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Cap Patrol - Handicap Evaluation


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1 hour ago, saevel25 said:

"Golfers playing in a normal number of events (defined as eight during a two-year period) should place first no more than once and may have one other high finish, such as fourth place, in that eight-event span. Anything beyond that is not statistically reasonable."

Just because, it will be detrimental to those who are improving their golf game. What if someone starts a year off playing at a 15 handicap. Works their butt off, and constantly improves, dropping to a 5 handicap over the next two years. If they play in tournaments, their handicap should go down, but it will not catch up to the rate they are improving, and they could very likely finish high in a lot of tournaments. Maybe the program will flag it and an adjustment would be made.

This is why human judgment is important in this process. From reading the article, it sounds like this is not an automatic adjustment and the handicap committee still needs to review it.

That said, if someone loses that many strokes on their handicap and is still winning a lot of tournaments as a 5, they probably still need an adjustment. The handicap system is not built to reflect quick improvement like that. 

-- Daniel

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I hate sandbaggers but I don't think this system catches the ones who are proficient at it. We tried it out last year on a trial basis but didn't follow up this season. After hearing the original presentation, it appeared to me that it was started by a scratch or low handicapper who just doesn't like to give strokes and is frustrated with the handicap system as a whole.

We track who plays and get very aggressive when players don't post their scores. Not much you can do about the guys who post "honey-do" scores when, say, they are playing with their spouse but, if it is a competition of any kind, the golf staff posts the scores. And those of us who play for money, well, if we tolerate the sandbaggers, that's on us. We know who they are. 

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Bill M

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5 hours ago, phan52 said:

. And those of us who play for money, well, if we tolerate the sandbaggers, that's on us. We know who they are. 

Yeah, I hear you there. I can't avoid it in league, but it affects calcutta bets, so that's something I have to be careful with. 


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    • No way that ball doesn’t go in with the flag stick out. That’s just a rare one there.
    • I started off playing the Kirkland balls this year.  I haven't seen scuffing any different than any other tour ball.  But I usually start with a new ball every round and retire the used ball to the practice pile.  I've gone through maybe two dozen balls, losing some and retiring some.  But last round I played a TP5 and now seriously having second thoughts on the Kirkland ball.  I think the Kirk's perform well in a simulator but in real life they just don't fly as far, launch lower, and have too much spin on the driver (for me).  Sure you can spin the crap out of them with a wedge.  But there must be a difference in the aerodynamics.  With the TP5 I was hitting my drives 10 to 20+ yards further on average and much higher launch (hole by hole vs last time I played the same course).  But that was just one round so who knows (e.g. temperature, wind, fairway firmness, etc).  But definitely a difference off the driver.  5 wood carry was 15 yards further.   You can look at data on MyGolfSpy at the differences: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/golfspy.t/viz/MyGolfSpy2021GolfBallTest/2021GolfBallData But do they do these tests by actually hitting balls into a real range and measuring where they land?  I doubt it.  Simulator tests assume an aero profile given the launch and spin.   So is kirkland a good value, absolutely especially if you lose balls every round.  But is there something left on the table?  Probably.  Maybe not 20 yards of driver, but my gut says it's not exactly optimal for me.  So i got a box of TP5's and am going to test out the difference next couple rounds.  
    • I don’t know. It was center of the cup. Or left center 😜
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