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what is your go to shot from 100 yards in the fairway?

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Let's just say... You have put yourself 100 yards from the middle of the green... In the middle of the fairway... With light wind (in a perfect world)... And you need to stuff it to win a $5 nassau... What shot do you hit? What club? Basically... I'm putting it so it's the shot you feel most comfortable with...

I'll start... I struggle with full shots with short wedges (my 52° & 58°)... My Full PW is 130, 52° 110 & 58° 90...you would think 3/4 52° would be the shot... I actually like a little chippy PW... Because I can land It like 90-95 and get a little run and still get it to check up enough to stay close to the hole.
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From 100 yards in the middle of the fairway is a simple choice.

I hit a 3/4 52degree Cleveland gap wedge. I love this shot and have a great feel for it. On par 5's I usually lay up to the 100 yard mark just so I can hit this shot.
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If I did that, I screwed up the lay up because it's a really cruddy yardage for me. Right between a sand wedge and my 51* gap wedge.

I'm gonna choke down on a gap wedge and hit it full.
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Same for me. Simple little 52* wedge shot
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3/4 gap wedge here bout 90 yards little roll up
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100 yards is a smooth GW for me. However sometimes I do like hitting a little choked down PW. So the choked PW would be my go to in this spot
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3/4ish 56° SW. I try to be a little above than 100 yards so I can take a choked down full swing rather than try to take something off.
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i prefer to hit full shots where possible, i find it to be more reliable yardage so i would hit my 56 deg wedge. It won't be flat out but around 85% i guess.
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Full 56 for me.

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Roughly a full 56.

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Nice smooth 3/4 56. Perfect.

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Low bounce 50 GW, but that's a target shot and there's a lot of variables.  Green running away, how much to work with, clean fairway or rough in front of the green.  Might be a 54 SW or a PW.

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Pitching wedge.  

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75% of time: Full 56

25% of time: Smooth 52


Ultimately depends on misc stuff like contours and firmness of green, weather conditions (temperature, wind etc), the lie and the elevation change if any (even a few yards could be the difference between 6ft and 20 ft)


Of course I will most likely screw up both shots and be 30 ft from the hole no matter what a4_sad.gif

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Full swing gap wedge, that's the perfect distance for me with it and my favorite shot. 

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my SW (54) is dead on at 100 yards with a comfy full swing


soft on the 50 would do it -

My half swing PW (46) is about 90 - so if the layout it good for a bit of roll, that's an option, but not preferred



in fact, I'm dumping by current SW and getting 56 today (with a bit more bounce to replace the SW) to fit between my 50 and 60 - it'll space out the yardage better.  I suspect after the fact then

56 with a firm swing or a soft 50 will do it

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3/4 52 wedge from 100.  My money yardage is 115.  Thats a 3/4 pw and i absolutely love that distance. 

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Noob here.


Anyway, you guys all hit it too long. I will hit a 3/4 PW (48*) every time from here, and be pretty confident.

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