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Last (Golf) Thing You Bought

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Not the golf store, but Craigslist.  Found an ad on CL for "golf club making equipment" yesterday.  Ended up getting a Maltby loft/lie machine, a 6" cutoff saw, buffer with a hand full of extra buffing wheels and wire wheels, a couple different measuring sticks, a ferrule turning jig, an odd length & lie measuring tool, some various wedges including a couple unique ones (one with a milled face but no grooves, one beryllium).  Also got a Craftsman workbench with a thick butcher block top that had all kinds of stuff in the drawers; brand new but fairly old grips, leather strips, several rolls of grip tape, sanding belts of various grits, tons of steel wool.  Also a 30 gallon drum that had probably two dozen other clubs, mostly persimmon woods that had been restored by the old man that had all the equipment.

Got all this for $200.






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I was talking to a guy a while back that sold those old woods. He said that he's sold a bunch to people that will refinish them then polyeurethane the crap out of them and turn them into taps for their bar. The rich fellers around Pinehurst can afford to have a bar complete with taps in their houses.

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My last trip to an actual golf store was a small purchase with two putter grips and a bag of tees.  Last night, however, I spent $600 online on clubs I do not need and only purchased because the prices were too good to pass up.  I'm sick in the head.

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I couldn't turn down $300 for a complete set 4-AW. When I bought them the guy told me that it was funny because they had just gotten those irons back the day before from a guy that had bought them a week ago. He said that the guy that bought them buys new clubs quite often.

Now I can't blame my bad iron shots on crappy irons. The old ones really are crappy, the 7 iron has a nice dent right in the center just from hitting balls with it.

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Walked into the golf store today to see if they had a driver box I could have and walked out with yet another glove (plus the box).  I think this is the 8th glove purchase in 7 months.  This one feels really nice though, the leather on the bottom is textured almost like a microfiber towel.

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Last trip to Golfsmith was a big one: Bought a new Taylormade Superfast 1.0 Driver (10.5 Loft with Stiff Shaft), also picked up a slightly used Callaway x-series Jaws 52 degree wedge, the old one with the mack daddy grooves. Later that night, i got on ebay and found a matching 56 degree wedge. Now on the lookout for the 60 degree wedge!

Anyone have experience with these wedges?

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    • That's awesome.    Oh my goodness! This so reminds me of my dad. I started playing golf in my 20's and ever since I can remember my dad has carried more than 14 clubs. At one point I was lugging his huge-ass-cart-bag out to the car and I counted 21 clubs, plus a ball retriever. Hell, there might have been a Golden Retriever in their that damned bag was so heavy. 😓 Anyway, there was never any point in telling my pops that 14 clubs is the legal limit. His response was always the same "Ah, that's a bullshit rule." ... Honestly, how do you argue with that? 
    • I often do, perhaps because I'm so accustomed to watching subtitled foreign language films on Netflix. Watching an English language film, I sometimes can't make out dialog otherwise.
    • My golf game is presently in mothballs until April, but I'll be ready to go. By this season's end, I had my first complete bag overhaul since 2009. I'm also down to a conforming fouteen clubs, which is always a plus. I managed that with 6º gaps at th short end--42° 9-iron and 48-54-60 wedge complement.     After a near non-existent 2020 Covid-restrictions diminished season, the whole club is jabbed and everything got back close to normal this season. It rained most of July, but by August, I was playing somethging resembling golf for the first time in a while.  GIR rate got reasonable.  Doubles minimized.   Looking forward to next season already.  
    • My driver used to be my 14th club as I rarely pulled it from the bag. Now, maybe for the first time since my Titleist Howiter a cuiple of decades ago, I've got one that I can hit from four or five tees in a typical round.   Thus, I no longer have a "14th" club.     
    • A guy on the range yesterday asked me about the MEVO Plus I was using. I showed him what it can do. He said he was interested in the Garmin but it was sold out. I told him this has a lot more features and will have the Pro package add on next year.
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