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Ohio vs. Michigan Match Play Event

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10 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Will Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes be the opposing coaches?

Woody would punch the opponents. 

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On 6/2/2020 at 10:54 PM, dennyjones said:

The sayin' here is O How I Hate Ohio.    just sayin'


Most Buckeyes won't go as far as to give you a proper acronym. Most just call you "that state (sometimes team) up north". I'm not a football guy, but I am up for a good rivalry

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I am interested and could be available  My senior club already does this with Indiana but we cancelled this year because of the logistical nightmare of dealing with 64 seniors (32 a side) and COVID-19.

Of course, we must use the full handicaps. :heynow

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    • No thanks… the stats are illustrative of what has happened and what will continue to happen. The PGA Tour has thick rough, and you missed my point: I doubt your greens are faster/firmer than on the PGA Tour. And don't get me wrong: I'm not saying always hit it to 50-70 instead of 110, but… most of the time, it makes more sense to hit from 60 than 110. A few million shots hit by players of many ability levels say so.
    • We'll see. Might do it in Erie, after I figure out what kind of hotel(s) and where and how many, etc.
    • Not to just take one piece of that and comment… but have you considered putting lefty?
    • Off topic but I will answer the original question.  The +2.8 that averages 290+ hits more 3 woods and irons than drivers. Why?  Because he feels that gives him the best opportunity to score. Now, with that said, he played in the Michigan AM at Boyne a couple weeks ago (7100 yds) and his club selection changed drastically.  Position outweighs distance where we play.  As for the pros, guess they approach the game with a similar a mindset.  Curious as to why you guys are questioning this..... Throw the stats out the window  @Vinsk and @iacas, thick rough, tight fairways, hard and elevated greens, and 50-70 yd approach shots are not conducive to birdies at our course.     So, any guesses on round 2?
    • Our country does not have the same size or physical reality. Our people are different. Our privileges are different, our expectations, our tax system, our spirit, our laws, our history, etc. I don't give up? Dude, I'm posting in response to posts YOU keep making. I did no such thing. I simply said that "percentage of cases positive out of all tests" was a dumb (IMO) way of measuring much of anything, and that if you duplicate positive tests, it can and DOES affect that percentage (which is one of the reasons such a measurement is bad). So I'm a 35 handicap scientist? I have three degrees. I'll grant you that my French degree probably isn't of much use here, but my degree in computer science is at least fractionally relevant… and my degree in medicinal chemistry is pretty relevant. I'm no 35 handicapper when it comes to science. Which you might discover if you ever talked about actual science. And you'd be just as wrong. Where has anything gotten personal, prior to you calling me a "35 handicapper when it comes to science"? What are you even reading? I don't even know what you're talking about here — I haven't done that. I didn't take it as factual — I responded to this: I showed you how 50 extra cases can change the percentage. By the looks of it, you take being shown to be wrong as "personal attacks." Sorry you feel that way. In my experience, a scientist doesn't behave or think that way. I haven't really cared much about the COVID stuff. I have other things to do, so I'm not going to spend time googling stuff. I didn't say the double-counting stuff was gospel or truth; I simply said that if it was, your statements were silly. I also said I don't think % positive tests is a good measurement… because I don't. For reasons above and others. Didn't happen. Heck, you're still posting, and nothing's been done to you. I don't watch news channels. You've made a HELL of a lot of assumptions, dude. Not a good look. Post in some other topics - your view is getting a bit myopic, perhaps. That's my suggestion. This is a golf forum first and foremost; no sense getting upset by something outside of golf.
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