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Last (Golf) Thing You Bought

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Just purchased the following for post surgery golf being that I am a USAF Veteran I thought they would be appropriate.  

Titleist T400 irons. I haven’t gotten them yet, but they are on order!

Bought a US Kids golf set and pink hello kitty balls for my daughter.  It's for her 3rd birthday so i'm just hoping she likes golf as much as her dad.

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I spent some money this past weekend. On Sunday I went to Target and bought 2 shirts and a pair of shorts. They have some good golf apparel, C9 by Champion.

Today I went to my local golf store and bought:

Callaway Hyper-Lite 4.0


Frogger Amphibian Towel


A glove


And a brush


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I like the Frogger brush but was a bit disappointed when I realized the "replacement" brush was nylon only which is not the same as the brush that comes pre-installed.

Originally Posted by glock35ipsc

Bought a very nice used Ping Tour 58° wedge, a Frogger brush, and a handful of grips.

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Mine came with both brushes; the nylon brush and the nylon/bronze brush.  The replacement pack also includes both brushes, nylon and nylon/bronze.



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I bought a Cleveland CG15 60* wedge yesterday and will be taking it to the range in 13 minutes (watching the clock at work right now).

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Bought my bride a set of clubs for her birthday. She's just starting out and I decided to get her a really nice set of clubs so at least she won't have to fight with bad equipment as she's learning to play. GG is having a sale until Father's Day where you spend $400 and get $100 off with a coupon and you can also deduct your Advantage Club points. The clubs are Adams A7OS, complete set with Driver,3,5,7 woods, 4,5,6 Hybrids, 7,8,9 irons,PW,SW. Also comes with a really nice cart bag and a mallet putter with milled face. All the clubs have Grafalloy L Flex shafts with those really soft Winn Ladies grips. I took her to the range last night. Her first time ever swinging a club and she actually hit a couple of nice shots with the SW. Nice, high trajectory and they went 50 yds. She hit a couple of 60 yarders with her PW. She hasn't hit any of the other clubs yet but I couldn't resist trying them out. I hit the very first one 180 yds. with her 6i Hybrid, which is at least 10 yds farther than I normally hit my 6i. After that I had to try them all. Couldn't believe how far and straight I could hit the ball with a nice, easy swing.

Anyway, the set was originally $999, marked down to $699, minus the $100 coupon I got them for $599. I think I hit a homerun. Doubt if she'll ever need to buy any more golf clubs.

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Bought a new putter about a week ago: Odyssey White Ice #1 for $130. Couldn't justify buying a black series or a cameron so I figured this felt best. Already shaved about 3-4 strokes per round putting.

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One of those Frogger towels and 36 practice TM TP/Black LDP No. 1s. Balls have been great, but the hook strap on the towel unthreaded after one round. Cut the rest off, just hang it from the other two straps on the other end. Might just cut a damn big hole in it, design flaw, are you listening Frogger!?

Also have the Frogger Pro brush the other week before that, great buy for 16 bucks!

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A Titleist black fitted hat with no darn cacophony of advertising!  (no PRO V1 on the side above the ears, or 910D2 in huge letters just above the ear or around back).

Just a nice, plain, black Titleist hat.  I'm pretty happy with myself.  :)

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I just got an AWESOME deal! Yesterday's Living Social coupon for my area was $25 for $50 at Pro Golf Discount, a golf chain here in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Right now, Callaway Tour i(s) balls are buy 2 dozen, get a dozen free. Including tax, the $25 for the coupon, and my military discount, I paid $62 for $140 worth of balls! Is that a deal or what?

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Originally Posted by hjimzaf

I just got an AWESOME deal! Yesterday's Living Social coupon for my area was $25 for $50 at Pro Golf Discount, a golf chain here in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Right now, Callaway Tour i(s) balls are buy 2 dozen, get a dozen free. Including tax, the $25 for the coupon, and my military discount, I paid $62 for $140 worth of balls! Is that a deal or what?

Oh man! This deal just got better! When I purchased the coupon, I shared the link of Facebook. I just got an email from Living Social saying that 3 people bought the coupon through my link and therefore, my coupon is free! I just 3 dozen balls for $37! Less than the price of 1 box!

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I've raided eBay with several used clubs to fill out a spare set, plus a midsize Titleist staff bag, but yesterday at Golf Headquarters in Rogers, AR:

-- A pair of Footjoy Contours

-- Black Widow ball retriever

-- Black Widow spikes

I then ordered another pair of the same Footjoy Contours in a different color from TGW.com.

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I've been spending a lot lately. Just got back from the store with:

Adidas Powerband 3.0


Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T. Mallet 34 inches


This thing is so easy to line up! Can't wait to try it on the course tomorrow!

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    • So this is my new “top” of the backswing.    From the hands position and the shaft position I feel like this is somewhere I really like to end up. The shaft is pointing much more towards the target and that’s something that seems to suit my physiology. I still need to get my hips deeper to make sure I can then push back and rotate more through the swing but that’s another element to work on. This position is definitely a position of power for me. The swing caddy might not be the best tool to hone in your carry distances but as I tested it against Trackman the ball speed is almost always very close (+- 1mph) so that’s the data I’m looking at and today I was getting close to 170 mph ball speed with my driver. I will be working on the speed, my general strenght and losing weight over the winter and I also decided that this winter I will hopefully be able to use the trackman enough to really hone in my pitching from the impact/spin control/carry distance. I will be doing this until the end of the season as well but I will dedicate winter for another leap like I did this year and hopefully I’ll be breaking 80 regularly next season (hoping to break it once this season but it might be too optimistic). 
    • Day 33 (29 Jul 21) - 1st time playing a "new" to me course, about an hour from the house.  This was a great day to work on course management as I did not "know what to expect".  Got there early enough to spend a few moments on the putting green - which was key as this course has the best greens I have played all year.  Ball rolled true and it took a good touch to not over shoot the holes.  Back to the course management - heavy rains yesterday made the course "cart path only".   Having to think through the next shot and approaches made this the most rewarding round in a long time. 
    • If anyone wants to see GG of my rounds at SV and Lawsonia, here they are. Mammoth Dunes and Lac La Belle did not upload correctly (probably because they are newer courses and not yet in GG). https://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/3081710 https://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/3081711 https://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/3081705 https://www.gamegolf.com/player/DeadManUofM/round/3081706
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