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golf in maui

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I will be going to maui in the first week of September. What are some interesting courses I can play at ? The plantation course is on my list. Any website where I can get cheaper tee-times in Maui ? 

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Maui golf is hit-or-miss. Kapalua Plantation is so freaking windy that you might overestimate how much enjoyment you'll get from the round.

The Wailea/Makena side of the island has the best courses IMO. If you're staying on the Lahaina/Kapalua side, it's a bit of a drive over but worth it. Makena North and Wailea Emerald and Gold are all outstanding.

I'd steer clear of Kaanapali: it's like a $200 muni.

If you can swing a full day and have the time, take the day-ferry to Lanai. You can play both the Lodge and Manele Bay courses in a single day and catch the evening ferry back. IMO the best golf destination in the state. Both courses are very good and very different from each other, and during the week you can expect a 3-hour round at each course. I've reviewed both here on the site.
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I have experience with Wailea/Makena and Kaanapali, and second k-troops comments on those.


I still would like to brave the wind and play Plantation someday. Btw, they have a great restaurant there on the course (Plantation House).


I think I got some decent deals through golfnow, but in general it was hard to find discounts.


I know there are other Hawaii/Maui threads here, I recommend a search if you haven't already.  Have fun there!

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I went in Feb and played both Makena and Kapalua Plantation.  For me if it's views you're looking for I wouldn't play both of these, the view at Kapalua is much better.  Makena is a great course but once you play Kapalua it's seems like a waste. I stayed at Kanaapali and drove by the course and 100% agree it's not worth it.  If I was going back I would try to play different types of courses, For views it's Kapalua, I read that the Dunes course is Links style in the mountains, and I would love to see the Experience at Lanaai (didn't have that kind of time to dedicate as it seems like an all day affair).


My two cents

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