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Colored Golf Balls

White vs. Colored Golf Balls  

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  1. 1. Which best summarizes your position on colored vs. white golf balls.

    • White balls only for me.
    • I don't mind colored golf balls, but I prefer to play white.
    • I'll play whatever.
    • I prefer colored golf balls.
    • I play only colored golf balls.

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Bought a box of yellow Snells because of this thread lol. 


Kill slow play. Allow walking. Reduce ineffective golf instruction. Use environmentally friendly course maintenance.

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I voted White Golf Balls Only. 

I figure if I play a colored golf ball, my mind would get use to it, but currently I do struggle to pick out the colored golf ball on the course when looking for it. 

After reading the article, it might be worth trying. 

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On 6/11/2022 at 6:46 PM, Zippo said:

I prefer a colored ball. A white ball is too matchy, matchy with my white belt...

You either need to give up the white balls or white belt.

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2 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

You either need to give up the white balls or white belt.

I’m pretty sure you’d prefer I wear the belt over the beltless result!  😀

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I like the yellow ball in the winter, or a cloudy day. As I get older, the eyes are not getting any better, so might switch to yellow full time.

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I generally prefer playing a white ball, but in the Spring when the mountains are snow capped it can be tough to track a white ball on certain holes.  So sometimes I will play with a yellow ball.

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  • 3 weeks later...

White, also use orange on par 5s or when the hole is out of sight and yes, a light pink. The light pink were my Mom’s.  I use these in her honor.  

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53 minutes ago, SashaB said:

I use these in her honor.


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From the land of perpetual cloudiness.   I'm Denny

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Our driving range sits between #1 fairway and #18 fairway.  Currently we have white range balls.  They changed from yellow balls about a month ago.  On #1 and #18 I am not using yellow balls.  If range balls go back to yellow, I will switch to white.  

Generally, whatever color ball I tee off with on #1 is what I play for the entire round, when playing at home.  In my tournament leagues, I normally play the e12 ball is sort of a mustard color.  No one else in the league plays that color ball.  

Didn't vote as there was no "mixed" option and the "whatever" option seem to imply you don't care...and I do.  

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