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What Constitutes Slow Play?

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58 minutes ago, DrvFrShow said:

I can't wait for the state to open up full again so people go back to work and the courses aren't as crowded.

That's the key takeaway here...

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Sometimes I think golf needs a "DELAY OF GAME: 10 YARD PENALTY" flag to be thrown. "Sorry, Bud. You're teeing off back there now."

New study finds slow walkers four times more likely to die from COVID-19: study  

Let’s be clear about something, too: “ready golf” is not what makes for fast play. You can play perfectly “honors” golf more quickly than another group plays “ready golf.” Walk quickly.

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2 hours ago, DrvFrShow said:

 I can't wait for the state to open up full again so people go back to work and the courses aren't as crowded.

I've been working primarily from home since the pandemic began and I haven't found the time to play as much golf as before the pandemic.  I need to get on these people's schedule. :-$

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2 hours ago, DrvFrShow said:

they had enough and wanted to split off and play ahead. Fine, but it just slowed the course down even more because we had to wait for them to wait for the group in front etc

I understand wanting to get away from the complainers but overall it hurt those behind you.

Good part is you could hit into them and tell them to pick up the pace since they were now holding you up.😜

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3 hours ago, Sandy Lie said:

Played #8 today in 2:40.  Just a twosome in carts. Played through a Resort Foursome.  Could have played a bit faster but my friend who is 70 can’t seem to find his ball much anymore.  I’ve become his fore caddie!  LOL!  Age has its own handicap on the course.

Just missed you by a few days, we played #8 on Sunday a week ago, during the afternoon members times.  The first 9 wasn't bad, but we played too quick, and ran into the last few groups waiting to begin their round in the double-tee system.  Ah well, it was golf.

22 hours ago, Billy Z said:

Our 4some just played this saturday in 4 hours. I never, ever, expect to play under 4 hours on a saturday. I'll take 4-4:15 any day the course has a good amount of people on it. This 3-3.5 hour round is only for those who don't have anybody infront of them. It's impossible on most days when teeing off other than the first group or two.

I think a major part of the slow play discussion is personal preference and local custom.  In some parts of the world a walking fourball playing in 3-1/2 hours is normal, 4 is really slow.  In others, getting done in 4-12 is pretty quick.  The one critical thing is to be able to adapt, to speed up play to meet the local standard, or to accept slower play when its unavoidable.  If you can't walk 18 holes in 3:30, don't go to Scotland, if you can't stand taking 4:30 to play don't go to most golf resorts in the US.  And I mean the generic "you", not any particular person.

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For the most part, golfers are at the mercy of the slowest group on the course. Yes, they can be passed, but not by the majority. It really has to be a totally concerted effort by all players on the course, and that is difficult. Personally, if I could count on a round lasting 4 hours flat, I would be very pleased.

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    • Day 518: Did some backswing drills working on priority piece with Live View Pro camera. Hit some foam balls outside,  slow speed for a few 10-ball sets with rehearsals between, and then close to full speed for the last 10. 
    • Interesting.  I don't need them during a round, so if it lasts a few minutes, and that's enough to offload the rounds, that's good enough for me.  I wish they'd keep the Windows app working, I don't understand why they discontinued it.
    • Day 84.   Real balls today!  I hit a dozen balls this evening, slow backswing slow through, focusing on the chest down head back parts from last time.  After the first, I made good contact, so I think that's a good sign.  
    • Day 506 - May 17, 2021 Hit balls (including one ball into the parking lot) from the back of the range at Whispering Woods today. Didn't quite have the same feel as the other day, but… it's close.
    • So I was helping my daughter out at the back of the range today. I had chipped literally two 8-irons, then wanted her to take a break, so I said “watch this in case I duck hook it onto the practice green” (short game). I’m on the back of the range, hitting toward the mats that are 300 yards away. I hit it, a high seed, and… it hits by the mats (between two people, about six mats apart) and bounces into the parking lot. It’s a gravel parking lot, the ball didn’t go very far. But, ooooookay. So, that’s enough of that. My daughter was both in awe and frightened that I may have dented someone’s Honda. A student takes his Mevo out on the course to measure shots hit out there, and he said he measured my first tee shot a few days ago at 175 ball speed and 117.x (don’t remember the decimal value) clubhead speed. He bought a set of SuperSpeed sticks off eBay later that day. Wheeeeee.
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