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Your Best Moments This Past Golf Season (2013)

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I'm a 20 handicapper and only play nine once a week . Now that the season is coming to an end here in RI ,I thought about some of my best , or at least memorable 2013 golf moments .. I recently got to play Pinehurst No 2 for the bubble , thanks to my uncle Donald , who lives at Pinehurst .. I got the 2nd eagle of my life , pure luck , holing out from about 150yards . Also got my 3rd birdie , on a par 3 . Hit my longest drive ever , about 275 , with no wind  Oh I can't forget a "memorable "  moment : 2 weeks ago , my drive landed next to a stone wall . I play it as it lies ,  stand on the wall , ball well below my feet . I proceed to  complete my downswing , the club hits the wall, my 7 iron breaks in half . Now I am holding the bottom half of my recently purchased Ping 25 , and the club head goes about 5 feet straight up and lands in the tree above me . I shake the tree and catch the club .  Ugh . Should be getting it back from Ping any day for about 50 bucks . What a great game .

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NIce eagle !    My best of the year was a 177 yd 4 hybrid to 1 inch.

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2013 - A week long trip to Scotland, playing lots of golf there including the Old Course, Carnoustie, Gleneagles and Kingsbarns.

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The best moment? This:



It's by no means a hole in one, eagle or anything "fantastic" but for a 180y 5i I'm well happy with the result.

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.Getting a real swing.

Playing nice rounds with my son, daughter and various friends. Starting to enjoy the game with less stress about scoring.

I like the OP's story about sending back a club to Ping and getting a new club for $50?
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Playing with my wife and witnessing her first ever par on a par-5 hole AND breaking 100 for the first time during the same round. This is her 5th season playing. She was so happy she bought dinner that evening!


It's great to be married to someone who is truly excited over me scheduling a golf and gambling vacation for us.



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Unfortunately, the $ 50 charged by Ping was only to replace the shaft . They wouldn't cover it for free since they could tell I must have hit something , by the way the shaft broke off ..

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Holed out a shot from the sand on a 185 yard par 3 for a birdie.  Obviously more luck than skill but was one of those shots I'll probably never forget.

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- Getting my 1st birdie on holiday. Chipped in from about 20yards and continued to roll and roll and then went in

- Getting my 1st Eagle. Great drive to centre of fairway, 2nd shot 5i to pin high, but just off green. Chip in that again, rolled a lot and just went right round the hole but snuck in the back somehow!

- Winning my 1st competition and also getting a birdie on a Par3 so winning more money!

- Chipping in from 50yards

- Playing against someone in competition who shot -4 for the round. Incredible to watch, especially considering he is 19.

- Beating my dad for the first time in doubles match-play recently :-D



Best of all, but not really a 'moment' - getting my handicap down from 26>17

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I'd have to say that shooting a 75 was the highlight of my season. It wasn't my career low, but I was recovering from an injury and didn't expected to golf this season. I shot -1 on the front and +4 on the back (I got too excited) and finished +3. It felt pretty good!

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I have what I consider 2 golf highlights from 2013 in this order::



1. Being able to play a few rounds with my dad.  We live far apart and he's getting up in the years. 


2. One round stands out as my best:  73.2CR 141slope........I scored a -1 71 on my new home track. my first sub 72 score on this difficult golf course.

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In my semi final match this summer, I had just birdie the 15th hole, par 3 and my opponent walk off shaking his head. He say's to me, "I can't believe I'm even par for the day and Dormie"
I went crazy after the turn, 3 under through next six holes.

I played in a Ryder Cup style event three years ago and had a similar day with 4 birdies through the first 8 holes, with the last bird played from the back green side bunker.
The beauty of the win was having a gallery of both teams surrounding the green.
I'll never forget the roar and I turned to a teammate an proclaimed "How do you like me NOW"

But, my most dearest memory will always be a birdie putt holed on the 18th green from 40 ft to win a $350 press to break even for the day against the head pro .

My partner was sweating bullets. The day had started as a friendly $5 Nassau.

Club Rat
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Definitely chipping in from 40 yards while playing with strangers. It felt good off the club and continued right on into the hole.


Another good one was a birdie on a pretty easy par 4 followed by a birdie on a par 5 dog leg left where i bombed my drive over the trees in the dog leg (mainly an accidental hook that just happened to land in the fairway but I'll take it). Par 3 followed with a par and then another birdie on the next par 4. Needless to say that was my best stretch of holes of the summer. 

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For me it was shooting a 77. And  i missed my 1st eagle by 3" twice.  I also drove a par 4....it was only 325 but still I drove it.

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Playing St. Andrews with my Dad



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finally breaking 80 with a 74


and playing golf with my dad for the first time after his stroke

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Hole in one on 1-12-13 on the 11th hole at Oak Valley Golf Club. That was following an ace on the same hole on 12-1-12. It took me forty years to get my first one, and got my second a month later. Crazy game!
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Early in the year, played a Par 5 first hole-500 yards. Hit drive into bunker, hit a poor bunker shot to about 180 yards, hit my six iron into the hole for an eagle.
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