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What Driver Will I Be Purchasing?

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With the 2020 season ending for most, it may be time for a driver change. My swing speed is in the low 90's and my hc is 14.2 . Right now I am playing a Callaway XR16, which is approaching 5 yo now, and I think the technology is such that I could benefit from an upgrade. My biggest consideration is dispersion, as distance is only good when the ball is playable, and much more playable in the fairway. My considerations include:

Mavik Max


Ping G410 Plus

Ping G425 Max 

I am curious to what others have to say about these drivers and whether you are considering a new driver purchase yourself.

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I bought the b21 about a month ago and love it. At the store it gave me the best consistent spin numbers compared to the Sim and Mav maxs. Im a reformed slice which I cured 10 years ago. My big miss with my M 2 was a push to fade that would creep in once or twice a round. With the b21 lower spin my push shots wouldn't fade as bad or even become some really nice draw back to fairway shots. Which ever way you go with it really helps to get fitted so you get the right head shaft combo. I have the stock light 45 shaft that on the monitor and real life gave me a lot better dispersion and ball speed over the regular shafts. 

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Pretty much any driver made right now is going to be really good. The best thing you could do is go get fit, but if you don't want to or can't do that, I would at least go and try hitting them all on your own and seeing if any stand out above the rest.

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