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What was your first set of golf clubs?

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I was cleaning out the garage today and came across my first set of clubs. I started playing in the 70s and didn't have the money to go to a golf store or Pro Shop for clubs, so I purchased them in a chain store here is New York called TSS. My first set was a cheap set of Spaldings, 2 thru PW, 5W, 3W, a Driver and bullseye putter. They were are very thin blades and the wood were wood with plastic inserts in the face. I look at these clubs compared to my Pings and I can't believe how far we have come. I also can't believe that I was actually able to play a round with them, but I guess I did. Besides everyone else had the same types of clubs. My father in law had a set of Wilson Sam Snead clubs, just as bad, but I guess for the time they were OK clubs. What were your first clubs? Were they as difficult to play as mine were? They say it is not the arrow but the Indian, but is this case.....

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Mine were a set of Knight Virage Oversize that I bought at Wal-Mart for $150.  It had a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 3-PW, putter and the bag.  The woods were junk and I think that I destroyed them in less than 1 year but the irons were actually quite good (and very easy to hit because they had huge heads) and lasted me about 5 years before I replaced them with a set of namebrand irons.  The putter was just a normal Anser-style that was a clicky as you would expect.

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My first set was Henry Griffiths. I loved those clubs.

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Dynacraft 5000s. I still have them... And yes they were fitted for me.

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First set I bought, Wilson Blue Ridge.  Got them at K-mart, 3i, 5i, 7i, 9i.  that was the entire set.  they even had real leather grips.  don't think I even paid $40 for them. 

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What do you mean? Just as bad as Sam Snead.  What an insult to one of the greatest golfers who ever walked barefoot on this planet. Full disclosure: Those were my first clubs too!!   Nice set of 4 woods, sure, laminated with inserts but with nice leather grips which were flattened on one side to encourage the correct grip. I played many rounds with those babies but never could match Sammy for style. I've moved on (?) to a monster driver head that looks like a black beachball on the end of a long-handled horse whip. Progress? 

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Mine were Shakespeare Gary Player signature clubs.  They were very unusual in that they had fiberglass shafts.  The shafts were black and always drew comments from fellow players.  Player used them for a season or two.  He must have gotten paid a LOT of money, since they were so unconventional.


They were hand me downs from an uncle of mine - the one who got me into golf.  I wish I still had them.



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Truly a grab bag. Circa 1964, my younger brother saw a bag of golf clubs hanging from the side of a trash truck. He talked to the sanitation worker, and my bro traded him one of our tricycles for the bag, which was our family's entry into golf.


It contained a Spaulding 3W and 4W, a putter head on a broken wooden shaft, and about a half-dozen clubs irons from the 1930s and 1940s. A couple of the irons had steel shafts with a fake-wood veneer over them. Also, a driver with a thin steel shaft and single-wrap leather grip that had the head bored out, and filled with lead - an early homemade Medicus.


The lead driver was critical, because I took it out and played with it for several weeks - rarely got it airborne - until and old, white-haired caddies told me it was a training driver - not a playing driver. By then, my swing tempo was shot, and it took me some years to recover.


My dad took the putter nub, made a handle/shaft out or an old bamboo yard rake, and twisted it into place with steel wire. The putter  was an early thick grip/shaft model, I guess, and it worked fine. On the first hole I ever played, a 415-yd. par 4, I sank a 19-footer with it. I putted with Big Bamboo for two years until a very young brother dropped it on the concrete sidewalk and split the handle.


One club, a niblick (early 9i or wedge), I played with from 1967 to 1978. It had a very large, 1/8" thick oval clubhead, and could chop a ball out of anything. It got "lost in the shuffle" when my mom moved into a condo during the 1980s.

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MT Nicklaus set, not sure which one, with Bullseye putter. Had a snazzy red vinyl bag with at least two pockets. Kept them into the 90's but tossed in a dumpster during a move from a low rent apartment I had at the time. Kept the Bullseye but not sure what happened to it.

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A set of Square Two cavity back irons, a laminated Spalding 3w that had the plastic insert with screws, and a Bullseye putter.

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My first set was a complete set of Dunlops from Walmart I think back in 1991.


Once I got my swingspeed up, I started having problems with the driver which had a baseplate welded on. I started having a dimple in the center of it until finally it was trashed.


I started having problems with the irons as well and bought a set of Tommy Armour 845s which I still have. Great clubs there.

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WOW, first set of clubs where from a guy selling knock offs at a 9 hole course in Glenndora CA on a Sat. They where a ping want abe 3-sw i believe $149 that was 22 years ago. I have to say they where great for a person just starting out not have a lot to spend.

Golf bag was a G Bag and a real Ping putter, and could not even tell you the make of woods 1, 5 and 7. Think I had no more them $300 invested in everything.

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Nicklaus Golden Bears Woods through irons with Bullseye Putter in a red white and blue carry bag. Man, I was big stuff back in 1972. Or I thought I was.....

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Wilson Tom Kites. Shot the best round of my life with them, and have been forever chasing that number since.
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Aqucity I believe was the name of them.  Not sure where I got them but they were decent enough to hold my interest in the game!

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My first real set of clubs were my moms old clubs ... Wilson Patty Berg signature models (from the '70s, I'm guessing).  I then graduated to my dads old clubs ... Powerbilt Citations (also 70's - of which I still have the 6 iron, driver and 4 wood a1_smile.gif).  My first set of clubs that were not hand me downs were Tour Model II's (around 1990 or so), which I believe were knockoff Ping Eye II's.  Don't know whatever happened to those d1_bigcry.gif - maybe they're still in the parents garage.

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My first set was the Nike Slingshot OSS irons, with a Nike Sumo 2 driver, Sasquatch 3 wood, 1+2+3 hybrid and the Nike Oz (mallet) putter.


I dumped all of them about 9 months later - nothing was worse than hitting that driver on the range as a newbie.

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Mine was some old Wilson junior set from the 1990's.  Ugly, but it got the job done.

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