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Music on the Course - When Did This Become a Thing?

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On 11/27/2020 at 11:16 AM, Double Mocha Man said:

Yeah, not sure where that comes from. I prefer natural sounds and the quiet vacuum of my brain.

For some people it’s quite the opposite. They need the noise to quiet their brain.

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I just got finished writing up the rules sheet for our first tournament of the season and the first thing we did was put in this local rule prohibiting music on the course. It just doesn't have a plac

Ugh. If only people who want to hear the music can hear the music, do what makes you happy. If someone who doesn't want to hear the music can, it's discourteous.

I am very much a music lover. That being said, time & a place. In my humble opinion. Not on the course. I feel it distracts from the natural rhythm of the day. I like to hear the frogs & the b

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I'm 67. I walk and push. I don't listen to music on the course. I get my hour of music daily at home. I don't need the added hassle. Most folks who I am paired with, who do play music, ask if I mind. I always answer no, I don't mind. It's always low. 

Crazy thing...9 out of 10 times...they stream the late 60's/early 70's hits of my youth. Often I get offered a hit. lol Growing up in my house, my 33 year old son introduced me to everything from Jack Johnson to Lamb of God. We both play music. There isn't much out there that will offend me.

I also don't want to be that old curmudgeon who screams at clouds. I play enough, I see many of these folks multiple times a season. 

Its great to see the number of younger golfers on the course these days. Maybe some will stay long after the zombie apocalypse eases.

Stay safe and healthy

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I personally do not like music on the course. Nobody I play with does it. If I end up playing along with people who do play music I tend to just deal with it unless they ask and I’ll tell them I’d rather not. I don’t say anything about it though unless they ask. I haven’t noticed any impact to my game the times I have played with music but I have always just been the type to prefer quiet.

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