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What'd You Shoot Today?


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My last 4 rounds have been a little above average for me. Scoring wise that is. I played these rounds earlier in the day, during lower temps. This meant more clothes, and a more restrictive full swing. 

All four rounds were played on consectutive days, with the same foursome of long time friends. Golf is always better when played with good friends.

Averaged 84.2, while averaging 30 4 putts per round. That 84 is 4 strokes higher than my target score of 80. Not that I average 80 over a few rounds. It just gives me something to shoot for, and I can still card an 80 on a good day. 

The 30. 4 putting might sound good, but it's a false statistic. No three putts however. 

Lowest round was an 83, with the highes being an 85. I suppose there is something to be said for consistency there. 

These 4 rounds were split between our two local courses. Not surprisingly my two lowest scores came on the more wide open course. Landing areas a much larger on the more open course. 

Mostly bogies and pars. Had 4 birds, but the big stickler was two 6s on par 4s. Just missed a couple of makeable putts. Stuff happens. Parred all the 5s

Going to take the rest of the week off, except for my daily practice routines. I am now well over 750 (800+?) straight days of either play, or some sort of practice. Lost count a while back. 

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Had to play the front twice yesterday due to frost on the back and very wet conditions.  Managed a 43 first time and a 40 second time. Pretty happy with that in these conditions.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Shot an 82 today. Pretty pleased, considering that it was somewhere between 30 and 34 degrees out. Impossible to get anything to stop close, and I had to play ultra-conservatively on my approaches. Doing things like hitting a pitching wedge 160 yards with the frozen ground. Had 3 drives over 298 yards though. 

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

A real ugly 85 yesterday (43-42). Lately, I think I'm becoming a golf snob. Whenever I play with people with a 20's-30's handicap index, I shoot terrible. When I'm play with people in the scratch-15 handicap range, I think I concentrate a little harder and score much better.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

88, posts as an 87.  Hansen Dam, blue tees.  Parred #2, didn't have another par until #14 (although I did birdie #13).  

In classic Shindig style, I had 2.32 strokes lost driving (good for a 10 hcp level), 0.51 strokes lost approach (good for darn near scratch), and can we please not talk about my putting?  In my defense, I haven't practiced putting in about a month and a half and didn't warm up putting today (ran late).  In my not-defense, I should know better about both of those.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I shot a 97 today. Front nine of 43, with a double and a triple. Started to rain on the back nine, and we paid for 18, so I played 18. On holes 10-14, I went double-triple-triple-triple-triple. Not much experience playing in the rain at all, but still really ticked off. Played the last four holes at +5. My brother didn’t play with me today. He wasn’t allowed. Here’s my evaluation for today, will be doing letter grades now:

FIR: 6/14

GIR: 4/18


Long Game: C-. Hit a little under half the fairways, which isn’t my norm. Contact was a bit off.

Mid Game: C-. Several thin shots with irons, but there were a few outstanding iron shots that offset those.

Short Game: C. Most of my chips ended up 6-7 feet short so definitely not the best my chipping has been. Distance control was difficult, especially when the rain started.

Putting: B-. The greens were a bit soft today, which I didn’t think about as we drove to the course. I made a few decent-length putts, which I was really happy about. Even lipped out a tricky birdie putt, which I thought I had.

Recovery: B. Several solid recovery shots, but again, got worse when the rain came.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Shot 41, 39 today for an 80. One birdie and only one double.  Would be nice if I could play this well more often.  

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Shot 105 yesterday in a threesome with raining starting up on the back 9. I still won the round with that score. 🙂

I felt I was hitting really well with minimal mishits, but had too many trip bogies. I was soaked to the bone around the 11 hole. Water was dripping off my hat and was hard to see what I was doing.

Putter felt like grease when I putted as I could not keep it dry enough. Drives were super nice and irons were pretty good. Had one hole that had 10 strokes, but came right back on the next hole and didn't lose it.

After a nice drive from the Tee, I drove a nice 167 yd iron over the water on the 18th hole and chipped up to the green, but still wound up three putting. Just could not hold the putter straight.

It was funny when we finished up the 18th hole and drove up to the clubhouse we were the only cars in the lot! That is dedication right there (or was it stupidity?)!

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    • The putters are my seventy-eight-year-old Dad, who doesn’t play much golf anymore. And, like a little kid, once I brought them out, he’s now having fun putting around the house. When I told him about the situation, he didn’t seem thrilled to be selling them. Honestly, he’s having a good time; I’d really can’t sell it now I apologize; I got ahead of myself. I’ll keep you in mind if we go to sell them. Again, sorry for any inconvenience.
    • Wanted to break 90 for 2 or 3 years even, got close a few times but couldn’t. Over the winter I worked a lot with a coach, on putting and then in the spring I got my wedges dialed in for distance. I am now regularly breaking 90, usually only a hole or two will stop me from breaking 80. So my best 9 hole result is +1 for example.    I will be working on my game a lot over the winter and I expect to break 80 next year. 
    • I was between Phil and Nelly, and went with Nelly.   18 with Phil would make it a lot closer.  The season that Korda had was amazing.
    • Very nice pictures.   These pictures do capture the beauty of the course.   I've played it many times and always enjoy it.
    • Towards the end of the season my swing had grown a bit too far in-to-out and “under the line”   I was playing a pretty exaggerated draw with my irons, predictably causing hooky and fat misses.  I can get it back on track reasonably well by just hitting the range and alternating draws and fades.     then after that, hitting about 20 drivers trying to max out ball speed.  As I work to swing faster, my attack angle tends to flatten out and my launch angle will drop to around 10 degrees.  So, just trying to be mindful of continuing to hit up on the ball while working to increase speed.     I had a few yesterday with 163 ball speed and launch angle of 13, 14 degrees, which I was super happy with. 
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