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GAME GOLF - Digital Tracking System

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saw an advertisement for this new product and was surprised not to find a thread here. i've never experimented with on-course apps that generate statistics, but thought this looked pretty slick. 



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Here's what looks to be an independent review:





Sleek, Unobtrusive Design
Easy to Tag Shots
Lots of Potential for Future Growth
Incredible Selection of Courses



GPS not always accurate
Round Review Process Tedious
UX Needs Work
Hard to Manually Edit Stats

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I've been seeing the game golf dot com device advertised lately and am curious about it. I haven't researched the costs yet and don't know if there is a fee beyond the initial cost. But it does seem like an interesting device combining gps and club tracking.

I'm probably just going to use an android app and maybe think about a laser rangefinder. But being naturally curious, I'm wondering what others think of this gps club tracker thing.
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Oops, did a search and didn't see an existing thread, ran a google search and found my way to http://thesandtrap.com/t/72375/game-golf-digital-tracking-system , so sorry for the redundant thread. Feel free to merge or kill this one.
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Biggest problem is limited course maps. None of the courses I play are listed on their site. Not surprising they started with well known and resort courses in warmer climes.
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(Thank you for the thread merger to whoever did it)


I just tried to go to their web site and it triggered all sorts of blocks with the work browser malware filter, so I can't go there from the work site during breaks. Just a heads-up, might be just something out of date on their web site.


So I just checked for local courses with my phone browser and nothing that I'd play shows up.  Oh well, interesting concept, I'll have to keep a casual eye open to see if I see anyone using the device locally and will ask them about it.

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I think its a terrific idea....but $250 is pretty steep, IMO.  I had an app that did this, but I think they removed the function because nobody used it.  It wasn't quite streamlined enough to be useful. This appears to fix that problem.  

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Decided we can discuss the product here rather than fill up the What did you buy thread with Off Topic posts.

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Originally Posted by treebound View Post

Farther down the page: http://thesandtrap.com/t/72375/game-golf-digital-tracking-system#post_955294

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My home course was supported which is why I agreed to try it out.  Now I just have to wait for the snow to clear and the course to open.

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Have used mine for 3 rounds now and I love it.


It is an absolutely useless gadget for most of the golfing world, but for us (the people who are on forums like this) that are die hard, will love it. It is really easy to use.


Was discussing this with a couple of buddies at work and while they thought the $250 price would probably price them out of the market, we determined this was the perfect "gift" for a golfer. As we all know, everyone loves to give the golfer a golf gift, and this is one of those things that would be a perfect gift.


Happy to answer any specific questions, but what I will tell you is, get ready for some humble pie. Those "average" drives that go 270-300, well, when you actually have all your drives measured (the ones that you don't quiet get all of, the ones that bounce off the tree 50 yards off the fairway, etc.) your average is going to be MUCH less. 


They still have some work to do, but the baseline program is a great start. I look for it to get better as most people use it and share feedback on ideas, etc.

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This looks like a great device.  At $250 it is a little out of price range, but it looks like this works like a charm.  I have used golfshot for keeping stats in the past, but I like how I don't have to interupt my game to keep all the information that I want to track.  Found this video on YouTube that explains all the basics behind this device.



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I bought one a few weeks back. First thing I had to do was do what needed to do months ago...upgrade my computer away from XP.
It did not take long to get used to it. The mobile app is fairly good although there are times I have trouble finding the screens I was looking for. Online editing has been easy. The biggest complaint I have is the outdated list of standard clubs to pick from in their drop down menus in the initial setup stages.
They are still working on how to deal with courses that have 27 holes. In that case I have to record round as seperate 9s. All in all I like it a lot
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Any more updates on this... It seems like a nice setup.

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