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Colored Golf Balls

White vs. Colored Golf Balls  

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  1. 1. Which best summarizes your position on colored vs. white golf balls.

    • White balls only for me.
    • I don't mind colored golf balls, but I prefer to play white.
    • I'll play whatever.
    • I prefer colored golf balls.
    • I play only colored golf balls.

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Will white golf ball always dominate? At Fully Equipped, we think it's a matter of time until we see greater adoption of non-white balls.

We have a few topics about colored golf balls, but I don't know about one with a recent good survey/poll. So please vote above, then read the linked article: Fully Equipped mailbag: Will white golf balls ever go extinct?

I don't play colored golf balls (I'll occasionally play a yellow Pro V1 or whatever during a practice round or something, but whatever) mainly because I think they're tougher to find in the rough or wherever else on the course. A solid white object isn't camouflaged like some TP5 Pix balls, or the Chrome Truvis balls, or some of the colored balls that blend in with leaves or look like flowers.

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Personally I’m a yellow golf ball guy. For me they are way easier to track and find in the rough. I like the pro v shade of yellow (back in the day Z-Star). 

Other colors seem really hard to find in the rough for me. 

I feel like I don’t get judged as harshly as 10 years ago for using colored balls. 

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We have quite a few cottonwood trees in the area.   The white seeds makes it difficult to find a white ball sometimes.   During the fall, white seems to be the best contrast but I find that the yellow color is easier for me to see and find. 

From the land of perpetual cloudiness.   I'm Denny

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I definitely prefer white but would use yellow if needed. I’m not a fan of Truvite or balls with silly markings/designs on them.  

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I have a mix of white and colored balls. No preference either way.  I prefer the highlighter yellow/green color if I’m playing a colored ball.


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I play white because I find them easier to find in the air and ground. My wife plays vivid colored balls, which are fine except in the fall with the vivid colored leaves that are on the course.


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I like the optic yellow golf balls because:

1) I find them easier to follow in the air,

2) For me they are as easy to find on the ground as white, and

3) Because most of the people I play with still use white, it makes it easier for me to identify my ball (that I use Snells also helps in this regard). 

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F. None of the above.
I play yellow in the winter—easier to see on the fairway that time of year. Switch to white when the fairways green up in the spring. Switch back to yellow when fairway color fades in the fall. 

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Several years ago, I bought a 72-pack (six dozens) of Snell Get Sum.  The company had a deal -- I think I paid $85 including shipping.  The choices were six dozen white or six dozen yellow.  I asked if I could get five dozen white and one dozen yellow, and they allowed it.

At my then-home course, holes 9 and 18 border the driving range and balls often escape.  Finding your third shot on the par-5 18th or left-rough tee shot on 9 can be tough with a white ball.  So for whatever reason, I decided I'd play yellow balls on those holes.  For a while, I left a sleeve of yellow Get Sum balls in my bag for those holes, and I'd often remember that I wanted to play a yellow ball that hole after I left the tee.

So I'm open to it and have periodically for a hole, but I don't think I've ever played a full round with a golf ball that isn't white.  

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Whenever I play a provisional I use a colored ball.  I drop one in my left front pocket, at the start of the round, and endeavor to have it remain there.

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I used to be a yellow ball person...I liked that I could easily identify my ball in a group.

However, I definitely started to notice what @iacas mentions in his post - I think yellow was harder to find in the rough or in leaves.  I switched to white last fall and haven't gone back.

- John

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Yellow Pro V1x, pretty much all I play, except I have 5 dozen white ones in my locker, will use those when I run put of yellow ones to play.  At my age, I find the yellow balls easier to see.

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Over half the time I play white balls, however about a third of the time I play colored balls. I like the Titleist yellow and the colored Vice balls.   I’m the winter I like the MaxFli soft feel in either pink or blue.   I have played numerous shades of green, yellow, blue, red and pink.   



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I got certain color-blindness issues that make colored balls really tough for me to use. The yellow ones are the second-best alternative. In a pinch, a found yellow ball may get used, but it isn't something that I'd buy.

The orange, red or blue balls are pretty much useless for me.

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I'll play whatever, but will usually switch it up depending on season/time of day as I often play twilight. I do find that in the summer the colored balls are easier to find/track, but not such a big difference that I would only use colored. I did notice in the fall though that white was easier to find on the ground. I suppose I could hit it in the fairway more often, where there are less trees.

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