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List your favorite piece of golf equipment!

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It can be cool or just fun to have. My favorite things are a stupid ball marker i found on the links in carmel, turned it in to the lost and found and when no one claimed it they sent it to me i think its cool.
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My divot repair tool, my dad gave it to me when I was young. He told me "If you ever want to beat me, you should learn to use this." It's the first thing I take out and first thing I put away.

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Probably my putter.  SC Newport 2.  My ball marker from Mayakoba is #2.  I played there a few times on my honeymoon.

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If my wife wouldn't pitch a fit, I'd sleep with my wedges..... 


Failing that, I also have to fall back on the silly pitch-mark repair tool that I've had more than 30 years.

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My Garmin GPS, gives me all the info I need.

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this isn't an answer to your question at all.


If you consider golf clubs (and the associated peripherals) nothing more than tools of the trade, I consider the event of actually playing the prize.  In the same way that a carpenter doesn't show off his tools, but shoes off his finished work.  To me, the tools change, get replaced, upgraded, etc.  The event, spending a day walking around in a park like setting.  At the least spending it with like minded individuals (fellow golfers) and even better when you are amongst family and friends.  To clear your head of every stress in life, clearing your head, and focusing on the simple task of placing a small dimpled ball into a slightly larger hole several hundred yards away. 


So I guess to me, my favorite golf equipment isn't a piece of equipment at all.  Its the experience, its hitting the wedge close and sinking the putt to save par.  It's the beer that you share with your playing partners after the round to reminisce about the good shots, and laugh about the bad shots. 



If that answer is too Walt Whitman, than the most important accessory of the golf game is the drink holder, be it the one on my pull cart, or the one in my riding cart. 

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Ten years or so ago my dad made me a custom ball mark fixer.  Not only does it work great but he put my initials on it.  Very special to me. 

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It would be my divnick. The ultimate 1-club that replaces all clubs in your bag. It has a telescopic shaft and when collapsed, it fits in a fanny pack.

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Just drove a Garia golf cart down Park Lane in London, if you want to travel in style, I would recommend this..



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New to me Callaway FT-IQ Fubuki Driver.....was hitting it dead straight all round yesterday

Also bought a brand new Odyssey White Hot XG Putter that I have been playing very well with.


Favorite non-golf related item, but in my bag --> I have an old Portuguese Escudo coin that I use as a ball marker.

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Favorite item is my Nickent Evolver Driver, especially with the UST Proforce V2HL Shaft.  Second favorite would be the divot tool I got when I played Pebble Beach.  Now that it's about $600 to play (unless you stay at the Lodge) I've probably played it for the last time, since I don't have quite the game that I used to have.

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