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Why Don't Pros Use Iron Covers?

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No. Irons last for months, years, etc. Some pros have had the same iron sets for several years. Since nobody else will say it, the answer some are thinking of is this: They don't have tubes or iron

Iron covers are like sweaters on dogs. Just stop it.

Clubs clicking together is as sweet a sound as metal spikes on a parking lot.

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isnt it a hassle to keep taking off and putting on the iron covers? i barely have the patience to fiddle with the covers on my woods and hybrids... heck during a round i usually put the hybrid covers in my bag pockets... id be too frustrated with iron covers... lol
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wow. you guys are pretty sensitive. You guys can keep your iron covers...I'm really not that worried about it.

Hurt our feelings?

I just can't believe the absurdity of your statements. Let's see? Anybody who uses iron covers is a hacker who can't hit a ball. Is that right? I'm guessing you you are trying to be popular with the "low handicap crowd", is that right?
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How did you not pick up the reason of removing clatter?

I don't mind it.

I also don't mind nicks and dings on my irons.
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I don't mind it.

The point was never to get you to use them, but to explain why we use them.

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let's face it -- we're on the internet posting on a freaking GOLF FORUM.

Guilty as charged.....I'm a 40 year old married guy.....what's your excuse?????
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I don't use them, it protects the head too much when I fire the gap wedge down the cart path after a 70 yard fattie.

Now thats funny, I don't care who you are!

Seriously though guys, I don't think people are trying to be rude about iron covers, its just that if you spend much time around golf you just realize certain things are just kinda goofy. I mean use your iron covers there's certainly nothing wrong with them. Just like there is nothing wrong with wearing a plaid button up shirt and brown high water slacks to high school. Its just chances are with either one your not gonna date the prom queen. You know what I am saying? :-B
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Yeah, but there are not any prom queens on my golf course.

I take notice of what people wear, those coming in jeans and college sweater looks kinda weird, but I don't judge them for it. I like people not following every single rule in this game. By that I don't mean the golf rules, but the "rules" of clothing, equipment etc. All I expect from people is to be polite, not rave around on the course, follow the general behaviour etiquette of golf. They can wear any clothes and use any equipment they want. I can't help looking at them and wondering if I should give some heads up, but I don't make fun of them or make a point of it.

If I ever reach single digit hcp I'll play a round in some tournament with other good players and wear something way out of the ordinary just for the hell of it. I'll even get a ball retriever, my irons are probably covered already.

This is kinda like the discussion about players like John Daly and Boo Weekley. They don't fit in the game of golf in matters of behaviour and clothing, but they still play in the PGA tour. I root for these players. Not that I support hitting a tee shot off a beer can or raving around like Daly did on some occasions, but not being as streamline shaped like Love III give the game some fresh air.

If anything, iron covers give me some attention if my play doesn't.

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I rodered some neoprene iron cover on ebay. Like $5 total with shipping. I used them for 1 round and got fed up with putting them on and off. I guess I don't care if you have them, but too much trouble for no real reward. Besides it hides my new Blue paintfill on my Clevelands.
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I played with a German guy a couple of weeks ago, and he had every single club in his bag covered, from driver to putter. When he took a shot with an iron, he would get the club out, take off the cover and stuff it in his back pocket, take the shot, clean the club then re-cover it.

I usually clean the club every 2 or 3 shots, but I never use head covers, not for irons or even woods.
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I played with a German guy a couple of weeks ago, and he had every single club in his bag covered, from driver to putter. When he took a shot with an iron, he would get the club out, take off the cover and stuff it in his back pocket, take the shot, clean the club then re-cover it.-

Exactly the same way I do, and beside what some think, it doesn't slow down my play. I move when I can and get ready as soon as I can, it's not the time spent pondering over a shot that slow down play. I put the cover into the pocket before I'm back over the ball and taking my adress position.

After the shot I clean the club, put the cover back on and put it into the bag. In this time, the next player has usually gotten up to his ball and getting ready to take the shot. I want my club to be ready when I pick it up, by cleaning it after every shot, I know that I don't have to worry about picking up a club with dirt in the grooves.
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Wow. I've never thought to judge people on weather they have Iron covers and ball retrievers. I Golf with two guys whom both have Iron covers. One's a scratch handicap and the other is a 6. I don't see them scuffing it across the course or shanking it into the water.
Huh, I guess I need to worry about what others think I'm thinking of them. Other wise they should feel meaningless.

Now, I know my next X-Mas gift to all my Golfing buddies.......HEAD COVERS!

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C'mon people. We use these pieces of Metal to whack things with. They hit turf, rocks, sand, oh and those little white chunks of plastic.

I don't mind the noise, but when I walk I rest my arm on the top of my bag and my hand stops the clinking. I'm fairly sure that pros and caddies know whats best for their equipment. I really wouldn't want to deal with pulling it off, keeping it somewhere, putting it on, especially with the pros that pull 3 irons before they make their final selection.
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