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"The Comics" Thread

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The purpose of this thread, which I hope will be an ongoing thing, is to contain links to and mockery of unintentionally "funny" or perhaps even downright stupid golf tips all of us undoubtedly see in the various magazines, websites, etc.

I'll start it off with this gem, which doesn't even need to be refuted as I think anyone with an ounce of common sense will see how bad it is.


Oh, AJ… you should stick to the card tricks…

Share your most hilarious "finds" and let's keep this thread going.

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Actually, these tips in golf magazines are quite effective. I clip them out, give them to my friends to try, and that always works out well for me.

The problem is that 95% of the people that hear this advice will: a) still come over the top and b) pull the ball even more than they do now I still maintain that the root cause of 9

I'd be very cautious about making blanket statements about an instructor by using 1:00 of video.  Better to check out his body of work, and in Ritter's case, he has a lot of stuff online.  I'm fine wi

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Here's a video of Lead-poison. It's a double whammy--displays his love of selling overpriced, useless golf aids and his lack of knowledge regarding basic ball flight laws.

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Vomit, I couldn't read past the first sentence of the article "A slice comes from only one condition: The clubface is open at impact, which puts cut spin on the ball."

You should have read on a bit more.

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This advice gets me boiling.

When I had my first and only lesson the instructor told me to do this. Gave me more of a slice and I quit the game for 10 months.
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May I ask which one of his trademark techniques he is flipping through there?

Also, is it just me or does that dude not look just like you'd imagine Jack Hamm's dad would?
Too Simple To Be Golf Techniques Anchor Golf Swing Series Astounding Golf Technique ™ Audacious Golf Technique ™ Authentic Golf Swing Series Admirable Golf Technique ™ Airtight Golf Technique ™ Classical Golf Swing Series Consummate Golf Technique ™ Cardinal Golf Technique ™ Ecstatic Golf Swing Series Exceptional Golf Technique ™ Enormous Golf Technique ™ Supreme Golf Swing Series Stupendous Golf Technique ™ Splendid Golf Technique ™ Fabulous Golf Swing Series Failsafe Golf Technique ™ Faultless Golf Technique ™ Outrageous Golf Swing Series Outstanding Golf Technique ™ Overwhelming Golf Technique ™ Connect Golf Swing Series Breakthrough Golf Technique ™ Breathtaking Golf Technique ™ Unstoppable Golf Swing Series Unforgettable Golf Technique ™ Unassailable Golf Technique ™ Spellbound Golf Swing Series Stellar Golf Technique ™ Stalwart Golf Technique ™ Incredible Golf Swing Series Impeccable Golf Technique ™ Infallible Golf Technique ™ Magnanimous Golf Swing Series Maxim Golf Technique ™ Magnum Golf Technique ™ Earthshattering Golf Swing Series Extraordinary Golf Technique ™ Eminent Golf Technique ™ Sublime Golf Swing Series Superior Golf Technique ™ Swank Golf Technique ™ Landmark Golf Swing Series Legendary Golf Technique ™ Laudable Golf Technique ™ Famous Golf Swing Series Fantastic Golf Technique ™ Foolproof Golf Technique ™ Remarkable Golf Swing Series Reliable Golf Technique ™ Regalia Golf Technique ™ Banner Golf Swing Series Bedrock Golf Technique ™ Blockbuster Golf Technique ™ Trailblazer Golf Swing Series Topnotch Golf Technique ™ Trustful Golf Technique ™

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And when are they going to stop selling "draw" drivers that dont promode a draw?

When morons stop buying them.

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It's true, the speed you gain from rotating the club during contact with the ball, will make that draw a power draw! POW!
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Note: This thread is 738 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 25 (7,13) - Back to full swings.  Trying to hammer home my work on the takeaway and forearm rotation in the backswing.  Really starting to feel good about my progress so far.  Consistently better ball striking than even a week ago, and ball speeds on the launch monitor are 5-6 mph faster than last week too.  A few more days of good results, and I'll get a new swing thread post up to see where I'm at.
    • @IowaGreg, In the GIF below, Newton’s Cradle, the steel balls have almost no kinetic energy loss due to deformation. This demonstrates an elastic collision. A perfect elastic collision with no energy loss would go on forever. If the balls could deform slightly, as in plastic balls, the energy transfer would be less. The cradle would stop rather quickly. A cradle with say Playdoh on it would have complete deformation. They stop almost immediately. This is called an inelastic or “plastic” collision. If we put golf balls in the cradle of different “compression”, which is really deformation, you could theoretically measure the energy loss. Soft golf balls that deform more, would lose more energy at impact and slow down sooner. OEM ball manufacturers measure deformation with various tools.    But deformation is only one part of golf ball aerodynamics. Spin and lift due to spin with various dimple patterns also contribute. Deformation characteristics and cover softness can also affect spin.  The end result is to find the ball that best fits your game and budget. Try different ones out and see. 
    • Yes, sorry, I’ll fix above. Think of it this way, @IowaGreg: the more a ball compresses, or deforms, the more energy is lost in that transaction. Would a cotton ball go farther at any speed than a golf ball (or a golf ball that weighed as much as a cotton ball)?
    • I assume you meant ‘ball’ speed.
    • Day 23 - Another rainy day in Carolina....still able to get outside this morning to take a few swings with the 6i and foam balls.  Focus was on staying on center - tried this as a warm-up: used the gap in the deck boards on the back deck to "keep my head centered" and then went through the back swing and down swing focusing on keeping the head centered.  As my problem is not rotating enough on the down swing, spent a good amount of the time deliberately coming through and finishing with the chest/belt buckle facing down range AND then moving my head to "watch" the imaginary ball land softly on the green.  Work with the 6i was to replicate those same motions, getting the hips to clear and let the club launch the ball.  Took about 20 swings as it was just drizzly enough to make it miserable.  Deliberately paused between swings to analyze what happened - first few had a couple thin, a couple fat.  RESET time.  Went back through the movements - feeling the swing, the shift in weight from middle - to - back thru to front.  Last 15 swings good and straight, slight fade with a couple with slight draw bias. The swing had that effortless feel I occasionally get on the course.  Yep - it really helped re-reading last night in LSW!   
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