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Windy Golf

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Played yesterday in a 30 mph wind with gust to 40!  Wild experience.  Very tough to figure out which club to use.  My wedges would carry +10 or more down wind.  On the first par 5, I hit a 6 iron from 127 into the wind, struck it well.  My 6 is my 160 club.  The ball literally came straight down, hit the front of the green and bounced back toward me!  I had to hit it high to clear the bunkers.  The same with the second par 5, 6 iron into the wind from 130.  This one made the green and then blew left just off.


Shot a 49.  I played this same course last week and shot an 80 for 18, 40 on this side.


The ball would oscillated on the greens and putting was definitely affected by the wind.  But I still had a blast.  You'd hit a shot and just be amazed with the wind would do with it.


My ball flight tends to be a draw and my buddy a fade.  We hit irons about the same distance.  It was interesting to see the difference in our distances and flights depending on the wind.  One hole we had a cross wind and were both about 150 out (usually a 7 iron).  He hit an 8 with a fade that would go with the wind and I hit a 6 with a draw into the wind.  We both ended up just short of the green but the same distance.


The toughest holes were actually the ones with trees protecting the tee.  You didn't feel the wind, but you knew it was aloft.


Anyone else have any high wind experiences to share?

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Obviously there's a lot to think about in regards to club selection, type of shot to hit, ball flight, but I'll let the  experts handle that.  The wind tip that I remember most and I think it's true, came from Tom Watson.  He said that people tend to get away from their routines when it's really windy and they play a lot quicker, which can have a big impact.  When it's windy, I always try to think about that.  Slow down and go through your normal routine.  

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I have enough trouble with calm beautiful conditions, but one thing that's always helped me a little when it's windy is practicing a knock down shot to keep out of the wind as much as possible. I don't pull it off often but it's great when I do. I tend to just avoid golfing on super windy days though.

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I'm with you OP regarding the wind, I think it's a blast. I need more experience playing in it and can see why it is a true test of a pro golfers skill. Tuesday evening I hit a normal 9i shot at the green only to see it balloon and just die off to the right, falling well short. Took another shot from the same spot with 7i (while my mind is screaming "No! To much club!) and watched it penetrate, stall, and fall onto the front of the green.


It's amazing that pro's and their caddies are able to adjust for windy conditions like they do.

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I've used an odd method into the wind- but I'm not sure if it's THAT odd. If it is a "2 club wind", I'll go 3 clubs and shorten my swing. Seems to keep it lower and less spin so it will bore through the wind better. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Off the tee, I'll tee it lower, choke down and play it back a bit for a low fade that will roll more than normal. OR- I have a 13* FTiZ that I use off the tee in windy conditions. I can draw that one low to get the same effect.

Playing for 40+ years, I've played in all kinds of weather and winds. You just get out there and give it a go. Have fun. Plus, learning those shots in the wind can help your normal game in the long run- low bullets to get out of trouble, shaping shots to to odd pins, etc....
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If you don't play in high wind...in Texas you don't play...


You just have to take advantage of the wind when you can and know you'll pay for it later. Sometimes a par 5 becomes a par for and a 4 a 5.

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When I lived in south Texas for 2 years I didn't play at all. If it wasn't super windy it was insanely hot and dry.

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I agree that it can be fun.  Especially when it is not something that a guy runs into often.  I definitely would not like to play in high winds all the time though.

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Oh man, I can't stand playing in the wind. I can only handle a breeze. It jacks up my swing so badly, that I can't even make solid contact. It messes with my concentration.


I guess I won't be moving to Texas any time soon. Maybe they should re-name Dallas the windy city?

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Some of my best rounds have been in 20+ mph winds. I live in TX so play in wind most every round. Really makes one think about club selection and buckle down over a shot.

On the rare occasions there's no wind, I get all pumped up about having a great round, not having to fight it and i usually mess up, don't focus as hard or whatever.

Interestingly, I don't play a lot of knockdown shots, except off par 4 or 5 teeboxes. Reason is I don't have time to practice them. I play once a week and try to have a range session a month or so. As a result, I'm not real comfortable with my distances so I just take more club depending on wind speed and swing away, then rely a ton on my short game. Works for now but would like to master the knockdown.
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I played once in the insane wind described by the OP where the ball would oscillate or just take off in a gust. That wasn't much fun I have to say. I went to the range the other day since the wind was blowing hard from the north and my range faces west. This crosswind is tough for me since it adds more turn to my usual draw and attempts to hit a cut shot make it balloon.

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It's similar to that thread about playing/learning trouble shots. Sometimes you take your medicine and others you just have to try and go for it. When you hit a decent "get out of jail" shot that isn't just a chip back to the fairway, there's some confidence for the future. If you DON'T try, you'll never know.

Many of my local courses on Long Island have an afternoon sea breeze through the summer. Sometimes it's a breeze, and other times it's like the OP mentioned. The closer to the water, the worse it is, but most will have some afternoon breeze kick up and it's usually against the wind on the toughest holes.
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While I live in the Mid-West now, I was in Garland, Tx for 5 years. During the cooler months (Let's say Dec to Mar), the wind was usually a factor. I remember a par 3 at my home course that played 150-ish yards. I played that hole with as little as an 8 iron, and as much as a 3 iron.

I found that playing regularly during the cooler months, when the winds could be brutal, helps. It pretty much forces a golfer to learn how to flight the ball down a bit. It also gives you enough experience with high winds to get over the mental hurdle of thinking, "Holy cow, I have WAY too much club - I better not swing aggressively at this on."

p.s. For those that live near the Dallas area - I realize you play in high winds more often than folks in other areas, but don't make it sound like you are doing it virtually every round. I averaged about 100 rounds per year in the 5 years I was in Garland. Yeah, cooler months are brutal, but once it warms up, it's no big deal. Many of my rounds were played in 80, 90, or 100 degree temps with either no wind to speak or just a gentle 5 to 10 mph breeze (which was welcomed given the heat).
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I just say no. Which is often here because it seems like it is always windy. In fact if it gets too windy all of a sudden while I am on the course I roll through and leave. I can hack 15 mph or so but when the gusts are 25-40 it's silly. We played a few weeks ago when the wind kicked up and played on because we were on #8 heading in. We were aiming drives straight into the fields that are OB at about a 25 degree angle right and it blew the balls over the fairway left of the cart path. They actually give rain checks for wind here.

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Played in a 50-60 mph wind once.  I remember one hole in particular--a 200yd par-3 into the teeth of it. Went driver, 9-iron.  Nutted them both and still came up short.

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I played in Scotland at Turnberry on a day when almost every other golf course out there was closed due to high winds. That's saying something, I think. It was real fun hitting three 3-irons to reach the medium-length par fours. Had a blast though!

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Originally Posted by Jeremie Boop View Post

When I lived in south Texas for 2 years I didn't play at all. If it wasn't super windy it was insanely hot and dry.

meh.... played San Antonio Quarry GC March 16th cold front blew in that night 40+winds when we started. on a par 4 hole 7 has an elevated green, probably the highest part of the course, on the green putting into the wind if you did not make it to the hole the wind blew the ball right back at you, also you had to lean into the wind, what a time.

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I love playing golf in less than ideal weather conditions, especially windy conditions. It just adds a whole new dimension to the game. 

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