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10 minutes ago, saevel25 said:

Claiming the "Broke Par" achievement. Shot a personal best 69. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/saevel25/round/1874173

Claiming the "No Six Challenge" 


Yep. I already gave it to you in the Six Challenge topic.

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I have a few to claim. Hope that I'm able to claim all of them.

I have had two and a half holes in one. The two were in 1998 about two months apart from each other. Both were in tournaments. The first one was in the British Universities Strokeplay at Headingley Golf Club. During my round I ran the circle on the par 3s. They went 4, 1, 3, 2. The 1 was with a 4 iron and wasn't a great swing but I saved it well with my hands. The second one was in a tournament on the south coast of England and was a very good shot. The half was on the pitch and putt course at Turnberry.

I had an albatross once. I played four holes in even par with three bogeys. Wound up shooting 74 on a par 72 for the round. That was in about 2004 or 2005.

I've had lots of eagles. Most recent one I remember was the 18th hole at the Creek Club on Long Island. Holed about a 45 footer across the green to win the money.

Tournament winner - I have won a few things that I would put here. I won my club championship back home four times, although that was quite a while ago. Late 90s early 00s. I won the Northern Universities strokeplay back in phew 1998. I have won a few things recently, but they were all very small field events and I won a very big thing earlier this year, but that was a team event, so probably not quite in the spirit of things here. 

I shot a 69 round Bethpage Red from the blue tees in a tournament (one of the small field ones), so I'm claiming the I broke par one as well :)

Lastly so far, I have bought and read Lowest Score Wins. 


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    • Wow, looks more suited to Croqeut than golf. Cant find anyting on the interweb about it. Looks like its pretty old though.
    • I think providing people dont turn up in speedo's and flip flops it shouldnt matter what you wear. If im at the range i'll generally be in Jeans/Joggers, t-shirt and trainers. Personally i dont understand the guys that turn up in their full gear to hit a basket of balls then go home, but each to their own i suppose. The way i see it is the range isnt just for dedicated golfers. Its a place for people to try it out, to have a bit of fun or, in my case, to spend some time with my 4 year old that doesnt involve staying in building train sets (fun but nice to get out). If someone turns up and they are not dressed to your liking or sound like they are having "too much fun" just ignore them and focus on what you are doing. I find it actually helps me when there is noise next to me as if i can hit good shots with a group of lads laughing next to me then not much can distract me on the course.
    • Zero.   I can't remember ever coming closer than 3 feet in about 40 years of off and on golf.  I guess I need to improve my iron play. 
    • And dawn of the big day has arrived at the Talamore Golf Resort. Or it will soon, anyway. Sand Trappers everywhere are rising to catch sight of the first scoreboard of the day, so we won't disappoint you and make you wait any longer than necessary. Teams for the morning foursomes are set.   I was able to zip south in time to catch the end of dinner at the Carolina Hotel at Pinehurst, as the coaches squared off to announce the teams. Sorry no group photo yet, and just a candid, but you can already sense that the East has more gray hair, but the West needs to do more stretching! I'll refrain from posting pics yet about some of the bling the teams received last night, but let's just say we should all hope for a tie in this Newport Cup match, to be decided by a sudden death fashion show: the all-red Pizza Delivery men vs the Jet Blue flight attendants.   
    • Drop and stop is realistic for a 15 handicap, as is sucking it back for a +1 handicap... I haven't updated my profile handicap in a while... But we'll go with I'm in the middle... Can I suck it back? Ummm... Maybe a foot or so... Am I a drop and stop sort of guy... More or less. But in this next phase of my game, I'm playing shots that are much more consistent than what I was hitting before. If I miss a green from 150 yards and in now, it's not by very much... I played 27 holes yesterday, I did only hit 9/27 greens in regulation, however, almost all of my missed greens were nGIR, and most of those we within 10 feet of the edge. It's definitely better than it was with this way of playing shots from 150 yards and in, because with my driving distance most of my iron shots into par-4s on my home course are from 150 yards and in. "GIR is King, nGIR is Queen."- Lowest Score Wins.  As a side note, that is only tangentially related. (It's a slightly different skill)  My pitches and chips have started to get better, since I purposely started playing the shorter swing shots.
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