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Is the golf season almost over for you?

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I hope it's not over for me.. I still have a lot of golf left in me!


When are you guys calling it.

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The lack of light after work is certainly making it a problem. If it's cloudy it's getting tough to see the ball after 6:30 PM. After we set the clocks back I'll switch to mornings as weather permits. Fortunately with 300 days a year of sunshine in CO most courses operate year round and I'll be out there.when the opportunity presents. I'm ready to go, got the cold weather gear in my bag.

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Yep, I'm still down to play here in CO. Once the snow comes, it will get harder to play though. I'm trying to get in as much as possible. Good thing I have trips to FL & TX in the winter to keep the game solid for next season.

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Year round golf in South Carolina.

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Nah! Most of us can place 365 days a year over in England.c3_clap.gif

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Course here on Long Island usually stay open until November weather permitting.  Right now most courses and ranges are on summer hours but once the weather changes, they'll make the switch to their fall schedule. 

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So. Cal, FTW!

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Sun-wise.. I am still able to get a round in before 7:10ish pm, which it then gets too dark.


Weather-wise.. the Chicago winds have just been unbearable lately.. and really killing my ability to play effectively and enjoy my rounds. The weather has been up and down.. but I'm really hoping I can play at least til mid-November.


Global Warming.. do your worst.

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If the ground isn't covered in snow......I'm playing!

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All year round for the most part. :)

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Originally Posted by ejimsmith View Post

So. Cal, FTW!

Quite honestly, I think it's just getting cool enough to start golfing now here in So. Cal.

On one summer day (in the midst of a great heat wave), my kids' coach asked me "What, cancel the class? We've had class all week. Of course we are playing." it was 105 degrees and unseasonably humid for here.

You folks up in the east coast and mid west have great spring and summer golf with lots of trees (most of whom of my golf balls would become intimately involved with) and beautiful scenery.

Feel good you had a great season, ours is just really beginning.
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We golf all year in San Antonio.  I'm going to miss the long days and uncrowded courses of summer, though.  For some reason, ordinary people dont want to play golf when it's 104 degrees out.  I love it, though.

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I'm sorry ... I don't understand your question.   What is a "season?" e2_whistling.gif

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Golf season never ends in AZ!

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Im not planning on calling it until December when all the courses close and even then I intend to hit up the golf dome all winter long.

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Nope, year round in DFW. I'm actually going to be playing more now that it's not five million degrees outside.

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Im living in London, UK, and it has just gotten to the point that I cannot play a whole 18 after work (tee off at 5ish) as its getting dark around 19:15 and the day is shorter by 4 minutes every day...  So my after work 18 is done, I have to revert to 9... then over winter I will probably stop mostly as its cold and dark and there is only light from 8 - 4pm.

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What part of "in FL" did you not understand?!

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