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The misery that is McCord

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Please. Someone. CBS. Bring TV golf back to me. I know and follow about 200 PGA golfers and almost the same number of European players every week and this man Gary McCord is ruining it for me. I have to turn the sound off and then I lose focus. Yes Nick Faldo with his after-the-fact calls and Johnny Miller with his the-problem-with-so and so can raise dissent but the totally incoherent, impertinent babble of McCord is like suddenly having a children's program piped into the golf match. Please stop him.

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McCord is the man
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Sorry, I like McCord.
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I don't mind him.
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You must be really upset, creating an account just to share this with us.

I like him too. He helps me to remind me not to take golf (or life for that matter) to seriously.
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He makes me laugh...Which I don't mind at all.
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I like McCord and his humor.  I would like to like both ends of his mustache on fire for fun though.

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i like him

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He's okay in small doses, but does tend to get annoying after awhile. Preferable to have someone w/a personality than plain vanilla.

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Is that "Golfer Gary," the "PGA Tour Personality" who smiles benevolently at me from the packaging of the Noodle soft golf balls I like to use in the cooler months? The chap with the Mephistophelean whiskers? He seems like a nice enough fellow. And he's absolutely right you now, "[that] ball bites," and for only $14.00 for 15, in a nice green box from Wally-World...

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Awwwww come on seriously? You don't like McCord? Geeez I really like him, he's good. He's one of my favorite announcers!

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I like McCord... I am also reading his golf for dummies book. I think he does a good job of making golf not too serious for the everyday fan. You are following 400 guys weekly so you clearly take it more serious than most and I can see how he would rub you the wrong way.
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I don't mind McCord, but he does make me cringe at times.    He tries too hard to be funny - don't think it comes as easy for him as it does for Feherty, who's wit is amazing.

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I don't love him like I do Feherty, but he doesn't bother me.  It's nice to have a goofball break up the stuffiness of golf once in awhile. 

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I also like McCord. He is a characiture of himself.
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No issues with McCord here.

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McCord for PGA commissioner! McCord is a cool dude in my book, he has a few misses with his jokes, but he has way more makes than misses. When I think of it, I think I like all the on-field announcers. It's the Rich Learner, Nantz, and Chamblee that I don't like.

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I pretty much like the entire CBS golf lineup, including McCord.


Of all golf announcers, Miller get on my nerves the most because of his extremely high sense of self-worth, but at other times if I can get past his arrogance, I respect his honesty and bluntness as well

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