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The Downside of Car Doors That Open Up and Down

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The struggle is real y’all. It’s gonna cost a small fortune to get that car fixed. The worst part, IMO, is having to drive the car like that for a while until they get it fixed. People are no doubt looking at that car thinking, “What did they do to screw it up like that??”

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I have had my Model X for 2 years and never once ignored the warning when the falcon wing doors are opened while the car was not in park. I really don’t get how this could happen...

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3 hours ago, Missouri Swede said:

Who videos their garage? Is that a thing? (For security/theft?)

There are three pricey cars in the garage (plus a platform lift thing), looking like theft/security. Maybe insurance is cheaper or requires it? I would not let driver in video operate the platform lift thingy for fear of Mini being flattened.

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