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  1. Have quite a few old clubs collected and inherited over the years. Including one of those grooveless Walter Hagen spoon shaped sand "wedge" things. Some niblicks and such from Scotland. Just haven't gone through to document them all. Not all are original since my mother used the sand spoon and had it re-gripped at some point. Maybe this thread will get me to fully go through the clubs.
  2. 9.5 on the M1... With the trailing weight set for 'mid-high'. SS is usually 103-106. I struggled with other drivers and an EXTREMELY high ball flight no matter what the settings. Current launch angle around 14-15* and spin rate is approx 2800
  3. Yes- I still have my Orlimar TriMetal in rotation when I think about it. I will sometimes bag it if I know I'm playing a course that has a lot of wind. I can sting it off the tee and gets lots of roll.
  4. I'M GOING.... to be watching on TV as usual. Unless, I can squeeze access from work... (CBS) but that hasn't happened since 1992. And that was a lucky break. Need to start the brown nose campaign again...
  5. 4 DAYS... notice of shipment until arrival at door...
  6. "tough course" could be any course, apparently. some days are tougher than others and nothing other than crying and beer will make it better
  7. I think if he's "stroking it" on the green, there are deeper issues involved...
  8. Hmmm, I hadn't expected this to turn into a complaint thread about slow play....
  9. I'll tell you. The time between getting the notice your clubs haves shipped and when they actually get there. It was long enough waiting from the time I ordered until they were shipped.
  10. For most, the shorter fade or draw HIGH shot is nearly impossible. I said "most". It is a lot easier to bend a low runner any day of the week. Align you feet left, open the face of a 3 iron towards the target and swing along the feet alignment without turning over the club. Mirror that for a hooking runner. A few swings at a range can give an idea of whats involved. DON'T attempt the 200 yard glory shot to be a hero. that will almost always end in disaster. Use it to get back into play and possibly save 3 or 4 strokes.
  11. Generally, simple rule Uphill or ball above your feet, ball goes left. Downhill or ball below your feet, ball goes right. Degree of spray depends on severity of the terrain.
  12. Same here... Northwestern Chi Chi Rodriguez blades. 3,5,7,9,P, 3w, D and a blade putter. Probably purchased at JCPenney since my Mom would get an employee discount. 1973... but I didn't need a "Junior Set" since I was 5'11" at 12 yo. Played them for 10 years, learned ALL the different shots and developed my short game. Finally shot par with them near the end of their life and decided to retire them since the sweet spot was a 'bit' worn.
  13. Same here, something is just not quite right about them... plus, it seems there's a bit too much offset for my swing. They generally will head leftish... and then just keep going left.
  14. Distances at a range are moot. Unless your range uses standard normal playable balls, you are getting cheated. Range balls (such as the Srixon Range Balls used at Randall's Island) are usually restricted distance balls. Mostly, I suspect, to keep people from stealing them and using them on course. Teaching Pro at the range says he he loses about 20-30% carry with full driver swings, while a normal Joe might lose 10-15%. I use the range for ball flight, contact, etc... The markers at the range are shortened up by a bit to reflect this.
  15. RayG

    Mosholu Range?

    (Not sure if this is the right spot or if it should be in the Instruction section- move as required) Any New York City folks have any insight on that fancy Driving Range complex at the Woodlawn station next to the Mosholu course? It's been on Google Earth and Maps since construction started in 2006. It appears to have been built over a Transit Authority facility or something. Granted, 12 years for a Driving Range seems a bit of overkill, but the city and one of its agencies is involved, so being late and probably immensely over budget is nothing out of the ordinary.
  16. I almost guarantee there will be some syndicate type of hacking going on and amazingly, a small group of regulars will have the same general time every week. almost the always the first casualty of going high tech...
  17. Once set the record for the standing broad jump while playing in Florida. Poking around the scrub palms just off the fairway and... <chkchkcchkchkchkchk> SPROING! back to the middle of the fairway in one jump. "Free Drop! dangerous playing condition!". Which is why I don't need or use the 5 (soon to be 3) minutes looking along swampy edges and other sketchy places.
  18. Won't matter... get the lessons and tips and your game will go down the toilet... at least for awhile. It takes time to shake your old habits. you will have moments of clarity, then all 17 different new swing thoughts will reveal themselves over that simple shot...Probably the first tee after telling all your buddies you've finally cracked it!
  19. Any of the golf expo's around here would usually charge EXACTLY MSRP with no discounts at all. Especially on new equipment. You would only find discounts on off brand clubs and 2 or 3 year old "normal" club models. Usually, the prices are no better than any online available retailer. Only really saving on shipping costs.
  20. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay at Sawgrass- otherwise I would not have dropped almost $500 to play. But my own ACTUAL money? I paid $125 at Pebble Beach... in 1986. And in 1993 or 1994 I paid about that to play at Royal County Down while staying at the hotel next door. I will occasionally drop $100 to play various places, but I'm perfectly happy playing for $25 at a muni wherever I happen to be.
  21. Similar situation here. The older clubs had a smaller head that "felt" heavier. It was easy to track where the head was during the swing. The newer, lighter heads on longer shafts are MUCH harder to keep track of and consistency is much more difficult. As mentioned, a bit of practice with some general lessons to get rid of those bad habits will certainly help.
  22. The sounds already ARE mixed into separate channels for those multichannel surround sound systems. Even your basic TV uses this info to tweak the audio. For example, many TV's allow you to fiddle with the mid range to bring out speech portion of the signal. I don't think there is one that will let you ENTIRELY get rid of it, but if you had the right surround sound system with the right controls available, you should be able to eliminate the commentary without losing the birds tweeting or other ambient noise.
  23. All due respect to the "golf physics prove that..." crowd, BUT- As a younger golfer, reading Nicklaus, I wasn't interested or concerned about that stuff. I absorbed the information and practiced. The most important thing that took time to remember every time was to grip the club aligned to my feet, not the club face. If "golf physics prove that he's wrong", then I won't argue with it. I will however, continue to do it that way and consistently (mostly) get around obstacles and/or shape my shots using The Nicklaus Method I learned in the 70's. So there... nyah...
  24. If you had one of those illustrated Nicklaus golf books (paperback) in the 70's, He used illustrations to explain this exact scenario. It's how I learned to shape shots in various directions. Lose a bit of distance on a fade, gain a bit on a draw. It's why I have 3 yardages for an iron- depending on where the pin might be on a green. I don't involve myself with "the physics" of impact angle, swing arc, face angle, angle dangle, testicle width, etc... Once I learned how to do it, I don't care. I can walk up, make my adjustments and hit it. It's sound, simple advice that generally works if you h
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