double. (E)

Hole 16 (280 yards par 4): Not a driving hole for me as it is very narrow the last 100 yards and dogleg right with a hazard on the left side and the terrain feeding towards the hazard. Hit a great AW that rolled out to the middle of the fairway with just 110 yards left. From there I didn't want to play with the lake on the left so I aimed a little right and ended up pin high on the green,but with a tricky downhill putt (35 feet) from the top level of a McKenzie green. This was just after a little shower of rain, so I misscalculated the speed and left it 6 feet short. Didn't make the 6 footer, that had more than a foot break in it, for par. Bogey. (+1)

Hole 17 (280 yards par 4): Uphill dogleg left. The smart play is 8/7 iron and leave yourself with 100 yards in, but I went for driver. Didn't get the fade I ordered and ended up in the creek on the right. Penalty and a drop in the rough with 40 yards to the pin. Hit a decent shot to the left fringe and got up'n'down from there for a bogey (+2)

Hole 18 (420 yards par 5!): 25 yards uphill and pretty straight with water along the first 300 yards on the right. Big trouble left if you hit it more than 30 yards out of your line. Hit a good drive up the hill the middle of the fairway and was left with 150 yards (15 yards uphill to the pin (back hole location on the top shelf of a McKenzie green) Hit a very good 9 iron from there that ended up in the left fringe pin high with just 15 feet to the hole. Went with putter and left it 2 inches short. Tap in birdie! (+1) 

73 shots (1 over par), 6/13 fairways, 9/18 greens, 26 putts and a lot of fun. 

A round with a lot of great golf, and some bad golf! I recommend playing the course a bit shorter than usual every now and then. It's almost like a new course and you end up in so many new situations. Good for your confidence as well     


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In the bag: Callaway Mavrik SZ 10,5 driver (X stiff), Cobra King 4 wood (Stiff, 2006 model), Callaway Mavrik irons 4 - P+A (stiff), Cobra King Pur wedges 52, 56 and 60 (stiff) and Odessey white steel putter.  Very happy with the set and the gapping. 

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How the hell does one make three birdies and seven double bogies?

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Bill M

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Back to Minnesott today with just the grandson.  We were able to get out just ahead of the Weds group.  Started off bogie - par - bogie - par.  Had a double on 5 (easy par 3 that I choked the pitch on - was pin-high right of the flag), followed it with a birdie!  Add two more bogies and a par to finish the front with 41.  Back nine was bogie central as I could not buy a par. Finished the back eleven over for a 47.  Hit 6 GIR plus another 8 nGIR (approach game is coming around - thanks to good tee shots that I am not scrambling from). Putting was about near misses left and right.  More work on that.  Drives were consistent with the SLDR  so I may be gaming it for a while.  Grandson shot a 94, which he only hits from the fwd tees on the shorter 3’s and we set him up about 130 on 4’s, 170-180 on fives.  A good day even it was in the 90’s, hot and humid.  

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Wednesday is league night and amazingly we got our league in. It was raining on and off (sometimes even raining while the sun shone on us). 

Played the front nine, started on number one.

  • Hole 1: Par 4. Hit 3 wood off the tee. Center of the fairway. GIR 18 feet from the flag, 3-putt-bogey. DAMNED. 1 over.
  • Hole 2: Par 3. Knocked a 7 iron into a greenside bunker. Left a dicey short sided sand shot. Hit out of sand, but not on green. Chip on. 2-putt. Double bogey. DAMNED. 3 over.
  • Hole 3: Par 5. Tattooed the drive. Airmailed the green with 3 wood. Left a tough pitch shot to elevated green, running away from me. Not a bad pitch, but not on. Chip on, 2 putt. bogey. 4 over.
  • Hole 4: Par 4. Striped the drive. Knocked it on the green. GIR 2 putt. Par. Still 4 over. 
  • Hole 5: Par 4. (Tee shot here must be less than 225 or more than 250 carry.) Hit hybrid... Too far. Hit it in the stream... Damned penalty stroke. 3rd shot NGIR. Chip on. 2 putt. Double Bogey, again. Argh!! ... 6 over. 
  • Hole 6: Par 5. Tee shot in fairway bunker and up against the lip. SW out. Hit 3 wood NGIR. Chipped on, putted in. Saved par. Still 6 over. 
  • Hole 7: Par 3. 8 iron at the flag. Wind took it. Missed right by 8ish feet. Just off the green. NGIR Choose to chip not putt. Stubbed the chip. Chipped again. 2-putt-double. WTF? 8 over.
  • Hole 8: Par 4. Best drive of the day. Lob wedge, tiny bit short, NGIR. Chipped to a foot. Tap in par. Still 8 over. 
  • Hole 9: Par 4. Great drive into left rough. Gap wedge, just short. NGIR, Chipped on, missed the 5 footer. Bogey. Finished 9 over with a 45. 

I really feel like I hit it better than I scored. I know I only had 2 GIR's. But it was windy and raining off and on and I had 5 NGIR's, one green-side bunker, and one par-5 where I actually airmailed the green on my second shot. The second par-3 took me 4 shots to get down from only 8 feet away. (The pin was cut 5-6 feet from the right edge.) 


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26 minutes ago, ChetlovesMer said:

sometimes even raining while the sun shone on us

Did you at least see a rainbow?


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boogielicious - Adjective describing the perfect surf wave

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36 minutes ago, boogielicious said:

Did you at least see a rainbow?

YES, we did. 

Truthfully, it was a really enjoyable round, weather and all. I felt like my short game let me down, however. I could use the rain on and off affecting both the rough and the greens as an excuse, but the truth is it just wasn't very sharp. 

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2 hours ago, ChetlovesMer said:

Damned penalty stroke. 3rd shot NGIR.

high quality GIF

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Played the front nine at Minnesott this afternoon, was to be all 18 but heavy t-storms in the area forced the call at the turn.  Hole one is a short par4 just over 300 yds from the whites, which is where we were playing.  Had a first as I made GIR and sealed it with a 5’ putt for birdie.  My son had a snowman so we’re were at opposite sides of the scoring spectrum.  Feeling good on hole two, know I can hit a decent length drive and still be short of the stream crossing the fairway.  Tee up and I send it high and right into the woods.  No hope of finding that one! Tee up my third and stripe it just left of center on the relatively flat shelf in front of the creek. 3h and PW and I’m on the green, albeit the front and the pin is in the back.  I leave the putt for bogie short and wind up a three putt for a snowman.  Son winds up with a dbl, so he is six over thru two.  Three is another short 4, I miss my approach by just enough I have to pitch on.  Most of the greens here are elevated so pitching is usually my preferred option. Manage to get up and down for par.  The next three holes are the bogie train as we go into ready golf mode. Six, the second par five, tee shot was short as we are coming into the winds that are picking up.  Second shot is a 3h that catches a pine limb and drops about 160 out.  Decide on 5i and I have been consistently hitting it of late.  Wind up on the front slope of the green, take the 58 to pitch close, 2 putt for bogie.  Played seven decent with another bogie.  Winds are really kicking into our faces as we make corner to eight.  Thinking a low driver shot may be best, winds catch it and it balloons up to land in the fairway just off the most forward tees. 4h from should get me close, ball goes on a great track and as I see it come down it lands in the dirt edge of the finger of lake guarding the green.  Spend a few minutes looking, rain falling, lightning crashing in the distance.  Instead of hitting three, hitting five.  A little too much gas sends it over the green.  Second snowman of the day.  Last hole is a par 3, winds kicking and all water carry required.  7i for me and I land it about 2yds off the front.  Putting from there I managed par.  Finished with a 46, which could have been 42 if not for the lost balls.  Hit 7 of 7 fairways, 2 of 9 GIR, 4 nGIR, 17 putts. BTW - my son settled down to come out with a 46 as well, he had at least 3 birdie opportunities just couldn’t convert. 

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    • I'm glad you see the virtue of distance over fairways.  The latter are overrated, and as your full swing improves (good on you for focusing on full swing with 65% of your practice, that's about the right fraction), you'll get those fairways, too, as your dispersion will decrease, even with the longer shot ... and that's ignoring that your driver is probably more forgiving than your fairway woods.  I do want ask something about the fourth paragraph.  Since you're practicing driver, I would bet your iron shots are improving too, even more than the 15% practice time you're putting in (since you're still working on full swing 65% of the time, and that's assuming none of your "short game" practice is full swing mechanics).  Are your misses getting better, relative to where they were from the same distance in the recent past?  I'll bet they are.   I would also bet that as your full swing improves (and as you're closer to the green on your second shot than you were when hitting non-driver off the tee), you're getting better at missing the green in a preferred spot.   Congrats on the first sub-90 round in competition.  That's always a special moment.   Andy has this figured out -- which makes us all happy.  Anyone else reading this far that isn't sure what I meant about practice time, please check out the thread linked in the second post of this thread (the "65/20/15 rule"). 
    • Day 162.  I forget if the official rules (the first post doesn't say) include golf-focused working out, but I'm counting it.  Fit for Golf, in-season, "workout #3."  Substituted barbell press for dumbbell press, as I was doing the largest dumbbells I had and easily getting to 15 reps before.  I discovered I may have been doing press wrong for quite some time after watching Mike's video, so I reset to bar (first set), bar (second set), bar + 10 lbs (third set).  I haven't picked up a golf club today other than for stretching / dynamic warm-up purposes. 
    • Day 9: Did some driver practice; static stuff and then some almost golf balls working on dynamic stuff. 
    • Prioritising driver practice in the last 4 weeks or so is part of a practice plan I've been implementing to get better. And I really feel its starting to pay off. I just had my best ever round of 9 holes yesterday evening with a 40 (daily handicap is 15 at this course so its not particularly challenging), and on the weekend I broke 90 for the first time in competition with a 89 and 35 stableford points (playing handicap 17). I went through a period of months using my woods off the tee, but after doing a lot of reading into strokes gained and similar stats I'm now convinced in the merit of gaining distance off the tee as opposed to just focusing on hitting fairways.  My driving hasn't been amazing, I'm hitting less 40% of fairways, but most of the time its staying in play or at least giving me a chance of advancing my second shot closer to the hole, and overall is giving me a better scoring average per hole compared to my woods. My good drives are getting around 240m down there, compared to about 200m with my 3 wood. I'll keep working on my driver with a lot of block practice as I feel this is the best way to utilise range time - simulating tee box conditions is a lot more attainable on the range than continually playing approach shots off a perfect lie, which Im finding has much less transfer to my actual game. Correlating to my scoring improvements has also been putting in hours of short game practice. Im making more up and down, and am not afraid to miss the green anymore. This has also been huge. So at the moment my practice can be divided up like this: Driver: 50% Approach shots: 15% Short game: 35% Putting: to be honest - 0% lol. In fact, Ive felt just not overthinking my putting has helped me.
    • Day 21: Today was two separate sessions, morning and evening. The morning session was 3-9 swings only, but getting in the delivery position, "pumping," and then going to the finish. Foam balls were used and then real balls. I was concentrating on solid contact.  In the evening, it was more 3-9 swings, a bit longer than that actually, but a bit slower speed. I was concentrating on synchronizing body rotation and hand movement. 
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