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What Are Your 2021 Golf Goals?

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Goals for 2021:

Become an avid switch hitting golfer (7 righty clubs/ 7 lefty clubs in the bag)

Experiment with different grips sizes on irons/ woods

See if I can wrangle a 64 degree wedge to my advantage

Get 9 holes in early in the morning before work several times/ week

Use some of the new golf technology/ smart equipment out there.



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To live to see 2022.

After a decent round yesterday i finally reached goal number 1 this season: HCP-index: 9,9.  Now let's keep it there or lower. 

Having played golf for 30 years now and finally coming into my own after retirement, like everyone else my goals have changed each year. Last year I accomplished something that I thought I wou

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Look as if my driving improvement is on track. I hit 6/7 fairways this morning, the other I was barely in the second cut.  Not going to complain about distance, even if the driver I am finding the short stuff with is 20 yards shorter than the driver I was gaming last season. KId pulled an old Ping G400 off the shelf and told me to try it, It works! Very forgiving, and long enough for me.....

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Just starting back here in the forum, so setting up my goals for 2021....

1. I would like to break under 80 by the end of the year. My best score is 82 this past January....see my pic below.

2. No more 3 putts.... goal: only one 3 putt per round. Putting stoke and torso improve for lag putting. 

3. settle in to the correct pitch and chip motion. 

4. Driver - Draw and fade on-demand as needed for the course design  

To achieve this....

- I have signed up with Evolvr and working through the Practice Plan drills. 

- 5-7 days per week at the range working on drills. 

- 5-7 days of chip, pitch, and putting at the range and in my personal practice area. 


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  • Get back in the game after the last few years of letting it languish.
  • Re-establish a handicap index
  • Get handicap back under 20
  • Accept the fact that I’m not in my 30s or 40s anymore
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Goals 2021: 

  • Stop getting into trouble off the tee, establish confidence in my driver - two way miss
  • Improve long & short iron striking, consistency
  • Improve short game - pitching & chipping (getting closer to the hole, leaving myself to far away on those shots)
  • Know the distance of my clubs
  • Break 90 consistently
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“Consistent” 95 to 98, by this October.  Meaning 10 to 20 (yikes) less strokes at this time. I believe it is possible, through short game and course management  alone.

Just have to define consistent, haha.

Weather permitting, my work schedule allows practice or play 3 to 4 days a week.

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Golf has only restarted recently in Ireland so I have 6 rounds played. Played today and shot an 84 so’ I’m really hoping to

Break 80. (This has been a goal for a while but really feel it’s in reach now)

Shoot 85 or lower consistently.

Get more confident with irons above an 8 iron.

Improve  my short game to have more up n downs



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I know we're almost mid-way through the year..but for me:

1.  Get back out and start practice/playing again with my friends/co-workers.

2.  Get back out to the range and get the gears working.  Perhaps take get a few lessons to correct things that I have not noticed.  With so much time that has elapsed, maybe a good things - fresh start.

3.  Focus on playing and practice quality and not quantity.

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Didn't play a round last year, but I want to get out more this year. The main thing preventing me is my lack of confidence on an actual course (as opposed to a driving range).

My goals for 2021:

1) Take three (3) driver lessons between now and July 31, 2021. I need to reduce the prevalence of my terrible slice off the tee and become more consistent. 

2) Play three (3) full rounds and (3) 9-hole rounds between now and October 31, 2021. Part of my consistency problem is simply not playing. 

3) Improve my chipping and putting by becoming more knowledgeable in club selection and situational awareness. I tend to overshoot the green when I am within 50-100 yards. I plan to do this through some short game practice at my local driving range.

4) Break 100 by the end of the year. I typically shoot around 110, so I feel that if I work on the above three goals, I should be able to shave 10 strokes off and achieve this one.

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1. Return to regular play, after about 4 years of severely reduced golf activity due to injury and other extenuating circumstances. Specifically, I define this as being able to play regular rounds (2-3x/week) without injury. 

2. Improve my index. A reasonable goal I think would that my end of season index being closer to 6 than it is to the current level of 9.7. So that would be...I guess getting my index down to a bit less than 8. 

How I plan to accomplish #2 is first by being able to accomplish #1. I plan to track my statistics using a shot tracking system (Arccos), and to work on the areas that need most improvement as demonstrated by the data. 

I plan to work on fundamentals that I'm reasonably sure I understand well from past lessons, mainly trying to be consistent with grip, address posture, and ball position. Regarding the swing itself, I plan to return to the pro I was working with back in 2016, but only after a few months of regular play, working on basics, and collecting some data so that I have some objective things to work off of.


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Thus far my driving is improved to the point that I actually have confidence on the tee, which leads to better swings. It's a nice cycle. Birdied a short par 4 with a 280 yd drive, and 48 yd knockdown wedge and a putt. (I can't believe I'm still hitting it that far, I'm going to be 62 shortly. Thanks Ping!)

Picked up a new set of irons and I am hitting greens and knocking over pins at an alarming rate. I missed one green playing as a stand in on a 9 hole league Tuesday. Won a closest to the pin for a few bucks. Just missed the other closest to by inches. Hit my best shot of the year on the 9th, a towering 145yd 9 iron to a pin tucked in close to the river guarding the front of the green. Hit 2.5' behind the pin it barely missed on the way by. Settled in at 3' and change.  And they say T300's wont stop.

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My goal tomorrow is to simply be under 85. Playing an Arthur Hills course that at a little over 7200 yards is a bit much for my 61 yr old self. I'll be hitting a lot of longer clubs for second shots into par 4's.  I got talked into it, I agreed. I'll smile at every bogie..........

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Similar to last  year I am looking to break 90 and then eventually 85 this year. My previous round was a 92 and I am improving. 




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On 3/1/2021 at 3:09 PM, Troy Ocker said:

- Get my index down to single digits (11,5 now)

- Play at least 50 18-hole rounds. 

- Break 80 from yellow tees at my home course (rated 73, 6350 yards) 

- Be more consistant with my driver. Now it goes both left and right and I hit less than half the fairways.  

- Get at least one eagle on a 500+ yards par 5 (my home course has 5 par 5s  (500 - 550 yards from yellow tees),where the shortest one plays a lot longer with the green situated 25 yards higher than the tee, but all reachable in 2 with 2 close to perfect shots)

I will start the season with a 3 days "golfschool" with minimum 8 hours of pro lessons on the range and on the course, and put in enough hours/rounds this year to get there. I will also be more focused on not rushing shots and apply the "every shot counts the same" mindset as much as possible.   

Winter is slowly turning into spring here now, so with some luck the local golf courses might open up in a month or so. I really can't wait. 

A little status update 30 rounds into the season: 

- Taking small steps in the right direction. Index currently on 10,3 and I will probably see the "9" sometime this month. Positive trend. 

- Season best so far is 83 from the yellows (6350 yards). Separate best 9s is +1 on the front 9 and +3 on the back 9, so it should be possble to stitch a sub 80 round together with good flow and focus through 18 holes. I still have never played 2 good 9 nine hole stretches in a row in my life, so this still might not happen. I have shot rounds in the 70s 3 times from the front tees this year though (5300 yards)

- Still have a long way to go with the driver. The misses are fewer, but I still hit way too few fairways with the big dog (30-40%)

- Just a question of time before the eagle-goal is achieved. I've given myself some chances on hole 1, 9 and 10 so far this season, and more will come. 

I feel my game from 150yards and in has improved a lot this year, while my long game is still very inconsistant. My putting has also been ranging from brilliant to weak (26-40 putts). Focus is something that I still need to work on, and I still let a couple of bad shots influence my confidence in several situations. 

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A few goals at the start of the season here:

- Shoot +16 or lower (hit that goal yesterday and shot a +15). Need a new goal now 🙂 I would be real happy if i could shoot a score +12 or lower by end of season. 

- Become more consistent with the driver (Loose way too many strokes due to errant drives)

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I originally had a handicap goal (which was carried over from last year BTW). But since it only contributes to more stress and less enjoyment as my handicap has steadily risen this year, I have decided to just have a goal of breaking 100 more often.

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