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Rolling Balls Yield More Aces

Ace Theory  

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15 hours ago, TRUCKER said:

Just watched the video that guy is a freaking idiot. Throwing clubs? SMH...

It was obviously on a closed course/hole, no fans around, plus it was probably a bit of showmanship for the cameras. 

Plus it's unlikely that the club got bent out of spec based on his throws, and if it did, the tour van at the next tournament he plays in will get it right back to spec. 

Not a big deal IMO, and certainly not an action worth calling him a freaking idiot


7 hours ago, Herkimer said:


Actuaries at such companies have calculated the chance of an average golfer making a hole in one at approximately 12,500 to 1, and the odds of a tour professional at 2,500 to 1

Seems pretty obvious to me. Tour players hit it closer far more often than average golfers do, so naturally their odds of holing one should be better.

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1 minute ago, TRUCKER said:

What does anything you said have to do with it? 

You stated your opinion that you think he is a freaking idiot, I stated my opinion (backed up with facts) as to why I disagree with your opinion. That's typically how conversations go on forums...

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I didn't know when stating an "opinion backed up with facts" you could use words like  probably and unlikely. No fans around? He's on The European Tours Twitter acct.

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19 minutes ago, TRUCKER said:

I didn't know when stating an "opinion backed up with facts" you could use words like  probably and unlikely. No fans around? He's on The European Tours Twitter acct.

All of what I'm about to say is :offtopic:



  1. The hole was closed for the duration he was doing this challenge
  2. No fans were present in person, he wasn't in a tournament setting
  3. He knew he was being filmed and it would be on social media
  4. If the club did get bent out of spec as a result of the throws, he would be able to get the club repaired or replaced before his next tournament


  1. He threw the club to add a bit of showmanship/emotion to the video
  2. The club was not damage or significantly altered as a result of him throwing it.


So with the facts presented, let's go over your opinion again. You think that someone who threw their club after narrowly missing a hole in one during a 500 shot hole in one challenge on a closed hole with no spectators present while he knew he was being filmed is a "freaking idiot". Can you explain why you think him throwing his club in this situation makes him a freaking idiot?

I dont agree with your opinion and think him throwing the club made the video more entertaining, made it seem like he was more invested in getting the hole in one, and made it easier for average golfers who have thrown clubs before to relate to him and realize that he was probably going through similar emotions that amateurs go through.



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9 hours ago, Herkimer said:

iacas, maybe this will change your mind: 

You don't seem to properly understand what my "mind" is right now.

Of course a PGA Tour player is more likely to make a hole in one than a 12 handicapper.

My mind doesn't need "changed" on that.

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I think this makes sense. I have no documentation to back it up. But seems like the more a ball is rolling around it would be more likely to eventually find the hole. Where as this poor lad's shots all land and stick. So, he literally has to bullseye the hole. 

I will say this, I bet this guy would get a lot more birdies and way more GIR's. 

Some people are claiming this guy is an idiot for getting all made but cut the guy a break. You can see from the sun going down that this guy seems to be out there all day working on this. He probably thought he'd get one...  maybe 2 before the day was over, but no dice. 

I just reread the original post. I think the rolling ball is more likely to drop than the stuck ball. But I don't think high handicappers have a better chance of getting an ace. Take a look at the statistics for high handicappers in terms of GIR's. Some of them average fewer than 2 GIR's per round. Tough to get a hole in one at all if you aren't even hitting it on the green. 

You could give a high handicapper 500 balls and an 8 iron. They may only land 25 or so on the green at all. 

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Here's a rolling Ace - https://www.golfchannel.com/news/happy-birthday-gaby-lopez-celebrates-ace-blue-bay-lead

It's just a very clear picture of a ball rolling across the green - if the hole would have been anywhere along that fairly long rollout, it likely would have fallen in. 

Compare that to a closer hit within 4 feet that stops after a 3 foot roll.

If the same pro hits a green and allows a roll out forward, vs sticking it close with almost no rollout.  both cases the pro has given himself a chance by putting the hole somewhere in his statistical shot dispersion........15 feet of chance vs 3 feet of chance.....

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I agree with the idea that a ball rolling some distance will be holed more often than a shot that hits, hops and stops (or releases very little).  I am not so sure about a disproportionate number of aces being recorded by high handicaps. Aces per GIR for a high handicapper, however, is likely higher than a low handicapper.


I couldn't think of a logical way to work in the fact that I had two aces this year (so far!) so I will just blurt out the brag.😉

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