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Tiger Woods in Car Crash in California

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I think this is St Andrews

Interesting Twitter thread from a doctor:  

What is the point of this?-So it was not an accident even though that is what we call things like this-Auto Accidents? Is anyone else as annoyed by the talking heads worrying or wondering when he

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Did you see his interview with Jim Nantz on Sunday? I thought he did not look very well. I see they needed to extricate him from the car using the Jaws of Life.  Let's keep Ben Hogan's recovery in mind. 

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Not much information, but what there is doesn't seem good.  Best of luck to Tiger.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

And I just saw this after reading he might have played with David Spade. Things were looking up. Get well, Tiger!

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1 minute ago, iacas said:

I hope he lives.

They are showing the car on the Golf Channel from a helicopter.  It's turned over, off the road, and totally wrecked.  It's amazing that he's alive.

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  • iacas changed the title to Tiger Woods in Car Crash in California

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    • You can do this even better with Game Golf or Arccos. Handicap doesn't tell much.   Gotcha. Common.   LOL nice
    • Wow, 2014! Time flies... This would probably be easier now than it was for me seven years ago.
    • I mean I would, but of course I don’t own a knife sharpener 😃
    • I never use my handicap in any form other than a barometer of where my game is at in combination with all the other stats I keep. I never play in anything where MY handicap is used. My league keeps a "handicap" (that's far from a legit) and they do net scores simply because so many people in the league are terrible and its just for fun so they're trying to keep it competitive but when I am playing with my friend group its always gross and we're generally playing anything other than stroke play.  Favorite game is one I actually "invented" I call it Fu*k You. Alternate shot match play (or just match play if it's a two-some but alt shot is more fun) where you get 3 mulligans and 3 call backs per side. So if you hit a bad shot obviously you can use a mulligan but if your opponent hits a good shot you can go "fu*k you, hit it again" and they have to try to duplicate the shot. Both cannot happen from the same spot though, there's a max of 2 shots per spot if you use a mulligan your opponent cant recall the mulligan and if they recall your first shot you cant mulligan your second. Super fun and a lot of strategy involved. 
    • Billy, no, but there are sometimes snakes, although Ihaven't seen any personally but I've seen LOTS Of twisted sticks on the ground that have scared the crap out of me -- i don't know if that counts or not?  Also, there is a bat tree on the front nine in Lusaka, it is a huge tree and has enormous bats in it for half the year (then they migrate). So, that's cool!  
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