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Cleveland Guardians


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7 minutes ago, imsys0042 said:

I tried to get into football a few years ago, but I just can't keep up any conversation about the endless stats that people cite.   Also, I can't stand the way that the clock stops every 6 seconds near the end of the game.  This makes the last 3 minutes of game time be like 30 minutes.  At least to me.

I highly suggest you stay away from watching NBA games then.

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1 hour ago, chspeed said:

The letter with the wings looks pretty close to me.

But they have pretty good documentation of exactly where it came from:


The Cleveland are being renamed the Guardians after a set of monumental Art Deco statues on a bridge near the stadium.



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7 hours ago, chspeed said:

Man, this team's lawyers must be busy.

Cleveland changes MLB team nickname to Guardians after months of discussion  | CBC Sports

Anaheim Svg Vector Freebie - Anaheim Angels Old Logo Clipart (#1984719) -  PinClipart

Old Angels logo

The "G" logo reminds me of the wings on Mercury's shoes:


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    • The greens were very slow when we played, so it was not an issue. 
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