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Tiger Woods in Car Crash in California

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I think this is St Andrews

Interesting Twitter thread from a doctor:  

What is the point of this?-So it was not an accident even though that is what we call things like this-Auto Accidents? Is anyone else as annoyed by the talking heads worrying or wondering when he

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Provided the injuries aren't life threatening (nobody would have thought Alex Smith's leg injury would have been life threatening so who really knows) tough to imagine him ever playing again. Lets just hope he pulls through to the point of being able to live a semi pain free life after this. 

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Oof. Surviving and being able to have a fully functional body is of course what matters. Wasn’t expecting too much from him on the tour anymore, but this might put the lid on professional golf.

The man can’t get a break. Such a big part of hid late career has been held down by injuries.

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Just saying ---- at the time of writing, there is no information that says Tiger has broken "both legs".

 "Multiple leg injuries" does not imply this. Having said that, it may well be the case, but I do believe that the OP title is incorrect and premature.

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Pretty surreal considering the entirety of the internet was memeing hard Sunday/Monday with his appearance while he was on air with Nantz Sunday.

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  • iacas changed the title to Tiger Woods in Car Crash in California
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6 minutes ago, iacas said:

I think it was here (flip on satellite view and zoom out slightly):


I think you're exactly right.  If the reporting is accurate, that he was northbound, it means he crossed the median before ending up where he did.  I guess we can be glad that there was only one car involved.

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Just now, iacas said:

Jimmy Roberts says "Don't speculate but use your imagination." STFU Jimmy!

EXACTLY. Came here to complain about that too. WTF, Jimmy??

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I need to see this interview from Sunday. They say alcohol was ruled out, but could still be from some drug relating to surgeries. Could also be totally unrelated.

Good to hear it is not life-threatening. The crash looks quite bad, but cars these days are also quite good at protecting the passengers. Leg injuries could be a lot of things, but obviously not a good thing.

Cars are supposed to look bad after a crash. Older cars didn't, but that meant more injuries for the passengers. The front of the vehicle is especially designed to reduce the rate of deceleration and soften the blow.

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7 minutes ago, jmanbooyaa said:

Inappropriate comment from Roberts. 

To be fair, Roberts is completely out of his natural habitat and safety of the totally maudlin four-minute puff piece. I can't really expect him to be Peter Jennings right now or something. But still. Come on, Jimmy. Be a professional today please.

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