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  1. Any of the golf expo's around here would usually charge EXACTLY MSRP with no discounts at all. Especially on new equipment. You would only find discounts on off brand clubs and 2 or 3 year old "normal" club models. Usually, the prices are no better than any online available retailer. Only really saving on shipping costs.
  2. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay at Sawgrass- otherwise I would not have dropped almost $500 to play. But my own ACTUAL money? I paid $125 at Pebble Beach... in 1986. And in 1993 or 1994 I paid about that to play at Royal County Down while staying at the hotel next door. I will occasionally drop $100 to play various places, but I'm perfectly happy playing for $25 at a muni wherever I happen to be.
  3. Similar situation here. The older clubs had a smaller head that "felt" heavier. It was easy to track where the head was during the swing. The newer, lighter heads on longer shafts are MUCH harder to keep track of and consistency is much more difficult. As mentioned, a bit of practice with some general lessons to get rid of those bad habits will certainly help.
  4. The sounds already ARE mixed into separate channels for those multichannel surround sound systems. Even your basic TV uses this info to tweak the audio. For example, many TV's allow you to fiddle with the mid range to bring out speech portion of the signal. I don't think there is one that will let you ENTIRELY get rid of it, but if you had the right surround sound system with the right controls available, you should be able to eliminate the commentary without losing the birds tweeting or other ambient noise.
  5. All due respect to the "golf physics prove that..." crowd, BUT- As a younger golfer, reading Nicklaus, I wasn't interested or concerned about that stuff. I absorbed the information and practiced. The most important thing that took time to remember every time was to grip the club aligned to my feet, not the club face. If "golf physics prove that he's wrong", then I won't argue with it. I will however, continue to do it that way and consistently (mostly) get around obstacles and/or shape my shots using The Nicklaus Method I learned in the 70's. So there... nyah...
  6. If you had one of those illustrated Nicklaus golf books (paperback) in the 70's, He used illustrations to explain this exact scenario. It's how I learned to shape shots in various directions. Lose a bit of distance on a fade, gain a bit on a draw. It's why I have 3 yardages for an iron- depending on where the pin might be on a green. I don't involve myself with "the physics" of impact angle, swing arc, face angle, angle dangle, testicle width, etc... Once I learned how to do it, I don't care. I can walk up, make my adjustments and hit it. It's sound, simple advice that generally works if you have a decent swing to start. Just like anything in the game- If you have a bad swing with little consistency, this isn't for you. And that $500 driver won't help you hit more fairways, either.
  7. Started playing at age 12. Didn't take it seriously until I had a drivers license at 18. Broke 80 shortly thereafter, but getting to par took until I was about 21/21. Broke par only once on a Par 71 track a few years later. Shot 2 under with the help of a slam dunk eagle from the fairway and a RIDICULOUSLY long Eagle putt of about 80 feet or something on a par 5.
  8. Well, answers that... This Week- 2017 M2's down to $299 at Rockbottomgolf. Give a few weeks and that will likely drop a bit more. And I expect another "flash" sale at Golf Galaxy or Dick's in the next few weeks. Just need to be vigilant and read the email promotions
  9. Now for the important question- When do the M1's and M2's get discounted to a reasonable level?
  10. As I was working on my pull/snap hook, the new Pro came down the range to chat and introduce himself. We chatted a bit about what I was working on and gave me a little drill to work on. Take a normal grip with the right hand, then put your left hand FLAT on the grip in about the normal position with the back of the hand facing the aiming point. Then take some practice swings trying to bring the back of the hand square to the impact. Short swings at first just to get the feel. work your way up as you get comfortable with it. You can use a video camera to see where the hand is facing at impact. Easier to spot with the palm flat When you take a proper grip, think about PULLING the left hand through to square from the inside instead of pushing with the right. Helped me a bit anyways. no more real bad snap/duck hooks. (unless I really screw up and forget everything)
  11. We've always traveled (in general) just before or after "peak" season in MB. Mid September to October, and late April (After any Easter holidays) into May. Never endured a 4.5-5 hr round. Summer months can be crowded, but only for the morning times. If you're willing to put up with a bit of heat, make a later time in Summer. Same with the peak seasons- You can take a chance and go out a bit later and hope to finish before sundown- courses are less crowded and there can be price breaks. We've also gone when there are those big festival weeks (couple of Biker weeks, Grad week, etc...), and had NO issues with long rounds. Bikers fill up the downtown rooms leaving less space for golfers- courses are less crowded. However, the trade off can be traffic getting to and from courses. If you are north, avoid the southern courses and vice-versa. The bypasses and stuff helped getting to the courses along the 501 corridor, but the the area around the speedway can be a zoo during biker weeks.
  12. This would happen to me, back in my better days... I suffer from back and neck issues since cracking a vertebrae as a 12 yo. I would show up to play with my friends and mention that I'm having a lot of pain and does anyone have some painkillers. they might as well have just handed over their money. My swing was smoother with better contact and would wax them handily. We would generally play match play w/handicaps, as well as skins and a few other side bets.
  13. I guess they might frown upon some guy who stinks after sitting around for three days without showering and looking like a homeless guy.
  14. I would think that that choice isn't up to them with it's popularity. They would want a full sheet as much as possible, just like courses here, correct? Fortunately, I was lucky enough to play 30 years ago when it was relatively easy to walk up and get on.
  15. On the other hand, (no pun intended) I have no problems with my wedding band. And maybe that's why. It's a "band", fairly thin with a low profile. If you have a big, clunky ring with lots of stuff on it, then yes, you might have issues.
  16. If you're out and about doing some sightseeing, just bring the clubs and a course will find you. It may not be the country club or classic type on the "top ten" lists, but it is golf. I've been several times and have ALWAYS found a corker of a course that isn't on anyone's radar or "must play" lists. Except these are the "must plays" I seek out. It isn't always about the golf, either. As I mentioned in the "quirky" thread, small, local little places can have the most amazing scenery. Meeting the people is a big plus as well. Enjoy the trip and keep an open mind!
  17. Played plenty of "quirky" holes on traditional course all over the place. Such as a 90* dogleg par 4 that require a 5 iron to the corner (a VERY NARROW SLOT) with at least a 3 wood to the green through that slot with a tree in the middle. No chance of cutting the corner, either. A short Par 3 that was higher than it was long leaving the green looking like a teenagers face after a bag of chocolate the night before the big dance. Almost every course has it's quirky hole. But for overall quirky-ness, several of the local courses and pitch and putts scattered over Ireland and Scotland I found in my travels over there. Actual "Goat Tracks" so to speak. Wire fences with gates around the greens to keep the sheep off, ACTUAL sheep in the fairways, blind shots, no sense of direction where the next hole MIGHT be, Honor Boxes, No cart girl, etc... The quirkyness was just being the way the game was played 50-100 years ago, only with modern equipment. As well as being played in some of the most beautiful scenery ever. The least quirky course was a little pitch and putt just outside of Dingle Town overlooking the Harbor. At about 7pm just before the sun went down, any professional photographer would have been drooling over the light conditions.
  18. The trick to seeing the marks? Lick the thumb of the glove and wipe the face clean from the previous set. I've been playing for many years and can usually peg where on the face I hit it. this helps confirm my suspicions.
  19. Working on a tip with my path to the ball. I was getting a bit flippy and would be a bit wild off the tee. Mostly snap hooks that start straight, but not for long. Trying to hold off a bit thru impact. Those are ball marks after a set of 6 swings after 2 sessions of Range work of learning the muscle memory. 4 were *slight* fades, but inside my imaginary fairway (between the yard markers) at the range. The other two were straight with a little turn over draw. Thought that was pretty decent result. That was the best of my 6 ball sets I use. Others would usually have a mark high toe which would be a weak hook., but no really snappy hooks for that session. Just have to keep working.
  20. I got the point. YOU decided to roll the dice... and lost. As mentioned- the Ranger could have backed up your story if you pressed them on it. I'll admit if they actually CLOSED the course, it's a bit draconian to make the cut off 5 holes. Most places use 9- IF they close the course, and don't plan to re-open as it dries out. As for the reservation system- I think it's the best alternative to not having anything at all. Modernizing the system to some computerized hackable program would take away from the experience. As has been proven elsewhere- putting in an online system makes it hackable and you wind up with a small group always getting the spots or making those spots available to the highest bidder. Especially the prime weekend spots. It may be a bit old fashioned, but it works. And everyone who tries to get that time a week in advance is playing the weather game and takes their chances.
  21. A bit of tough luck weatherwise, but you can't control that. Having come from so far away to play, and having possible weather issues, I certainly would have checked on their RC policy before heading out. And at the FIRST sign of severe weather- back to the clubhouse to make a claim, or at least make them aware that you are waiting for a weather window. Plenty of apps to keep an eye on radar to see if it is worth waiting. Playing there myself for many years before the "Open era", it was a much more relaxed attitude all around. The staff did what they could with what they had. After the Open, things tightened up rules wise, but the staff were still on their game. And the rudest people out there are the generally the players themselves.
  22. Okay- there's seems to be a LOT of high falootin tech out there to prove that you're better off closer than further. But in the real world where most people are, and who don't really care that being 39.6 yards away is better than being 62.4 yards away, the partial wedge is among the three hardest shots to play. I've been playing for 45 years and have enough anecdotal experience to know that. When I started, I wasn't always long enough or straight enough to be on in regulation most holes. So, I learned how to play the shorter shots, sand play, etc... I grew out of that phase but retained the ability, for the most part, to make those shots when needed. As I said, Joe Weekender isn't concerned about that tech stuff and doesn't know "I think the pin is tucked into a corner behind a trap with a green sloping away" while on the tee. He just wants to get his ball in play and as close as possible. He's not thinking he should put it 30 yards away because "statistically" it's easier than being 90yds away. I'm not talking about the guy in a league who is playing every weekend- I'm talking about the guy who gets a call from his buddies and plays at the busiest time because that's when his schedule lets him. Maybe every week but likely every third week. Shows up, whacks 10 balls on the range to loosen up and tees off. Doesn't spend 10 minutes a night practicing his takeaway in the basement, no range sessions to "work on this or that", maybe reads an instructional magazine while in "the library" and just plays. THAT is your majority of golfers out there. And THOSE guys have the most trouble with that partial shot. I would say I fall into that category because of time constraints, but I've also been playing for a long time and have retained most of those early lessons. If I end up in that situation, I will call upon experience if needed. BUT- I would prefer to end up at a good yardage with a full swing.
  23. I'll give you that.. in principle. But he might FEEL more comfortable from outside of that "zone" and make a better swing. Once they're in that zone, the most common thing I see is the full backswing and sudden deceleration just before hitting the ball. But from a full 9 iron, it's a normal swing. I guess it could be more of a mental thing than an actual "ability" issue as well.
  24. I think it's a bit of a nebulous area. Laying up because of the lie, trouble short, etc... would be different from laying up just because you aren't comfortable with a 50 yd pitch. I would think "most" people have an issue with those shots that are shorter than their comfortable shortest full swing (85 yds for example), and their longest chip type shot- say from 20yds and in. So, from 20-80 yds out are likely the bugaboo of the masses. Mostly because not everyone practices those. Especially the more casual recreational player. Yeah, I know- "Well, I can play a 3/4 lob from 50 and put it within 5 feet every time!" Good for you, you practiced that shot and are comfortable with it. But you take Joe Weekender and his 24 hdcp to 50 yards out with 10 balls and I GUARANTEE that at least 2 will be 30 yards over the back and 2 will be 30 yards short and 15 yds right. The others will be sprayed somewhere in between. And this is the player who SHOULD be playing to a yardage that he CAN hit reasonably reliably. Mostly because if he can't hit a target from 50 yards out most of the time, it's likely they won't be able to hit it from 230/250 out in the middle of the fairway, either.
  25. Heated Stalls Range 5 minutes from the house, and when the conditions are right, I hit that. Conditions being if the wind isn't blowing out of the W or NW too hard and temps are reasonable. They used to forget to keep the balls inside overnight and there would be ice on the balls in the morning. I think I shamed them into heating the storage room and NOT keep them in the machine overnight. Then, the usual trip to FL in mid-March gets the game going and I'm ready to go by the time I get back.
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