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Post Your GAME Golf Rounds

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8 hours ago, DeadMan said:

You sure hit a putter a long way! 2119 feet!

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Practice round. Lots of penalties but somehow managed to shoot my average. Not sure how that happened. To describe the shot zone of my driver as the size of a football field would not be an exaggeration. Some pretty extreme two-way misses.

I played the back 9 first and that's where most of the penalties occurred. Started to at least keep the driver in play on the front. Of course, keeping a drive in play does not guarantee a clear shot to the green... 


Yeah, fairway bunkers aren't hard enough. Let's put an island, a tree and a boulder in there for good measure.

I can imagine the course designer looking at this bunker and thinking, it's missing something... I've got it! A boulder! It needs a boulder! But wait, a boulder by itself would just look silly. It'll need an island and a tree to go with it.

Funny thing is that I don't think I'd ever noticed it before. Kind of hard to miss it today.

I was pretty happy with the bogey on this hole.

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