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If You Had Only Five Clubs to Play With…



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  1. 1. What clubs would you choose for a Five-Club Challenge?

    • Driver
    • 3-4 wood (or hybrid 13*-17*)
    • 5-7 wood (or hybrid 18*-22*)
    • 3-iron
    • 4-iron
    • 5-iron
    • 6-iron
    • 7-iron
    • 8-iron
    • 9-iron
    • PW
    • Gap Wedge
    • Lob Wedge
    • Putter
    • Other (2-irons, more lofted hybrids, etc.)
    • Sand Wedge

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I voted:
4 iron
7 iron

My friends and I use to have competitions with ONE club just before dark. We would decide on a hole and what club to use (everyone use the same one). We would go and play the hole to see who could get the lowest score.

I have birdied and pared many par 5's with just a PW... haha.. skulling the ball isn't always the worst thing

Titleist 913 D3 10.5*

Adams Super XTD 17*

Adams DHY 21*

TaylorMade TP MB 4-PW

Titleist SM4 54*/58*/62*

Bettinardi SS 11

Leupold GX-3i Rangefinder

Titleist ProV1 Ball

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Right now, I'd use...
Gap wedge

I have a 5-club tourney coming up later in the year. We'll see if this same config makes it in the bag.

Driver: R7 SuperQuad TP 9.5° Fujikura Rombax 6X07
Hybrid: Rescue TP 19°

Orlimar3wood: Hip-Steel 15° (oldie but goodie)Irons: Ping i10 [4-GW] DG X-100Wedges: Ping Tour-W [54° & 58°] DG X-100Putter: i-Series Piper HBalls: B330-S or e5+

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Brassie(14*),Jigger(26*),Mashie(37*),Niblick(56*),Putter mainly what i use anyway most of the time
Driver:Louisville Golf Transitional driver(15*)
Wood:Tad Moore/Tom Morris Brassie(14*)
Long IronTad Moore/Tom Morris Cleek(18*)
Long Iron:Tad Moore/Tom Morris Mid Iron(22*)
Approach:Tad Moore OA Hickories Jigger(26*)Approach:Burke T ray Mongrel MashieApproach:Tad Moore OA Hickories Mashie(37*)Short:Geor...
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Driver, 5-iron, 9-iron, SW and putter

G15 9* w/Aldila Serrano 63S
FT 4 wood w/ Aldila NVS 75S
i15 20* hybrid w/UST Mamiya Avix Core Tour Red 84S
4-PW MP-57 w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 (+0.5")
52, 56 and 60 degree MP-10 Satin w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge FlexStudio Stock #4, BB25, Fastback 1.5 or Backstryke Blade..... @ 34"P...

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I was supposed to play in a 3-club this winter, but it poured rain the day of. Five clubs:

3H: Can ramp it up to 230-ish if I try, but generally I can just stripe it 210. Also great for bump-chips around the green.

7I: On a long par 4, my 3H + 7I would get me real close, but I could still use the 7I for shorter par 3's, like down to probably 135.

9I: Tweener for shots 100-> shortest 7I, and longer chip and runs

SW: I have a heavy Callaway forged, so it works in deep rough, but I can also hit from a tight lie. Can hit it anywhere from 100 yd -> in.


Nothing in the swing is done at the expense of balance.

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5 iron
7 iron
9 iron
Gap Wedge

These should work fine as long as there aren't any 200+ par 3's
My Bag

Driver: Sumo 460 10.5º Stiff
4 & 7 Woods: T-40 Stiff
Irons: Tight Lies GT 3-PWWedges: Tom Watson SignaturePutter: Daiwa DG-245Ball: One PlatinumGone Golfin'
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Driver, 3-iron (hybrid), 7-iron, Putter, Sand Wedge.
In the Bag:
Driver:Exotics XLD 10.5° Standard-Flex
Woods: Acuity Turbo Max
Hybrids: Acuity Turbo Max
Irons: Acuity Turbo MaxWedges: Acuity Turbo MaxPutter: X3 Double Milled 1200Shoes: Walter Hagen Tour StopGlove: Walter Hagen CadetBall:Tiger Shark Attack Life 4 - Distance
WeeT's "home...
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I played, and won, a 5-club tournament at our club a few years back using:

3-wood (I'd use my 19 degree hybrid now)
Gap wedge (52 degrees)

This lineup has good spacing and I didn't have to take too many funky swings...like a 125 yard 8-iron.

Fairways and Greens.


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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

  • 3 weeks later...
3 iron for off the tee, 7 iron for approach, pitching wedge for variety of shots 135 yards and in, sand wedge around the greens, and a putter.
driver- X460 tour 9.5 Aldila NVS 75
irons- X-forged 3-PW TT BlackGold stiff
wedges- x-tour vintage 52, 56, 60
hybrid- FT-hybrid #2 17* putter- Sophia 33" "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."_Mario Andretti
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3 iron
7 iron
That would be my line up ,but could change depending on the course

In The Bag
Mizuno MX 560 Driver
Taylor made 3 wood
Mizuno HIFLI 21*
Mizuno MX 25's 4-pwMizuno MX series wedges 50, 56*/11 & 60*Bettinardi C02 putter4 bottles of pilsner,2 packs cigars

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5 wood - 210-220 yds off the tee or deck
7 iron - 150 yds
9 iron - 130 yds
Sand wedge - 100 yds (56 deg)

These are also the clubs I am most comfortable with - eg, more consistent with my 7 than I am with my 6 or 8 irons.

I think it would be pretty interesting to see what I could score only using these.

Fusion #3
Big Bertha Warbird #5
755 3-PW
Vokey SM56.10 & 60.08 White Hot 2-ball

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This was hard ... :)

I usually begin my season with just a half set

and if I had to ditch two clubs it would be the i6 and PW....

sourly missed thou...

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5 Iron
8 Iron
Sand Wedge

Everything in Moderation, Keep it Simple, Less is Best

Ping G10 clubs:   D-9*, 3W-15.5*, H-18*, Irons-4 thru PW, W-50/ 54/ 58*, P- Redwood Zing 

Ball-Pro V1



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5 Clubs isn't a challenge! 3 is more like it! 3 wood, 7 iron, putter!

We regularly play with 6 in our college practice matches - sharpens up your game alright - but if you're creative - you can shoot the same number as normal :)

good poll!

Taylormade R9 10.5 L Grafalloy Prolaunch Platinum stiff 65g
Taylormade R9 15 NU YS+6 stiff 65g
Taylormade R9 19 NU YS+6 stiff 65g
Taylormade Tour Preferred 4-PW KBS Tour X-Stiff Cleveland CG12 RTG+ DSG 51Cleveland CG12 RTG+ DSG 55Cleveland CG12 RTG+ DSG 59Yes! Tracy II putterTitleist...

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    • Lol I'm not even going to argue with someone who asks about another's profession as some weird condescending ego stroke. Its incredibly clear that there is prior precedent for sports leagues and anti trust violations in this exact type of situation. The density it takes to be this sure of yourself about the righteousness of the PGA Tour here is incredible. Its not black and white.
    • Day 26: 8/12/2022 I got some really good practice in today. Went to the range. Hit about 50 balls with my 6-iron. (Block Practice) How I did it was 5 balls at a time. Focusing entirely on one of three things.  Five balls focusing on a movement I'm trying to get right with my hips. Slow mo first. A little faster second. Then do it full speed with no ball. Then full speed with a ball.  The next five balls. Focused on a move I'm trying to get right in my backswing. Again, slow mo, a little faster, full speed no ball, and then full speed with a ball.  The next five balls. Focused on my hand path. Same as above. Slow mo, a little faster, full speed, then hit a ball.  Rinse and repeat.  Then I hit ten balls with the driver. I'm trying to improve my driver consistency. So, what I did was focus on a pre-shot routine and my set up. Tried to hit all 10 into an imaginary fairway.  Then I went over to the putting green and after warming up I did @iacas's "Makeable Putts Game". I scored 13 points... Not sure if that's good or bad. But I know I can do better.  Lastly, since I also want to improve my wedge play, I went over to the short game area and hit 36 different pitch shots from about 20 to about 70 yards. (Random Practice?)  I really wish I had time every day to do the practice I did today. I feel like everything I worked on are important things that can help me improve. 
    • It is a disbarrable offense for a lawyer to lie in a court pleading, so I'm going with what the lawyer said in the suit, not what the LIV PR flack says. Just playing common sense here, but LIV not being able to provide competition for their players is one of the silliest claims yet.  If they want competition, play the tour.  If they're just interested in money play LIV. The PGA pays what it pays based on how much they actually generate, which has absolutely nothing to do with what other sports pay, that generate what they generate.  LIV pays based on how much money the Saudis want to sportswash and has nothing to do with how much LIV generates.  But how strange that a non-competitive league would set itself up against the ultra-competitive PGATour. I had asked about your profession, in a prior message, because I was looking to see if my surmise that it had nothing to do with law or economics was correct.
    • Hang in there, brother. I've been there. We all have. Driver is great at the range, but sucky on the course.  A couple of things. It will come. Keep up your range work and it will transfer. Just know that it will ... eventually. Be patient. Stick to the plan.  Maybe try to hit the driver a little extra in warming up before the round? When doing so, try to find a swing thought that works "that day".  You can always try visualizing the range when on the tee-box. Imagine you are on the range. Really "see" the range. That can also get you thru.  If none of that works, one thing that sometimes works for me is to image the golf ball sitting on the tee is a nail, and nail is just started to be hammered into a baseboard. I'm trying to hammer that nail into a baseboard. But the only hammer I was given is 46" long. Forget all the mechanics and just try hitting the nail on the head.  Lastly, sometimes it only takes one round of hitting it well and suddenly everything kind of "clicks" into place. Sometimes it only takes one shot.   
    • I thought Minnie driver was great in GoldenEye!  Oh wait, that's not what you meant.   
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