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Longest Iron in Bag... And More


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  1. 1. What irons (not companies) do you carry (not hybrid in your bag)

    • 1-iron
    • 2-iron
    • 3-iron
    • 4-iron
    • 5-iron
    • 6-iron
    • 7-iron
    • 8-iron
    • 9-iron
    • Pitching wedge

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Longest iron: 6

I'm pretty sure Callaway and Bobby Jones do.

whats in my bag,

Driver- 975D 7.5*
3 wood- 975F 13*
Irons- 2-pw Acushnet Tungsten AC-108'swedges-58* 64*putter-bag- staff I know its huge, but I dig it " I am McLovin"

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Top Posters In This Topic

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I consider my set up pretty normal.

Only one hybrid and it is a Nike CPR 2 (19*)

My longest club is a TaylorMade R7 CGB 3-iron, the rest of my clubs are a different set.

I never have owned a wood over 3, I only use my irons when I play and it will probably stay that way until my two lessons.

Sumo 10.5*
R7 Draw 15* 3W
3dx 17* 2H
Pi5 3-PW
Spin Milled Vokey 54* CG11 60* C-01

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Longest iron : 3 iron

Most lofted wood : 5-wood

Hybrids : Don't have any and don't intend to in the forseeable future.
Whats in the bag:

Driver: Nike Ignite 460cc 10.5* Fujikura Ignite reg flex
Fairway woods: Howson tour master power series 3,5 woods
Irons: MacGregor M675 3-PW DG S300 Wedges: Mizuno MP-R Black Nickel 54.10, 60.05Putter: Pinfire Golf P4Ball: Titleist NXT TourHome Course:http://www.golfarmagh.co.uk/...
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i dont have it yet but i am bidding on various ping 1 irons and plan to put a brand new hof patriot x tour graphite shaft in.

a true driving iron, i reckon its going to be a cracking piece of kit

at the moment i only use a 7iron, pw, putter and driver
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  • 6 years later...
I voted for the 5 iron because that's the longest that came in my set, and it's not a particularly cranked loft. Swung a friend's X2 Hot 4i and I was fine after a few swings but not sure if that qualified. I wish I had a 4i instead of a 4 hybrid.

Dom's Sticks:

Callaway X-24 10.5° Driver, Callaway Big Bertha 15° wood, Callaway XR 19° hybrid, Callaway X-24 24° hybrid, Callaway X-24 5i-9i, PING Glide PW 47°/12°, Cleveland REG 588 52°/08°, Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 56°/13°, 60°/10°, Odyssey Versa Jailbird putter w/SuperStroke Slim 3.0 grip, Callaway Chev Stand Bag, Titleist Pro-V1x ball

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Which is the longest iron you can hit consistently good?

I can consistently hit a 3i very well, because I choose not to hit it from the rough/gunch...but I now typically carry a 3h instead because it is much more versatile in being able to hit it consistently from less than fairway lies.

Players play, tough players win!

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  • Moderator

4 iron.  I have a 3H.


Titleist, Edel, Scotty Cameron Putter, Snell - AimPoint - Evolvr - MirrorVision

My Swing Thread

boogielicious - Adjective describing the perfect surf wave

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Hard for me to say because it depends on how well I'm playing at any given time.

When I'm playing fairly well (that's as good as it gets from me) I hit my 3 iron very well.

When I'm not playing very well I very often would rather take something off of a 5W than to hit an iron. Lately I've had a 3 hybrid in the bag instead of my 3 iron because I'm not playing very well.

The 3 is my longest iron but I did borrow a friend's 1 iron one day and smoked it every time (but I was hitting irons very well that day).

So I guess to answer the question I would have to decide if I was Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

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4 iron.  I have a 3H.

My longest iron was 4i, so I bought a 3h, turned out the 3h has the same loft as my 4i, and goes the same distance, but so much easier to hit! So I ditched the 4i. Damn cranked lofts!! Now I need a 2 h!

Gaz Lee

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Can play? 2-iron. Choose to play? 5-iron. Hybrids are so easy to hit higher and longer that I just can't justify carrying a long iron any more!

In David's bag....

Driver: Titleist 910 D-3;  9.5* Diamana Kai'li
3-Wood: Titleist 910F;  15* Diamana Kai'li
Hybrids: Titleist 910H 19* and 21* Diamana Kai'li
Irons: Titleist 695cb 5-Pw

Wedges: Scratch 51-11 TNC grind, Vokey SM-5's;  56-14 F grind and 60-11 K grind
Putter: Scotty Cameron Kombi S
Ball: ProV1

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I don't have 2-iron, so my longest iron (see my signature below) is 3 iron, which I hit around 230 yds.


:titleist: 910 D2, 8.5˚, Adila RIP 60 S-Flex
:titleist: 980F 15˚
:yonex: EZone Blades (3-PW) Dynamic Gold S-200
:vokey:   Vokey wedges, 52˚; 56˚; and 60˚
:scotty_cameron:  2014 Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

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    • I all but guarantee Rahm is having second thoughts. Just my opinion of course. 
    • Day 15 - Still practicing chipping in the backyard, starting to show improvements. Been hitting off the rough grass in the backyard up until yesterday. Ordered a hitting mat and just started hitting off of it. I'll probably still mix it up. Improvements are: not blading the ball as often, starting to get a bit more accurate in both distance and direction. Still have a lot to learn. Also been trying to make it to the driving range about once a week to practice mostly driving, fairway woods and hybrids. Here's a short vid:  video0.mov Shared with Dropbox  
    • I have posted three scores now since the Philly section opened on April 1. 41-43-84 (72.1/135), 42-47-89 (72.1/135) and 42-45-87 (70.3/129). Same course, the last score from the forward tees. Weird that my best score was the first one out. It usually takes me about a month to get anything much lower than around 90 and my handicap usually shows it. But now it is holding steady.  The range on grass is finally open. I hate the mats. My scores will improve accordingly. 
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    • Yeah, in the lessons I have taken we have worked on swinging less steeply. I probably still swing too steep with woods.  Average yardages through my bag according to my Garmin watch (won't be 100% accurate due to sometimes the watch not picking up a shot, or me accidently clicking the wrong club): 60 - 100 yds 56 - 106 yds 52 - 125 yds PW - 149 yds (this one seems off to me) 9i - 149 yds 8i - 157 yds 7i - 167 yds 6i - 178 yds 5i - 190 yds 4i - 202 yds   And longer than that is where I get into trouble: 2i - 208 yds (small sample size on this one, still mostly just practicing with it one the range as the slice % is too high for my liking) 4 wood - 202 yds (haven't used it much last season due to not liking it) Driver - 241 yds   My driver has a huge variance as well. So for example on Sunday (the first round of the year) I hit it 5 times. 2 were big slices (186, and 179 well off to the right). 2 were my hands getting too closed and hitting a much too low draw/hook (239 and 225 on the left rough), and one came out low like the draw, but actually had a fade on it (210, just off the right side of the fairway. Looking back at some past rounds, the good drives (maybe 10% of shots) tend to be between 250 and 280. So when it is outside of 200 yds is where I really get into a lot of trouble. I will often play irons off the tee, or on a par 5 lay up to gap wedge range to try and give myself a comfortable shot in.
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