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If You Had Only Five Clubs to Play With…



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  1. 1. What clubs would you choose for a Five-Club Challenge?

    • Driver
    • 3-4 wood (or hybrid 13*-17*)
    • 5-7 wood (or hybrid 18*-22*)
    • 3-iron
    • 4-iron
    • 5-iron
    • 6-iron
    • 7-iron
    • 8-iron
    • 9-iron
    • PW
    • Gap Wedge
    • Lob Wedge
    • Putter
    • Other (2-irons, more lofted hybrids, etc.)
    • Sand Wedge

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I voted:
4 iron
7 iron

My friends and I use to have competitions with ONE club just before dark. We would decide on a hole and what club to use (everyone use the same one). We would go and play the hole to see who could get the lowest score.

I have birdied and pared many par 5's with just a PW... haha.. skulling the ball isn't always the worst thing

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I was supposed to play in a 3-club this winter, but it poured rain the day of. Five clubs:

3H: Can ramp it up to 230-ish if I try, but generally I can just stripe it 210. Also great for bump-chips around the green.

7I: On a long par 4, my 3H + 7I would get me real close, but I could still use the 7I for shorter par 3's, like down to probably 135.

9I: Tweener for shots 100-> shortest 7I, and longer chip and runs

SW: I have a heavy Callaway forged, so it works in deep rough, but I can also hit from a tight lie. Can hit it anywhere from 100 yd -> in.

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I played, and won, a 5-club tournament at our club a few years back using:

3-wood (I'd use my 19 degree hybrid now)
Gap wedge (52 degrees)

This lineup has good spacing and I didn't have to take too many funky swings...like a 125 yard 8-iron.
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  • 3 weeks later...
5 wood - 210-220 yds off the tee or deck
7 iron - 150 yds
9 iron - 130 yds
Sand wedge - 100 yds (56 deg)

These are also the clubs I am most comfortable with - eg, more consistent with my 7 than I am with my 6 or 8 irons.

I think it would be pretty interesting to see what I could score only using these.
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This was hard ... :)

I usually begin my season with just a half set

and if I had to ditch two clubs it would be the i6 and PW....

sourly missed thou...

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5 Clubs isn't a challenge! 3 is more like it! 3 wood, 7 iron, putter!

We regularly play with 6 in our college practice matches - sharpens up your game alright - but if you're creative - you can shoot the same number as normal :)

good poll!
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    • Thanks Bill. It's interesting that you consider the DG to be a low trajectory shaft. It makes me think that the fitter really didn't care enough to try to increase my apex to attempt to accommodate my low spin rate. He didn't take any measurement for club length either, so I'm apparently standard everything, but stiffer shaft to accommodate my swing speed.   To be fair, the fitter did say exactly that - they will adjust the lie angle if it doesn't work for me, but like I said in another reply, how would I ever know if it is not working for me if I don't have a basis for comparison with other lie angles? I also have fairly short legs, yet bizarrely a 35.5" wrist to floor measurement - which puts me at 2 degrees upright, according to Ping... Hence my concern that I'm just "standard" everything.
    • What shaft is your friend using?  Maybe a good place to start is that shaft profile.  From there, you have a pretty nice budget to get whatever irons you want.
    • @Nick-uk Just a thought, you can always get your lie adjusted (whether you do it now or later).  It’s pretty simple to have done down the road.  I had mine adjusted 1 degree upright after the fact. FWIW… We’re similar height, similar distance with the 7i.  I’ve been playing the DG S300 and S400 for as long as I’ve been playing, and very happy with them.  I did try different shafts once, ran back to the DG.  I can only assume the DG product life has existed for a long time for a reason. Also, unless someone is quite short or tall, most people will be fine with a “standard” fit.
    • Unless I’m working off of outdated information, the standard Dynamic Gold shafts haven’t really changed much in decades. They’re known to be low launch and high spin, kind of the preferred trajectory of yesteryear. Again, spin rate alone is not enough information, but low spin rate + low apex height suggests an issue to me. It could just be your swing, but it’s also possible that shaft doesn’t fit you anyway. Just for reference I’m a “low spin” ball striker myself, but my 7i averages 5900 rpm, not 4000. My average apex height is 95’ though. I play KBS Tours. I was fitted out of DG S300 years ago. They don’t work for me.
    • PXG 0211 Dual Core. $77/club. New XF driver $299. Done. Solid.
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